underneath hair colour ideas

Black, white, pink, or purple; blue, or grey; ginger, or forest green; blonde or brunette. Choosing just one hue for your hair color might be challenging. You don’t have to, though, if you love underneath hair color ideas!

The “or” between two-tone hair colors is removed, allowing you to play with black and white, blonde and brunette, and any other color combination you can think of! Keep scrolling this post a little more to find out.

Top 13 Underneath Hair Color Ideas

Two-tone hair colors let you experiment with the hues you adore while giving your hair a distinctive appearance. Find the best underneath hair color ideas here.

1: Purple

One of the most challenging hair colors to maintain is purple. It needs a wash and treatment made especially for it, just like the silver hue.

You may see that this concept has a faint undertone of dark red—or should we say Violet Fandango—if you look at it closely once again. You won’t need to spend a fortune to accomplish this, we’re quite certain.

2: Rainbow

You might be expelled from a job or institution if you have outrageous rainbow-colored hair. But what if you kept the rainbow a secret until you needed it? That’s when the color trend below starts to emerge.

We bet you; that this will be a great concept if you’re looking for stunning rainbow underneath hair color ideas.

3: Fuschia

The Fuchsia is one of our best underneath hair color ideas in our collection of beneath color possibilities, occupying the bottom spot with a chin-length Bob haircut. And the front definitely has bangs.

Late last year, this color scheme was the most popular Instagram trend. Make sure you have blonde hair or get your hair bleached if you want to attain the same amount of shade, though.

4: Blue

Blue is one of the best underneath hair color ideas. You can see that it has two colors, one of which covers the space up to an inch from the root and the other of which covers the remaining portion.

The darker root appears to be dark blue, while the lighter root appears to be teal. These color tones, in our opinion, might necessitate taking some steps or hiring an expert.

5: Ombre

It’s simple to rapidly replicate this underlying blue, purple, and green color scheme at home. There is no requirement for a difficult skill. You will be on your own with the hair dye.

It’s easy since all you have to do is mix your hair dye and select a few tiny hair strands to color. You can dye your hair in all the different colors on the same day, or you can wash it every day or even every other day.

6: Red

If you are thinking about this, the red doesn’t have to be a very striking tone. You must always wear your hair in a bun to display your true color whenever it pleases you.

Last but not least, these color levels don’t need much upkeep. All you need to do is some touch-up if it starts to fade and you want it to come back.

7: Brown

One more traditional mix-and-match combination is brown and auburn. Choose these underneath hair color ideas if your hair color is darker. The brown keeps things modest, while the auburn offers a soft pop of color.

Some women dream of having a color shade like this when they have the chance. It is subdued but dazzling. At first, the dark red or brown color makes you feel uncertain. But when you grow used to it, you’ll see its distinction.

8: Pink

This pink and grey color scheme perfectly captures the pixie vibe. The feminine pink contrasts well with the untamed grunge sense of the grey color.

One to six weeks, or roughly five to seven washes, will be required for pink hair to last until it begins to fade. How you utilize your shampoos, conditioners, and other chemical-based hair products will determine everything.

9: Green

Green is a strong, brash color. The green color of The Hulk and the Statue of Liberty makes sense. The ideal hair color trend for a rebel with a cause is green. You must try this lovely blend if you have black hair.

A buildup of oxidized minerals in your hair is typically the cause of green hair tone. Therefore, if you see a greenish tinge in your hair, it may have happened after you swam in chlorinated water or washed your hair in water with a lot of minerals.

10: Blonde

In the field of hair color, blonde color is currently very popular. The underside layer of your hair is colored a different color than the top layer in this distinctive peekaboo style.

Consider yourself on a beach. The waves are audible, and you can feel the sand beneath your feet. The ideal hair color in this situation is blonde. This summer, use several blonde underneath hair color ideas that appear fantastical in the sunlight.

11: Denim

In order to simulate ripped knees, frays, or acid wash, the common indigo tint is frequently artistically streaked with silver or platinum blonde. Nothing better describes navy denim. It is a stylish hue that is adaptable and lively.

This adaptability will not let you down when it comes to your hair. The ideal hair color for the gloomy grunge look is blue. This color suits those with black, hazel, blue, or grey eyes.

12: Grey

The featured grey underneath hair color ideas mustn’t be so clear in the magazine photographs but what if the hue of your hair looks natural? If so, you are a long way from the mainstream. Let us set the record straight right now: The hair you just saw is grey-tinted and blended to match the natural hair color.

13: White

Castor oil and henna powder are simply boiled together, allowing the oil to absorb the henna’s color. Apply this paste to your roots and grey hair once it has cooled. After two hours, leave it on and wash it off with water and gentle shampoo. Those grey threads will best be hidden with natural-looking white hair.

Final Thoughts

With these underneath hair color ideas, you are not forced to decide between your preferred hues. You can look your best in tones of deep blue and blonde, blonde and vivid blue, orange and black, and red and orange.

Choosing contrasting hues for your hair can help it look alive. To achieve the effect you want, use any of the two-toned hair colors suggested above.

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