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Are you searching for the best makeup for beginners? Do you want to become an expert in makeup? Following up on the makeup trend but still lacking behind? Well, if you have all the above questions popping up on your mind then you are at the right place!  

Makeup is just like magic, it will change your look completely. From following every new makeup tutorial to feel lost at the beauty store, every makeup expert was once a beginner. 

Makeup is very common, it is like everyone can do it. But very few can do the perfect makeup. Even makeup artists took the time to reach the stage of perfection. 

Makeup For Beginners – A Guide That Will Change Your Life

Makeup for beginners is important because it can change your lifestyle. A good look affects your personality directly. We live in a society where physical appearance plays a significant role. This is the reason why you need to be up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Therefore, now not making you wait any further, here is makeup for a beginner’s guide that will surely be going to change your look and style.

  • Start with Clean Skin:

First, you need to use a toner or a gentle cleanser to wipe impurities that are present on your face. After cleaning your skin, you can apply a light moisturizer to your skin.

Then you can choose a light foundation and apply it to your face. Actually, this will help to change your skin tone from a darker shade to a lighter shade. 

However, to avoid dark circles under the eyes, you can choose concealer. To do this you can use your small pointed brush. Then with the translucent powder, you can set your moisturizer as well as concealer. 

  • Now Your Eye’s Turn: 

eye makeup for beginners

Eyes play an important role in your physical appearance. First, you need to apply the eyeshadow that you want to your eyelid. Eyes can hold your attention for a while and it is like a weapon for girls. 

Make sure that your shadow matches your costume so that it will look more attractive. Take a smooth brush and color that you want on your eyelids. Then you can set your eye makeup with a translucent powder. You can also apply the best makeup to your eyes to prevent dark patches. However, to avoid dark circles under the eyes, you can go with the best under-eye concealers available in India. To do this you can use your small pointed brush. Then with the translucent powder, you can set your moisturizer as well as concealer.

Use a brush to remove any excess makeup on your eyes if you want to. Now, you can apply eyeliner because it highlights the beauty of the eyes. You can use liquid eyeliner or a pencil eyeliner whatever you wish. 

Place a lash curler at the down of your upper eyelashes and hold it for a few seconds to get a better shape. After this step, you can apply mascara to lower as well as upper lashes. Here you go, now your eyes are ready to kill someone!

  • Adding Cheek Color:

Now, you have to start with your lips and cheeks. Take a smooth brush with powder blush or cream blush to make your cheeks more attractive and highlight as compared to in the past. Adding cheek color is makeup for beginners.

There are many types of cream and powder blush available online as well as offline stores and you can choose your desired ones. Your cheeks also play an important role in beginner’s fashion.

  • Applying Lipstick or Lipgloss:

lip makeup

Now it is time to apply lipgloss or lipstick. Apply a little amount of lipstick to your lips and spread it evenly so that it does not look mismatch. You can also use homemade facial products for your makeup.

Do not use very dark lipstick because it highlights your lip more than your eyes and cheeks so it looks unevenly. However, you can also apply lipgloss to your lips if you want your lips to shine like glitters. You can also follow the best skincare routine to get a natural glow. 

Now, your makeup for beginners is ready and you are set for the party. Choose a good costume according to your basic makeup and you are ready to go!

Wrapping it Up

There are many styles of makeup and all are available in different ways and you can choose your desired one. But keep in mind that don’t do over makeup because it can harm your skin as well as make your face dull. If your face has many wrinkles then you can use wrinkle filler to look younger.

The basic makeup guides are described below step and step and you are ready to implement it for the future. But make sure to implement it in the correct way.  

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