Deep Wave Hairstyles

We understand if you want to change your hairdo but aren’t ready to commit to a full-on chop. 

After all, eating all those things for longer hair took effort—the effort you’re not ready to dismiss with a fast snip. 

But there’s also the question of what to do with one’s lengthy locks. 

Long, thick hair is what most people want, but it can also be too much for some people. 

To avoid feeling overwhelmed by a longer mane, consider your hair type and texture while selecting a cut or style.

We have accumulated the top 11 deep wave frontal styles that are going to rock the fashion world. 

Top 11 Deep Wave Hairstyles

There is no such thing as a solitary curl pattern. In fact, every head of hair has various curl patterns. The joy of having so many curls is that there are many different ways to show them off. Let’s find the best deep wave hairstyles here: 

1: Subtle Ombre Deep Wave Hairstyles

You can wrap all of the sections or just a few to get this deep wave hair style. 

Beachy isn’t perfect, so alternate the direction you cover each part, away from/towards the face, depending on how your hair is trimmed. 

I usually start by covering the hairline away from the face and working my way down. 

We also recommend keeping one to three inches of the ends unwrapped for a more natural appearance. 

To achieve this beachy deep wave hair and recreate this iconic trend for long hair. 

Begin with a shampoo/conditioner combination that will not weigh your hair down, such as a volumizing line. Then, while the conditioner is still in the hair, detangle, rinse, and gently blot dry.

2: Unravelled Braid Deep Wave Hairstyles

Partially unraveled braids are a one-of-a-kind approach to achieve looser waves on natural curls. 

Hair gems offer a splash of glitter to your red carpet look. 

Begin by braiding your entire head of hair or requesting braids to get this deep wave weave.

After a few hours or days, start unraveling them at the ends, pausing at the jawline. 

Variate the lengths of the unraveling ends for a more casual, boho look. 

Wrapping only the strands of hair that don’t naturally curl as well is a terrific hack for appreciating your curls while producing a more seamless completed look.

3: Voluminous Afro Deep Wave Hairstyles

There’s no need to use a flat iron or a blow dryer on your natural curls. 

Frizz can look great, especially when matched with a beautiful large flower accent. 

Next, emulate Esperanza Spalding by embracing your natural hair with the volume of deep curly hair. 

Spalding says she styles her afro by adding shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, and tea tree oil mixture to damp strands and then brushing it through with a classic straight talk rubber brush. 

She then twists her hair into eight twists and lets it air dry.

4: Blonde Shaggy Deep Wave Hairstyles

Slightly overgrown, shaggy deep wave ponytail exudes a cool-girl feel that is equally comfortable on the red carpet as it is at brunch. 

To begin, don’t overdo it with the product. 

Find the correct product line for your hair and apply it sparingly. 

Many people overuse volumizing style products, which weigh down their hair and negate the goal. 

Rough, dry your roots for added deep wave hairstyles that last, and attempt to let your ends air dry or avoid twisting the strands too much. 

Then, using a wand with an adjustable heat setting, wrap each portion for up to seven seconds without damaging it.

5: Deep Wave Pigtails

Lana Condor of ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ brings us a fresh twist on pigtails with these wavy, loose double ponytails. 

First, pepping your hair with a product with tackiness and volumizing characteristics to assist keep your wave in place. 

Next, use a smaller iron if your hair tends to fall straight. 

Now, wrap the hair around the barrel for volume, leaving the last inch straight for a natural effect. 

After curling each section, tug the ends of the hair slightly as it cools to create a somewhat softer beachy wave. As you twist, make sure to switch directions. 

Finally, use your fingertips to shake out the curls and you get your deep wave Brazilian hair.

6: Loose Curl Deep Wave Hairstyles

Leighton Meester’s ageless deep wave bundle curls make us feel like goddesses. 

Keep in mind that air-drying might take much longer than you think—don’t wait until one hour before to begin air drying, or you’ll have wet hair or a curly look that hasn’t had time to settle. 

The most basic would be winding wet hair over your fingers and letting it air dry or diffuse it. 

We adore waves with balayage highlights, which create the illusion of volumes and depth while keeping the color natural.

7: Classic Curl Deep Wave Hairstyles

Nothing surpasses a classic old Hollywood curl when you already have thick, gorgeous blonde strands. 

First, prepare the hair with products that will keep the curls in place. 

Next, wrap the hair over the curling iron without allowing it to curl, putting the strand flat on the barrel to maintain even heat dispersion. 

Then, depending on the style of your hair, wrap pieces in the same direction. This will aid in the creation of more polished, classic deep wave styles.

Finally, let your threads cool and gently shake out the waves with your hands before separating the portions with a brush.

8: Big Bouncy Curl Wave Hairstyles

Amber Heard’s big, bouncy colored deep wave hair curls are flawless. 

Wash your hair, spritz it with texturizing spray and blow dry straight. Separate hair into two or three parts and spritz with a heat-protecting spray. 

Curl hair with a large-barrel curling iron, beginning with one part. Allow curls to cool before finger-combing them into place and finishing with a sprinkle of hairspray.

If you use too many, you’ll get a much more polished look, which may not be what you’re going for. 

Next, allow hair to air dry, scrunching it into the palms of your hands as it dries, and your deep wave hairstyles are all set.

9: Formal Deep Wave Hairstyles

An attractive twisted half-up, half-down deep wave curly weave hairstyles are ideal for a formal occasion, prom, or even a wedding. 

The face-framing components and the loose silhouette maintain a slightly casual vibe on Jourdan Dunn. 

Even these curls look lovely, and bouncy on Megan Fox. To replicate her look, twist your hair as you loop it around the barrel to create a delicate wave with a ridge. 

Of course, if you wrap your hair flat around the barrel, you won’t obtain the old Hollywood look. 

Instead, air-drying the hair on the beach while sunbathing will be a good tactic.

10: Choppy Bangs Wave Hairstyles

Blunt bangs complement Naomi Campbell’s sleek-straight mane. 

And, while we can’t dispute that she makes a great argument for long hair with bangs, these bangs will require some upkeep to style and maintain unless you have straight hair—and even then, these bangs would demand some maintenance style and maintenance. 

So, if you’re searching for something that won’t take up too much time in your hairdo routine, curtain bangs deep wave hairstyles can be the way to go. 

Choppy waves with long, brow-grazing fringe are a perfect fit. 

Removing weight from the interior is frequently a fantastic strategy to aid in managing long hair. 

11: Glossy Wave Hairstyles With Curtain Bangs

Natasha Leone’s long shag deep wave hairstyles are flawless, thanks to her fiery red hue and curled bangs. 

This multi-layered cut has body and texture thanks to natural curls and waves

However, unlike its predecessor from the 1970s, the layers that comprise a contemporary shag are more gradual, providing a softer look. 

Highlights will also add depth to the hair, making loose waves stand out even more. 

We could gaze at it for hours and not grow tired of it. Her flawlessly defined waves are balanced by a flaming red tint and a substantial center part.


So, we have all these deev wave hairstyles for you. There are possibilities for every texture and length, from a stunning clipped curly pixie to long cascading waves. Whether you’re using your curling wand to produce thick, bouncy curls or researching strategies to enhance your natural curl pattern, these screenshot-worthy wavy hairstyles will provide you with all the inspiration you’ll ever need.

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