Two Braids Hairstyles

Two braids hairstyles are one of the oldest and most popular hairstyles there are. You can never go wrong with this hairdo because it has a uniqueness of its own.

Men and women both like to rock this hairstyle from time to time and it adds a hip and happening vibe to their overall persona. However, today, we are going to talk about a few two braids hairstyles that are distinct to women only.

But, if our male audience also wants to give these a shot, they can because we are definitely not going to judge your hairstyle choices. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Best Two Braids Hairstyles

The best two braids hairstyles are filled with colors, spunk, and edge. Let’s check them out right here and wear them proudly on our heads before the next night out.

1: Long & Open

One of the best things a woman can do with her two braids hairstyles is to keep them long and open. Yes, we are talking about the traditional one. Don’t tie the two braids too tightly because it will spoil the style we are talking about.

You simply have to keep your two braids loose and easy so that they flow like those summer flowy dresses. Women with blonde or brown hair usually look good with this style but if your hair color is neither of these, you can still give it a shot.

2: Curly Ends

Two braids with curly ends are yet another popular hairstyle that many women like. If your hair is naturally curly, you may find it easier to rock this hairdo. However, if your natural hair is not curly, you can always use a curler to do the job.

You don’t have a curler also? Don’t worry. You can braid the whole hair once and then open the ends, which will also add a curly vibe to the ending strands.

3: Smaller Braids

Two braids hairstyles with multiple smaller braids— sounds complicated? We know but it isn’t actually as complicated as it sounds. All you have to do is make multiple smaller braids and keep them tied to one place with hair clips. Now, make two longer braids and let them rest easy on your front or back.

It will add a voluminous vibe to your entire hairdo, which most women desire. Even if you don’t have that much volume to your hair, you can rock this hairstyle.

4: Highlight

Highlighting your hair for two braids hairstyles might sound fancy but it actually isn’t. It gives your hair a certain kind of uniqueness and spunk, and that makes your whole hair look badass. You can highlight the hair that is tied on your two braids—that’s it.

You don’t need to color the entire hair. If you are not into the hair coloring thing so much, you can always use colorful locks and tie them in between your braids to have a colored feeling.

5: Parting Design

Parting design is a pretty popular intricacy while tying two braids hairstyles. When you part your hair with a comb to tie the braids, you can show your creativity. You can make any design with the parting be it a triangle, a star, or a heart shape.

It depends upon you how you want to flaunt those hairdos so choose a shape accordingly. However, don’t overdo the style because it may look over the top and messy if you add more than one shape in the parting.

6: Accessories

You can always add new and interesting accessories to your two braids’ hairstyles to add a bohemian and chic vibe to them. Starting from beads to shells to butterfly clips and flower ornaments—there are many options available to choose the right accessories.

However, don’t add accessories into all of the knots because it may look cluttered in that way. Use them in alternative knots!

7: Tied Together

You don’t always need to tie your two braids’ hairstyles separately. Sometimes, it’s okay and equally stylish to tie their ends into one because that makes a statement on its own.

The first and foremost rule of making this hairstyle is to start tying them together from the head and once they reach beyond your head, tie them together. You may need to take someone else’s help to make this style come alive.

8: Bun

A bun looks pretty trendy, right? But we are not talking about a messy bun here. We are simply suggesting how two braids hairstyles can be tied into a jumbo bun. If you want to add more volume to the bun, you can always wrap a headscarf around it.

But, make sure the bun is tied tightly and the headscarf doesn’t mess it up because it will be fairly difficult to do this hairdo if you end up spoiling it somehow.

9: One-Sided

Have you ever heard of one-sided two braids hairstyles? Well, they are real, and they are pretty easy to do. All you have to do is part your hair on one side and tie the two braids on that side only.

Usually, you part your hair two ways and tie them respectively. Do the same but not on two sides—that’s it. If you wear high-waist jeans, a crop top, and this hairstyle for your next night out, you can see how many heads turn towards you as you walk on the floor.

10: Halo Effect

What about the halo effect? Sounds weird? But, it isn’t. It’s another one of those parting designs that can turn your two braids hairstyles into something else altogether.

No, the halo effect doesn’t construct a particular design but the way you part the hair, and keep them loose, is the best tactic to make these effects come alive. Find a professional to do this hairdo because you may not be super successful in doing this on the first try.

The Bottom Line

  • Want to make a statement? 
  • Want to be bold? 
  • Want to add an edgy and spunky vibe to your personality? 

Then, the two braids hairstyles are there for you. We have enlisted an elaborate list for you to choose your design from. If you have scrolled this far, we believe you have found some interesting designs for your braids. And, no, two braids hairstyles are not childish. In fact, they are pretty badass, so tread carefully!

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