Y2K Hairstyles

Baby braids and hefty highlights are just two examples of genuinely legendary hairstyles that are making a comeback with the revival of Y2K beauty.

Although it’s simple to get swept up in the enthusiasm and nostalgia of these styles, younger generations who are trying them out for the first time may find a zigzag section intimidating to complete. 

While visiting the salon may be necessary for some y2k hairstyles, others can be expertly completed at home.

10 Popular Y2K Hairstyles

Early 2000s chunky highlights gave way to the current money piece trend. From tendrils to bangs-they were all common Y2K mainstays and some of the best y2k hairstyles.

1: Face framing tendrils

The smaller the better, tiny face-framing items were all the rage in the year 2000. These tendril-framed updos were particularly common during this time. We adore the wavy tendrils for a modern twist on the style.

Priyanka Chopra frequently wears an updo with flowing waves. The shortest layers at the front of your hair or even your baby hairs can be used to accomplish these y2k hairstyles, which are often easier for people with bangs. 

2: Baby braids

Beginning with the early 2000s, celebrities like Beyonce popularised micro braids. These braids are a scaled-down variation of the often used y2k hairstyles. Micro braids can be any length and color, giving you a lot of styling options.

Many of the other styles on this list, such as space buns or a high ponytail, can also be created with them. Not only are two tiny baby braids at the front of your head simple to do, but they also perfectly accentuate your face and hair.

On days when you require a quick and simple style, ten out of ten people advise it.

3: Braided pigtails

Wear pigtails in any incarnation to evoke memories. We’re seeing it all, from tiny ones that reside on top of your head to wearing your entire hair up in two ponytails as an homage to Baby Spice.

With her 1999 music video, Britney Spears popularised braided pigtails as must-have y2k hairstyles. Try French braided pigtails like the ones Lilly Singh is sporting in this photo if you want to give braided pigtails a more sophisticated and contemporary touch. Consider using extensions to extend the length for more drama.

4: Zig zag part

Zig-zag sections are growing more and more popular on TikTok and among celebrities for people who want to fully commit to the retro feelings, therefore our only advice is to give it a shot before you pass judgment.

The zigzag hair part is among the simplest ways to jazz up a center part and can be worn with many of the other styles on our list. Obtainable by parting the hair to either side, creating a zigzag pattern by sectioning the hair back and forth, then styling with a rattail comb.

5: Scrunchies

The scrunchie was created in the 1960s but didn’t become popular until the Scunci brand debuted in 1987. It is an elastic ring covered in loose fabric that creates a ruffle when wrapped around a ponytail.

The hair ties from this brand go perfectly with the free-flowing, vibrant, informal style of the late 1980s and early 1990s. It is a simple style that suits many y2k hairstyles. Additionally, scrunchies or butterfly clips can contribute to the Y2K vibe. 

6: Bantu knots

African Zulu Kingdom-era Bantu knots were a well-liked protective style for textured hair. Because it can prevent hair from drying out and breaking, this hairstyle has been popular for generations.

As seen on Amandla Stenberg, Bantu knots are made by carefully coiling portions of hair across the scalp into buns or knots. It’s crucial to prevent misunderstandings and exploitation by white and non-Black people due to the cultural relevance and history of the style.

7: Crimped hair

At the turn of the millennium, crimped hair was in, but it swiftly lost popularity. Mermaid hair, the newest variation on this style, employs a three-barrel hot tool to produce a comparable but looser crimped result.

This look is ideal for days with greater humidity because the increased volume and frizz will further accentuate the mermaid wave appearance.

The uniform zigzag waves were first referred to as y2k hairstyles in the 2000s, despite the new nomenclature. There’s no doubt that the current wave trend draws influence from the vintage look.

8: Spiky buns

In the 2000s, it was very popular to let your hair’s ends protrude from your updo to give it a spiked appearance. Depending on how much hair you want to display from your bun, you can tone this hairdo up or down.

Although the messy bun has been around for years, spiky buns are making a resurgence on the red carpet and at fashion shows. We advise beginning with very straight hair and extensively spraying hairspray before bunning the hair to obtain this pointed appearance.

Leave the ends out; you might need to straighten them even more or use hairspray to make the spikes stand out more.

9: Space buns

Space buns are great for curls and coils despite the fact that they are a popular hairstyle for all y2k hairstyles. They may be formed solely by utilizing the natural texture of the hair, which makes them easier to do because they don’t require any instruments.

Make a two-way part in your hair, then twist the hair into buns at the crown of your head to test it out for yourself. By merely tucking the top portion of the hair into the two buns and letting the remaining hair loose, this look can also be achieved as a half-up style.

10: High Ponytail

One of our favorite styles from this era is a sleek high ponytail because it looks good on any face. All hair types look beautiful in a spectacularly high ponytail, but those with curly or delicate hair should be careful not to pull their strands back too tightly.

Try integrating some clip-in hair extensions for more volume if you want a larger ponytail.

Closing Remarks

The revival of these trends isn’t necessarily exactly as you remember it. Instead, they combine modern and historical styles to feel more stylish and less, um, cringe. This envious half-up style incorporated some unique features.

To achieve a Y2K-packed appearance, refer to our guidelines for each of these elements. This fashion, in our opinion, would be ideal for prom or wedding parties.

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