Style Curtain Bangs

Let’s forget what’s happening on the side; let’s focus on the middle part. Suppose one hair goes viral, and Gen Z’ers will agree on this; it will be the curtain bangs. Hell, yes, it is one of the weirdest trends that seems to interest nowadays generations. 

Therefore, the style is not brand new; look on (Farrah Fawcett wore the 70’s style), it has become famous with today’s generations within these few years, and all credit goes to Tiktok.

In this article, we will understand the new style of Curtain Bangs. Also, I will share some interesting best ways to style Curtain Bangs in 2022.

What are Curtain Bangs?

Curtain Bangs are types of bangs that will make your face look different. Curtain bangs can also go wrong, but you can retry them to make them perfect. Nowadays, girls will love to make their hair funky, classic, and posh. 

These are not like the regular curtain bangs; curtain bangs are also called the Bardot bangs; they are from the ’70s, and have fringe right at the center of the face. You will need to make a side parting in the center and ensure that no hair will be on your face. 

They are very flexible; you can also wear them straight or even tilted on one side; it will not need many checks. The reason is that the glow will increase more than in the other Bangs styles.

Will Curtain Suit on me? 

Do you think that curtain bang will suit me? Yes, Curtain Bangs will look perfect on you; hence we sometimes don’t make these types of answers when answering about the famous hair trends which are going on. Curtain Bangs are not often people choose. The reason is that they are entirely addictive.

They are not like blunt bangs or said bangs; they are not to be compared or will not look weird on your face or your usual self. You also can adjust to the size of your face and ways. 

Do you want a standard style? Then, you will need to keep it on the sides, which are long, so that your face will not be with hair; therefore, if you feel bored with that style, change your sides or make it look different.

Do you want to change them? Then you will need to cut them shorter at the end so that they look more at the front, and will be in the center. Whether it is short or long, curly or straight, Curtain Bangs will have a great style because of the way you styled it that suited your face. Many people have different types, and it has become more famous. 

What are the Different Types of Curtain Bangs? 

Curtain Bangs will be famous in 2022 as well, and the trends will not change at all. The Vintage-Style has been known for years; it will look like it will stay till 2022, this is what Brown said.

Are you confused about what style you want? Hell, are you still dazzled by what Curtain bang you desire? So, here are the top ten tips for curtain bangs: 

1). Long Curtain Bangs

Long Curtain Bangs

Beyonce had an excellent Curtain bang in 2005 with long lengths and a center part. When styling long curtain bangs on thick hair, it will be good to apply mousse so that they will not fall on your face. The mousse will stick for a long time.

You must show the hair in what products we use, and we must move part downwards by part and beginning from the bottom as a horizontal section.

2). Curly Curtain Bangs: 

Curly Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bang Curly hair can look amazing, it will have a natural effect, and you will not need any equipment.  You will need to use your hands during the hair drying procedure and handle the naughty hair with some wet hair.  

You will need to use Garnier’s exclusive Miracle Nectar Leave-in product for this style. And even a conditioner Pattern’s leave-in is excellent to use. Many hairstylists will say that styling curtain bangs in wet hair will be more straightforward. 

It will be okay if we begin with dry hair and if you are in a hurry to go somewhere. You will only need tools to remove the knots on your hair. You can use Olaplex No. 7 Bonding oil products to lessen the frizziness.

3). Short Bobs

Short Bobs

Short Hair curtain bangs: It is very simple to maintain and gives an excellent look. You can use a small flat iron for the roots. Therefore, it can also be for curly hairs.  Suppose you want to restart your bangs again on the second or third day. 

In that case, I recommend you improve your roots with a dry shampoo such as Tresemme’s Volumizing Dry Shampoo and then massage your scalp before using a heavy brush to carry and increase the volume. 

4). Relaxed Long Ponytail

Relaxed Long Ponytail

Have you got a long thin face? It Can be by joining them with having a perfect strong crown and roots to make your hair look much fuller and thicker. There is a straightforward way to do it?

A very high, relaxing ponytail will give your hair a much more comprehensive look by permitting your curtain bangs to be at the center point.  To get a perfect look with Curtain Bangs Straight Hair, you must use dry shampoo. Hence you can use a hair spray for the roots and side to make it look thicker.

5). Shag With Curtain Bangs: 

Shag With Curtain Bangs

This curtain bangs wavy hair is like celebrities like Rihanna and Billie Eilish; there are some perfectly well-cut curtain bangs such as Anabel Santos and the hairdresser named Sally Hershberger Nomad. 

To make the look, you will need to have a thick paste: first, you will need to apply it from the roots on the top of your hair for a much better thickness.

6). French Bob with Curtain Bangs: 

French Bob with Curtain Bangs

This french bob has a lot of short hair with curtain bangs. The cut and a set of bangs are very flexible and accessible. 

This can be with your hair loose, and the next day, you can use a clipper. For a much more elegant look, try to use a thick paste to keep your bang in its place; hence your knots will be very loose. 

7). Side Swept Bangs: 

Side Swept Bangs

An excellent brush is essential if you make your short hair with curtain bangs to one side. You will have to use a round hairbrush and blow-dry your bangs right down to define and pull them in the correct direction that you like. It would be better if you used a bit more hold hair spray.

8). Half-Up- Do:

Half-Up- Do

This Curtain bang wavy hair is good when you wear casual clothes, and you can keep your hair loose. It also needs a dry shampoo that will give some thickness while the frizziness goes down; hence, your hair will get messy.

9). Messy High-Ponytail: 

Messy High-Ponytail

Curtain Bang Wavy is one of the best hairstyles and has a flirty look with a little bit of side parting, which looks glamorous. You can use rollers or a curling machine to make it look long and loose. It has lawyers and will make you feel relaxed.

10). Classic Waves:

Classic Waves

This long Curtain bangs hairstyle is all about the thickness of your hair. You will need to apply mousse everywhere, but more on the roots and the dry hair. 

Therefore, you will need to separate your curtain bangs and take a round brush, and put it high up, and it should be away from your face.  I recommend leaving them for at least two to three minutes to cool down and get into shape.

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How to Cut Curtain Bags? 

How to Cut Curtain Bags? 

You will need to begin with your hair, and the reason is that the movement and keeping of the bangs should be very different from the wet hair. 

Then you will need to part your hair down right at the middle and take them individually with the width of the section where you would like to place your bangs. 

You can either use a scissor or a razor, but it would be easy to use it inside a razor as it will be a little high for you. You will need to have professional scissors that you can see in any store. 


You can try these types of curtain bangs even by yourself at any time, or else you can even call a professional to do your hairstyling if you need to go out for a function or an office meeting with your colleagues. 

Try any of these curtain bangs, which will suit your face so that you can look elegant and presentable wherever you go.

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