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Sporting a turban is much like wearing an accessory – you have to get the basics right. Be it a formal occasion or a casual one, turbans look good, but you must know which colors suit the particular occasion. To know the nitty-gritty of wearing a turban, Gurpreet Singh is here to guide you. With Gurpreet’s help, you will not only learn about the turbans but also how to style them right.

Now that you’ve decided to sport a turban, you must know what color to choose. Gurpreet Singh suggests that similar to other accessories such as a bandana, your turban color should match your outfit color. You wouldn’t be wearing socks and ties that don’t match your outfit, right? This unsaid rule is applicable to a turban also.

Learn How To Ace The Turban Look

This one, without a doubt, goes with any outfit. Gurpreet Singh suggests that you must wear a black turban with a crisp white shirt, black pants, and a black blazer for a classy look. For a casual day out, if you’re wearing a printed T-shirt and jeans, a black turban should be your choice.

2. Pink turban:

A baby pink turban is your best bet for a perfect summer look. If you’re on holiday with your loved ones, wearing a tropical printed shirt with khaki pants and a pink turban should be your look. If you have a traditional event to attend, opt for the pink turban that can be paired with your plain kurta and pajama.

3. Blue turban:

Just like how blue jeans can be paired with anything, a blue turban follows suit. Experiment with your summer look by sporting turbans in different shades of blue. With blue, you know you can never go wrong.

4. White turban:

If you want to ooze a royal look, a white turban should be your choice. It not only is pure and soothing in looks but also highlights the richness and will make you stand apart from the crowd. For weddings, a white turban is your best bet.

5. Yellow turban:

Yellow turbans are another summer favorite to opt for. If you want to bring out the fun, playful side in you, this color is the one. You can experiment with different shades of yellow and pair them with your casual outfits or be a class apart by pairing them with a black kurta and pajama.

Now that you’ve stocked your wardrobe with some of the best turbans, you can pull off a classic look with them. Take your fashion game to another level as Gurpreet Singh suggests by adding a colorful broach to your turban. For a more polished look, you can opt for an embellished broach to style your turban, which can be perfect for occasions such as weddings and receptions.


With Gurpreet Singh’s fashion advice, you can sport a turban in so many ways. Take your fashion game a notch higher with these turban looks that you can use accessories with your outfits. Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses to give out hardcore ‘Dabangg vibes.

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