Low Maintenance 27 Piece Short Quick Weave Hairstyles

Your hair plays a significant role in how you look as a whole. Spending some time styling it will make it appear even nicer, or you may take it a step further and add a weave.

There are numerous types of weaves, including braids, dreadlocks, different weave types and locks, twists, and coils. You’ll get a list of the top 11 low maintenance 27 piece short quick weave hairstyles that are currently popular on this page.

Top 11 Low Maintenance 27 Piece Short Quick Weave Hairstyles

These low maintenance 27 piece short quick weave hairstyles combine short and rapid weaves. You have the option to experiment with various hairstyle lengths and textures thanks to the 27 component designs. The breezy short fast weave is perfect for making braids, updos, or ponytails.

1: Finger Curls

This 27-piece wig is similar to the last one, except it has finger curls. This look is ideal for you if you want to channel your inner 1920s beauty.

Finger curls are a classic look that screams sophistication and class, especially when worn with the ideal attire. Finding a flapper dress may not be necessary, but if you don your favorite red lipstick, you’ll undoubtedly be the belle of the party.

2: Bowl

Here’s a hot new variation on the popular bowl-cut for women today. This 27-piece haircut, which includes layers and a side-swept bang, deviates greatly from the conventional bowl cut.

This daring, sensual 27-piece haircut is a stylish look that can be dressed up or down. This pixie cut instantly transforms from dowdy to diva because of the distinctive styling of the nape and sideburns.

3: PC

The 27-piece short styles are the ideal option when looking for a fresh haircut. These rapid weaves’ best feature is that you may style them however your heart desires. With these 27-piece looks, you can find a look for any situation.

Short haircuts come in a wide variety of styles. They can be worn straight, curled, or in a variety of other ways. Here is a collection of some of the most adorable short hairstyles available.

4: Foxy & Feathered

This short hair has been curled and layered to create the appearance of being feathered. This type of styling is excellent for cuts since it gives the hair more individuality and flow. Your 27-piece hairdo has the ideal balance thanks to this foxy style, which is both professional and sensual.

5: Mohawk

The Mohawk 27-piece hairstyle consists of a mohawk cut with a top layer of hair that is 30 cm (12 in) long and 27 pieces that cover the rest of the head.

A vertical stripe pattern, often one for each strand of hair, defines the Mohawk 27-piece hairdo. The linear short version of the Mohawk 27-piece hairstyle is similar to the “classic” Mohawk, but it has greater lengths on both ends.

6: Ponytails

These look fantastic on all face shapes and range from long bobs to cornrows including these chin-length blowouts. We offer the ideal hairstyle for each occasion, whether it be a day at work, a night out with friends, or a cozy evening at home with the family.

We are aware that a woman’s busy schedule necessitates finding a look that is simple and quick. Check out our 27 delicious and time-saving looks that everyone will adore!

7: Tapered

PeakMill, a well-known Nigerian YouTuber, displays this seductive 27-piece tapered wig. She gave this wig a feathery bang and a deep side part. On her YouTube channel, she provides a comprehensive tutorial if you’re feeling particularly daring. However, I advise having this piece done by a professional if you are unfamiliar with hair styling and cutting.

8: Side Swept

Use a side or center part and an inverted bob to switch between curly and straight looks whenever you choose. For a more adaptable appearance, add a small wave that is oriented toward the rear of the head.

For a pretty appearance that softens and illuminates the face, lighten your hair. Choose a straight, side-swept style if you want a feminine look that is also easy to maintain.

9: Peekaboo

The best technique to breathe new life into lifeless hair is to incorporate honey-colored tones into an A-line weave. Here is a short, tapered cut with a side-swept bang and a blonde dye job that has a hint of spunk.

In addition to letting you experiment with different lengths, this style also lets you experiment with a little bleaching without having to worry about harming your hair.

10: Layered

The rainbow-colored long, layered hair stands out more. Choose a majestic shade of blue or purple, or alternatively, select a few distinct colors that reflect your distinctive individuality.

Change up your hairstyle from a short curly weave to something longer and more unique. This particular short weave hairdo is a true classic. This weave is straight, thick, and face-framing, and it depends on choppy layers and a strong, attractive smile.

11: Pixie

The option to add a variety of colors to a weave without worrying about damaging your hair or growing tired of the chosen shades is one of the weave’s entertaining features. This style switches colors for a brief sew-in that is incredibly eye-catching.

Girls on the go prefer short, quick weave designs; if your schedule is hectic, a quick and easy weave improvement is ideal for your hair.


Hairstyles with short weaves are flirty, sassy, and a lot of fun. When you’re ready for something new, there are many possibilities available, from vivid hues to sensual layering.

You can select a hairstyle from the gallery above that will delightfully surprise not just you but everyone else depending on how natural and understated or wacky and brilliant you want your hair to look.

No two weaves are the same, from various lengths to an array of color selections. This makes it a fantastic option for a black woman who wants something that expresses her individual story without significantly complicating or increasing the cost of daily life.

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