Elena Gilbert

The Vampire Diaries’ main heroine is indeed a fan favorite, but she also has her share of flaws. Parts of Elena Gilbert’s persona don’t always make sense because she exhibits many paradoxes. She does change as a person as we see her go through a flurry of supernatural adventures and emotional tragedies.

Her syrupy sweetness, which is designed to come off as the pinnacle of empathy, is one thing that doesn’t alter, though. So, let’s check out some secrets of Elena Gilbert here.

Top 10 Secrets

There are many aspects of Elena’s personality that don’t really suit the way TVD portrays her, even though it stems from a desire to protect those she cares about. Let’s find them out:

1: Her Compassion Has Boundaries

Even though Elena Gilbert cares about others, not everyone is treated fairly. She allegedly finds the good in everyone, which is one of the reasons Damon and Stefan like her. She truly has a great deal of hatred for a number of characters, though.

Elena has a fierce hatred for Rebekah. She hasn’t only accepted it; at one point, she even considered stabbing her with a white oak stick. If Elena could see the good in her foes, Salvatores’ claims about her would be more credible.

2: She Is The Last Petrova Doppleganger

Although her and Damon’s offspring will perpetuate the Petrova and Salvatore lineage, Petrova doppelgängers will be extinct after Elena Gilbert.

In The Vampire Diaries, there were seven doppelgängers who appeared on screen, but Elena is the only one who is still alive at the end of the season. While the doppelgängers are not yet dead in the TVDU, the flash-forward indicates that they will be in a few decades. 

3: She Can’t Cook

At the beginning of the series, Elena says that she can’t cook, which is why Stefan always prepares supper when they ate in.

She explains to Stefan that her father would prepare meals for her exactly as Stefan does because her mother was also unable to cook. For a party at the Lockwood home, Elena is seen preparing chili, but Damon is certain it won’t come out properly. 

4: She Dated Matt Longer Than Stefan

It seems surprising that Elena dated Stefan for a shorter time than Matt because their relationship was so strong. During their freshman year, Matt and Elena had their first kiss. By the end of their sophomore year, they have broken up.

During their junior year, Stefan and Elena were romantically involved but frequently split up. Due to Stefan’s departure from Mystic Falls, they were apart during the summer and only briefly reunited during Season 4 of TVD. 

5: Jeremy Is Her Biological Cousin

It’s simple to forget that Elena Gilbert and Jeremy Gilbert are not biologically related because they are siblings in every meaningful aspect. She is the child of John Gilbert, the adopted father’s brother, and Isobel Flemming, Alaric’s former spouse.

Bonnie was able to cast a locater spell on Jeremy to locate Elena since Jeremy and Elena are still linked by blood. However, despite being Jeremy’s real parents, Grayson and Miranda are Elena’s uncle and aunt. 

6: She Wanted To Be A Writer

It makes sense that as a heroine, Elena Gilbert would keep a notebook throughout the entire series. But, it’s unclear if she took extended pauses from the habit or was merely writing offscreen because she isn’t frequently seen writing in the later seasons.

Elena acknowledges that she aspired to be a writer since she and her mother had a passion for it. Elena chooses not to pursue a literary career after Miranda’s passing.

7: She Doesn’t Apologize To Caroline

Elena Gilbert makes a number of decisions that she would eventually come to regret when her humanity switch is off. The most outrageous attempt was certainly to kill her best friend, Caroline.

She eventually became so dangerous that Caroline’s life was in danger. Every friendship has its share of arguments, but it would be difficult to mend this particular one. The issue is that Elena barely makes an effort to apologize to her later.

8: She Was Too Strong As A New Vamp

In The Vampire Diaries, younger vampires are considerably less powerful. They have obviously less experience using their vampire strength and speed in combat. Therefore, it is difficult to understand how Elena Gilbert was able to contribute to the deaths of two Originals while still a newborn vampire. Not to mention the time she murdered an experienced vampire hunter, she also daggers Rebekah. 

9: She Doesn’t Always Make The Right Decisions

Elena Gilbert has a firm hold on the decision-making and doesn’t always make the best choice, even being besieged by vampires who are millennia older than her.

She sends Jeremy out of town and fully removes his ability to choose in the issue, which is an obvious illustration of this. Later in the story, she attempts to save him on her own, despite the possible repercussions, from an irritated vampire hunter.

10: She Is Completely Different From The Books

Some viewers had trouble reconciling Nina Dobrev’s glossy brown hair with Elena’s blonde hair in the books due to this. On television, Elena developed into a much more kind and sympathetic character.

She is presented for most of the series as the kind girl next door. However, anyone who has read the books will be aware that Elena was a mean girl and underwent significant character growth to improve herself.

Personal Life

The character of Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries gave Nina Dobrev the most well-known role of her early career. 

Aside from television, she has appeared in other movies, such as “Let’s Be Cops,” “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” and “The Final Girls.” Dobrev is bilingual and conversant in French, English, and Bulgarian on a personal level. 

She frequently travels to Europe and enjoys doing so. She likes horseback riding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, swimming, volleyball, soccer, and rock climbing. She once competed in tournaments for Canada in artistic gymnastics. 

Her real name is Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva, and she is best recognized for her acting and modeling work. Dobrev has always had a passion for the arts and entertainment. 

She loved dancing, gymnastics, theatre, music, and the visual arts, and she quickly turned her passion into a career. 

Closing Thoughts

While other characters also have shortcomings, many of them are aware of their weaknesses, which paradoxically makes them more likable. The problem with Elena is that she never fully reaches this stage, making it more difficult to identify her more subtle wicked traits.

Of course, Nina Dobrev’s acting abilities, which are amazing and were severely missed after she left the program, have nothing to do with any of this. Elena’s appeal was most negatively impacted by a few choices made by the production crew.

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