Is It Bad To Straighten Hair Everyday

Today, hair straighteners have become an essential tool for many women. They use it to make their hair look sleek, smooth, and create beautiful waves and curls — nevertheless, hair straightener subjects your hair to very high temperatures. So, is it bad to straighten hair everyday? Let’s discuss this in detail.

If you don’t protect your hair from the heat, it can lead to its toll. If you wonder, you can use your hair straightener every day, read on as this article will guide you.

Is It Bad To Straighten Your Hair Everyday?

If you always wanted lustrous-looking hair, a hair straightener’s daily use is not recommended. Though the plate materials used to make hair straighteners are moderately designed to protect your hair, the truth is that excessive use of flat irons may damage your hair.

Hair straighteners subject your hair to very high temperatures, and if you straighten your hair daily, your hair cuticles become weak, and your hair will be dry with split ends, frizzes, and rough touch.

Hair experts recommend that your hair be straightened two or three times at most in a week. This gives your hair enough time to rest and repair the damage caused by heat. Your hair does not have to pass through the hair straightener every time you wash it.

If it is exceptionally unruly and unmanageable to style, you can opt to use a hairdryer for a smooth hairstyle instead of a hair straightener. A dryer that uses hot air that is not harmful to your hair and does not directly contact your hair.

Side Effects Of Straightening Hair Everyday

Side Effects Of Straightening Hair Everyday

If you love to straighten hair everyday, then you must be aware of all the side effects of the same. However, the side effects of your normal hair and permanent hair may vary and this can include from major to minor. Let’s discuss this in detail.

i). Dryness

When you straighten your hair everyday, you lose all the natural oils from your hair. A hair straightener locks two major t components of your hair: moisture and natural oils. Thus, your hair is left with dull and dryness.

ii) Allergic Reaction

Before switching to permanent hair straightening, keep in mind, you can be allergic to some chemicals that are used in permanent hair straightening treatments. Thus, this can cause irritation in your scalp and skin. 

iii). Regrowth Of Unsightly Roots

The worst part of straightening hair permanently is that it gives rise to unsightly roots to a great extent. It spoils the natural texture of the hair unknowingly. 

iv). Slow Hair Growth

Very few are aware of this side effect i.e., straightening hair everyday makes your hair growth slow. Actually, it damages your cuticles permanently and this leaves your hair with frizzy and dullness. To prevent this, you can try the best hair growth oil that will work effectively on your hair. 

v). Hair Texture Altered Permanently

Yes, straighteners can alter the texture of your hair permanently. After this, no hair remedies or hair products can help to regain your hair. This is one of the worst side effect of a hair straightener. 

vi). Hair Loss 

Many women claimed that they have become a victim of hair fall after they have started using hair straighteners. This is one of the most common issue that arises with straightener. So, this is what happens if you straighten your hair everyday. Also, due to huge hair loss, many individuals are switching for hair transplant in various countries. 

How To Straighten Your Hair Everyday Without Damaging It?

How To Straighten Your Hair Everyday Without Damaging It?

If you are willing to use a hair straightener daily, consider using the following precautions so that you can minimize the damage to your hair.

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and apply a generous amount of moisturizing conditioner.
  • Air-dry your hair before straightening your hair. It shields excess heat from damaging your hair.
  • Use the right type of hair straightener. It distributes heat evenly and does not over-burn.
  • Don’t overdo your hair. Making many passes on one section of hair can burn your hair or weaken your strands, which leads to breakage.

From the above discussion, I forgot to share something about the hair straightener flat iron. When you plan to use a hair straightener, then you need to know which hair tools are perfectly based on your hair type.

Suppose you have fine hair, thick hair, or natural hair then the flat iron you choose based on your hair then the material of the hair tools. Natura

l hair need and requirement is not the same if you belong to other types of hair, so you need to choose the hair tools which are perfect for natural hair. 

Because of this, when you select the wrong tools, it can damage your hair and you don’t get the desired results. So, you must think twice before buying the best hair styling tools.


If you are using a hair straightener on a regular basis, then it can affect your hair. The excess heat makes your hair dehydrated, making it more susceptible to split ends and breakage. Limit the use of your hair straightener and use the tips above to take care of your hair. You can also try cantharidine hair oil which helps to boost your hair growth. 

Read the above factors carefully if you straighten hair everyday. Also, take all the precautions before doing the same. 

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