70s Hairstyles For Women

A bohemian revolution and struggles for political reform characterised the crucial 1970s. However, it was also a time of expressive fashion, beauty, and hair, and the 1970s gave us some of the most iconic hairstyles that are still popular now due to their adaptability.

There is something to suit every desire, whether you want to appreciate your natural hair in a magnificent afro that speaks volumes or have fun with hippie hair or liberal hippie braids. Find out the best 70s hairstyles right here.

10 Best 70s Hairstyles For Women

Continue reading to get inspired by the greatest 70s hairstyles for women, whether you choose a full volume or sleek and straight hair that is appropriate for any occasion.

1: Natural Afro

The natural afro hairstyle is a wonderful way to appreciate and flaunt your curls. This hairstyle is immediately recognizable because of its fullness, but you can style it in a variety of ways depending on the length you want.

Creating volume was the goal of the 1970s style, which favoured dazzling, voluminous, and precisely circular hair. These 70s hairstyles praise Black women and call for political change in addition to being a fashion statement.

2: Disco Hair

In the 1970s, going to a nearby discotheque and dancing the night away was popular. Fashion and cosmetic trends have also been influenced by the nightlife; disco hair is large, curly, and enjoyable.

Although naturally textured hair makes this style simpler to pull off, any hair type may benefit from the use of the correct styling tools and products, especially gobs of hairspray. These 70s hairstyles will give the hair volume and is an expressive, modern hairdos.

3: Shaggy Hair

In the 1970s, the shag hairstyle became more fashionable. These basic 70s hairstyles are made on medium-length hair and are severely textured with jagged layers, yet there are numerous variations of this cut since it is readily adjusted to hair texture and length.

The hair has a striking contrast between layers at the back and fullness at the top. Additionally, bangs and a centre part should be part of the hairdo. 

4: Blunt Cut

The absence of layers and blunt edges characterise the blunt cut. Instead, the hair is styled with a single length for a sleek and fashionable look. This looks healthy and is a great way to get rid of dead ends.

Although it can be done on a variety of hair types and lengths, shorter styles tend to be more daring and add more drama to the overall appearance. The bangs, which attract attention to the face and emphasise your features, go well with the blunt cut. 

5: Bangs

Any 70 hairstyles may benefit from adding bangs, which are also a fantastic way to highlight your features. They are also excellent for hiding forehead flaws, such as troublesome skin, and may conceal ageing symptoms like lines and wrinkles, giving you a young appearance.

Curtain bangs with stunning flipped ends for a face-framing effect and volume creation might be the bangs style of the 1970s. Alternatively, you might choose blunt bangs, which are high drama and really stylish. They are cut directly across the face. 

6: Beehive

The conical form of the beehive hairdo, which gives it its name, makes it distinct from other 70s hairstyles. It will stand out and is a terrific style for adding volume.

You may style it in a half-up, half-down manner instead of the traditional beehive, which is a more wearable alternative to the classic appearance and lets some of the hair hang loose to highlight your texture. Having your hair fall about your face will frame your face and be really appealing. 

7: Accent Braids

Accent braids are one of the cutest 70s hairstyles. This consists of braids on either side of the face to frame the face. The appeal of these braids is that, if the hair is long enough, they may be incorporated into any hairdo.

For a romantic and gentle finish, you can leave them free or pull the locks into an unstructured updo. Although accent braids look wonderful on the hair of all kinds, they stand out more on straight or wavy hair.

8: Bob

Women’s bob haircuts are a classic look. The bob, which is cut just above the chin, looks great on women of all ages and most facial types. You may experiment with a few various lengths and adjust the cut to suit your hair’s texture.

But when chopped in layers to provide depth and dimension, it looks fantastic. For any lady who wishes to stand out from the crowd, the puffy bob is a wonderfully stylish alternative since it will be full, voluminous, and moveable. 

9: Scarf On Hair

Your hairdo may change with the correct accessories, and a scarf can be worn in many different styles. You may select scarves in various designs, prints, and colours for this, making it a terrific way to express your personal style.

The scarf is available in a broad range of sizes and may be worn in a number of different ways, such as knotted over an updo or to keep hair out of the eyes while wearing your hair long and loose for a free-love look.

Additionally, scarves may be used to control hair, eliminating tangles and minimising frizz and damage

10: Layered Hair

Hairstyles with fascinating layers that added depth and character were all the rage in the 1970s. Any 70s hairstyles may use layers, which are excellent for providing hair movement.

Layering may alleviate some of the weight from thick hair while giving the appearance of thicker, fuller hair to thin and fine hair. You may play around with where your layered hair is placed, but concentrating it towards the front and framing your face would be a great decision. 

Keep it Trending!

The 1970s saw the emergence of several classic hairstyles, but the shag was undoubtedly the most well-liked 70s hairstyle.

It creates a textured hairstyle that is excellent for producing movement since it has volume at the crown and thins out toward the back. Blunt bangs, layered hair, voluminous bob and braided hairstyles were other popular choices.

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