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Belts are one of the few accessories that men rarely stay away from on any given occasion. They serve a purpose as well as act as a fashion statement. These men’s belts are divided into formal and casual, which are meant for different occasions. However, the art of wearing a belt has been lost somewhere.

So, in this article, we will discuss how to buy the right belt for you. So let’s begin.

A Simple Guide For Men To Buy The Right Belt

Buy The Right Belt

  • Formal Belts

There are not many variations between the different types of formal men belts. Its components are:

  • Buckle

The black or brown belt strap goes through the silver or golden frame, and the prong is put into one of the holes to fasten it. This part of the men’s belts is shiny and flat.

  • Width Of Strap

The straps of a formal belt are usually 1-1.5 inches. For those men having a waist below 34″ should go for the 1″ ones.

  • Material Of Strap

Formal men’s belts are made of leather or a similar variety of it. Cowhide and faux leather are the most common variants of leather used in making men’s belts.

  • Colour/Pattern Of Strap

Dress belts usually come in two primary colors, black and brown. However, men have started experimenting with a few other colors that complement their outfits. These men’s belts also come in subtly designed patterns.

How To Match Formal Men Belts With The Outfit?

Formal belts cannot be paired up with anything and everything; instead, you have to match them with your jewelry, such as a ring, and your shoes. The buckle should be of the same or similar color of metals on your body, such as a ring. And the strap should be similar to your shoes, and other accessories on your body made up of leather.

  • Casual Belts

You can find more variants of a casual belt than the former. It exhibits individual style and preferences. Let us browse through its parts.

  • Buckle

There are different styles of buckles available in this variety of men belts, such as:

  1. Frame Style
  2. Plate Style
  3. Box Frame
  4. O-Ring/D-Ring
  5. Snap
  6. Micro Adjust
  • Width Of Strap

It is usually 1.5-1.75 inches wide. The wider the strap, the more casual outfits it suits. Men’s belts with 1.5″ are well paired with chinos, denim, and fabrics that are heavier.

  • Materials Of Strap

Unlike formal belts, these casual varieties are made with different materials. They are:

  1. Leather- Full-grain, braided, tooled, and suede
  2. Leather Backed Ribbon
  3. Canvas
  4. Webbing 
  5. Robe
  6. Vinyl
  • Colors/Patterns Of Straps

When choosing a casual leather belt, you should go for the brown as black does not go well with denim and khakis. However, for other materials, you can experiment with different shades.

How To Match Casual Men Belts With The Outfit?

When looking for a casual belt, you have to decide whether you want it to be the center of all attention by being in contrast with your clothing or complementing the rest of the outfit subtly with your belt.


So, choosing the right belt as per your outfit and the occasion is essential to set your game on point. Following the guide mentioned above will help you make the correct decision regarding the same.  

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