Colored Wig Installation

After shopping for your colored wig, installing and styling it is the next step. Unlike our natural hairs, wigs do not re-grow. That means, if you mistakenly make a wrong, your wig might be completely damaged.  Quality colored wigs are not cheap, losing your wig to wrong installation techniques or a wrong cut will result in a waste of money.

In case you have just unboxed your colored wig and you are looking to install and style it so you can begin to slay. We’ve got an informative guideline for you. Our set of expert guidelines will hold your hand through the process. 

Colored Wig Installation 

While most synthetic wigs come styled and ready for use, natural hair wigs are more flexible. You have the lace cap, full lace, lace 360, and lace front wigs. There are two ways to install natural wigs

  • Lace wig installation without glue

Once you’ve got your cornrows or hairs held in place, dab your hairline with cotton wool moistened with alcohol. Slip on the wig and adjust the elastic bands till it is firm and in place. Now, it is time to trim off the excess lace using a sharp scissors.

After which you can align lace with your hairline by slightly pulling the wig back. Use a razor to cut a bit of the front hairs before using water and mousse to line and pattern them into baby hairs on the lace. Then use a scarf/ wig band about the edges for about 15 minutes. After which you are ready to comb and style how you want.

  • Lace wig installation with glue

Ensure your scalp is not greasy by cleaning it and wiping it dry. Flatten out your hair into cornrows or tuck them into a cap before trying the wig on. Once you have the wig on, ensure that you take note of where the lace stops.

Check again to ensure your hair is not getting in the way before you begin to apply the Got2B Glued Blasting Freeze Spray adhesive or any other glue you prefer.

You will need to apply two layers of the glow and blow-dry it. Never put on your wig while glue is not dry. If the glue is still white, it means it hasn’t dried yet.

Go ahead and replace the wig on your head, adjust it until it matches your hairline both in the front and back. Once you are okay with how it looks, gently press the lace on the glue. It will stick. Now it is time to trim off the excess lace.

Use either your concealer or a lace tint spray to tone the lace into your skin color. Then use a blade to cut out small strands of the hair to create your baby hairs and natural-looking edges. To remove the wig, you will need any adhesive remover which would first soften and then remove the wig. 

  • Styling your wig

After you have successfully installed your wig, styling it is quite easy. Without styling wigs, they just might revert to the feeling of wearing the same boring hairstyles.

There are a few limitations to styling synthetic wigs but natural hair wigs can be styled into messy buns, ponytails, beachy waves, top-knot buns, loose waves, and double buns styles. The items you would need to achieve these styles are rattail combs, heat blowers, and styling creams and sprays. 

Although synthetic wigs have a lower tolerance for heat and high temperatures, using a shaping cream or style & hold hair spray are highly recommended for styling synthetic hairs. When styling synthetic wigs, we advise that you leave a few strands of hair down to conceal your edges and give it a more natural look. 

Consider visiting a stylist and get your wig professionally styled. Celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith, of Evo Hair, says you need to be specific on what you want when you discuss with your stylist, so they can give you that unique look.

Tips to Keep Your Bright Colored Wig from Fading

Your beautiful brown lace front wigs could become a pale peach-colored wig if not properly maintained. To get the most of your colored wig, a deliberate effort needs to be made to keep your bright-colored wig from fading. Find below, some tested and proven tips on how to keep your colored wig from losing its hue: 

1. Reduce frequency of washing

Resist the urge to wash your colored wig too frequently. You should also consider purchasing a spare wig so you can give one wig a breather and not have to wash your one and only colored wig too often.

2. Invest in colored wig shampoo

We cannot overemphasize the need for hued hair fans to purchase the right shampoo. Washing the wigs is unavoidable but you cannot improvise by using your regular natural hair shampoos. We recommend is Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners that contain enough moisture.

3. Do not use hot water for washing

Since most women feel great when they wash their natural hair with hot water, the temptation to wash wigs with hot water is very enticing. But natural hairs do have the ability to repair themselves over time and they are nothing like wigs. The hotter the water you use, the more fading your wig will have to endure. It is advisable to use lukewarm or cold water for washing and then rinse under cool running water.

4. Store your colored wig away from direct sunlight

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are harsh on your wig and would make it fade faster. It is advisable to avoid direct sunlight and use a UV protectant on your wig to reduce the effect of the sun on your wig.

5. Watch your styling tools and products

Styling tools such as curling iron, blow dryer, flat iron ease the process of styling your wig but again caution must be taken to ensure that the heat is applied on any given wig is just as recommended by the manufacturer. Some synthetic wigs will get instantly damaged but as mentioned earlier, with natural hair wigs, one could get away with quite a lot. To be safe side, consider purchasing a heat protectant for your wig. 

6. Avoid salt water and silicone wig products

Whatever product makes it difficult for your wig to retain moisture makes it prone to losing its color. Saltwater and silicone wig products are examples of wig de-moisturizers you need to steer clear of.

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