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Great black dress shoes are not only a wise purchase but also a necessity. Yes, shoes have their place, but sometimes even the nicest pair won’t cut it.

Some circumstances call for footwear that is both elegant and classic, whether it be for a wedding or funeral, a job interview, or a meeting with business executives. Although it has undoubtedly been a while, the best pair of black dress shoes in your collection might need a review and that’s why we are here.

Best Black Dress Shoes

For any style, there are alternatives available. Don’t be scared to spend a little more money if you can when it comes to price. Paying more for quality doesn’t need you to go over your spending limit, and our black dress shoe collection will prove that.

1: Brogues

Brogues don’t have a certain silhouette; rather, the intricacy is what makes them unique. The distinctive holes were initially created as a practical feature to allow water to escape from shoes worn to walk through Irish bogs.

It is now merely decorative but is nevertheless a staple of contemporary dress shoes. They wrap around to the rear of the shoe with longwings. They wrap around mid-foot with shortwings. Of course, cap-toes and other design components also have brogueing.

2: Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea boot has been worn by the largest British trendsetters, including Queen Victoria. Although it was named after a posh district in London and favored by WASPs, the design has now evolved into one of the most democratic and universal shoes available.

It is an ankle-height boot that may be worn in the summer or the winter, for work or for play and is often made of leather or suede. In particular, these black dress shoes look fantastic with a tailored suit and tapered pants. 

3: Oxford

Consider an Oxford first if you’re only going to have one pair of black dress shoes in your closet. You’ll never be stuck for a large business event—or if you need to put on a tux—because it can go with your most formal alternatives.

This is made possible by the “closed-throat” structure of the Oxford shoe, in which the leather used to cover the laces joins the leather used to cover the vamp at the base. You really don’t need to spend much time on the terminology, though.

With your oxford, you’ll seem sharply put-together for any dressy occasion thanks to its sleek form.

4: Derbies

Don’t let the fact that derbies are technically a touch less formal than Oxfords scare you too much. If you’re going to be surrounded by black-tie traditionalists, a decent pair of black dress shoes may not be appropriate with a tux.

Additionally, the open-throat silhouette—where the leather surrounding the laces continues parallel and over the vamp—works well with both jeans and tweed pants. Derbies are a good choice if you’re the sort of guy who occasionally wears a suit but also wants a pair of shoes on hand for a date night at the weekend.

5: Venetian Loafers

The Venetian loafer is not as casual as the penny. These black dress shoes are the most opulent shoes available; the sort that would be worn to a meal with place cards while smoking a Cuban with a glass of sherry.

For this precise reason, certain variations of the Venetian loafer are known as smoking or supper slippers. It is a shoe that exemplifies luxury at its purest and most straightforward. The upper, which is often made of leather or velvet, is distinguished by its absence of any ornamentation.

6: Chukkas

Chukkas are quite unpredictable. A building site rather than a boardroom might be a better place for some of them than a formal event. They are just as sophisticated as the other black dress shoes on our list. The key is to concentrate on a sleek shape and superior craftsmanship.

The boots with shorter shafts will typically feature a smaller toe and clean lines going up to an ankle that will fit comfortably under a pair of suit pants. You’ll be in excellent condition if you look for that and a sole that isn’t too thick.

7: Monk Strap

The monk strap is the only thing you need. The straps, which wrap over the vamp and are secured at the ends by buckles, give these black dress shoes their distinctive appearance. There are certain cases where there are additional straps.

According to legend, it was first worn predominantly by monks in Europe in the fifteenth century, thus its name. Later, especially in the 1920s, the monk strap emerged as the chosen shoe for gentlemen who, because of history, wanted something dignified and restrained.

Numerous companies have started to recreate the look in recent years by using exotic leather and vibrant colors in their creations.

8: Cap-Toes

Do you require a pair of formal shoes that you can put on for a wedding, memorial service, or job interview? A guaranteed thing is a black cap-toe.

They are entirely resistant to fashion’s capricious whims all the better for it because they are hand-cut in England with the slightest touch of intricacy along the seams. You can get married with these shoes if you want to, and you can even be buried with them (Kidding!). But you should get a pair.

9: Plain-Toes

It will cost you money if you want a reliable pair of black dress shoes that you won’t have to replace after a year and a half of heavy use. However, if you’re prepared to invest the money now, it will pay off in the long run.

And that is doubly true in the case of plain-toe shoes, a renowned silhouette created in the Horween shell cordovan used by the New England shoemaker. Since the late 1800s, Alden has been producing shoes that are highly durable and unexpectedly adaptable.

10: Loafers

Some people once believed loafers were too informal to be worn with a suit. Thankfully, those times are a distant memory. The slip-on design is now available in styles that are fashionable and elegant enough to go with even your finest two-button.

The two variations that you’ll most frequently encounter are penny loafers and bit loafers. Bit loafers include a decorative metal component across the foot that nonetheless has a stylish appearance.


1: What are Wingtips?

The wingtip is the Lexus of dress shoe design and gets its name from the wing-shaped broguing that normally runs from the toe cap to the heel of the form. It is sleek and reliable like the cap-toe, but unlike the cap-toe, its vibe leans a little more insider-y.

2: Should you buy black dress shoes?

Black dress shoes look best on formal and informal occasions. If you’re wearing a pair, you definitely should have a few more alternatives for dress shoes at home. These shoes go with any outfit imaginable so buying them won’t be a waste of money.

3: Are Brogues and Wingtips the same?

Church’s, a Northampton institution owned by Prada, has been producing opulent shoes without making people pucker up for over 150 years.

The brand’s Chetwynd wingtips, which are handcrafted in the UK from high-quality chocolate-brown leather, perfectly exemplify this: old-world workmanship with an eye toward the bustle of the urban sprawl. This is why there’s a solid reason why brogues are often known as wingtips. 

Be Trendy!

Black dress shoes always complement your outfit well and won’t break the bank. In light of this, here we have presented some essential dress shoe designs that every man has to be familiar with right now and forever. So, the next time you need to revise your shoe closet, take a look at this post right here.

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