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We all own different types of chain links, but the majority of us are unaware of the styles of these links or that some necklace chains are more suited for particular applications than others.

In order to hang a heavier pendant from the chain, which chain links are the strongest? Which chains, when worn alone and without a pendant hanging from them, look great? In a necklace chain, what kind of chain links do men 325

prefer? Let’s find out all about these link chains right here.

Types of Chain Links

Although there are many various types of chain links that may be used in necklace chains, the ones we have mentioned here are the most widely used. We hope that this provides you with enough information to select the chain of your choice.

Let’s take a look at these types of chains. 

1: Anchor chain

An anchor chain secures vessels to port safely and has, as its name suggests, a nautical appearance similar to the chains spotted at dockyards. The oval chain links are occasionally cut with a straight edge. Among all chain link styles, this one is the most popular. 

Men choose this chain because it complements a heavier style, sits flat against the skin, and looks great worn alone.

The anchor chain, which is considerably finer, and a belcher chain, which contains circular links, are comparable chains.

2: Bead chain

A ball chain, also known as a bead chain, is composed of tiny polished balls of metal (silver, gold, or steel), each of which has a tiny hole in it for the straight connecting pin to pass through. The balls are close together and evenly spaced apart.

Men also like these chains very well. The reason why you find so many men’s dog tag pendants dangling from a ball chain is that the military used to wear their Identifying Tags (also known as dog tags) from ball chains. 

3: Rolo chain

The belcher chain, which is also quite popular, is formed of interlocking rings that are round in shape. Also known as the Rolo chain (the word “rolo” is Italian for “round”) Before being fashioned into circles, these chains begin as D-links. There are several thicknesses available.

When worn with a pendant or solo, men prefer the thicker belcher chains. Since they look beautiful with the pendant, these unique belcher chains are frequently used with pendants.

4: Box chain

It is a fashionable chain that looks pretty nice with any outfit. In order to create a square, box-shaped links that interlock to create a chain, rectangles are formed. These gorgeous chain link types can easily be made with a thicker Box chain.

The strength of a box chain decreases with the distance between links. A box chain will also become significantly weaker with thinner links. However, a box chain may be just as sturdy as any other jewelry chain if it is constructed from thick, densely woven links.

5: Byzantine chain

This chain looks stunning when worn alone and is quite classy. It resembles a rope or a tube and is flexible and easy to bend. Each link in the chain travels through four other links since it is a four-in-one link.

Among different types of chain links, this one looks the best. These chain link names also sound complicated, which makes them all the more appealing. 

6: Curb chain

The most recognizable chain and ideal for everyday use. A curb chain never takes away from the intricate design of the pendant, is sturdy, and looks beautiful with or without a pendant. 

From the thinnest chain to heavy-weight men’s chains, curb chains are available in a wide range of weights and thicknesses. It is gorgeously malleable and won’t kink or break easily.

For any length and in a thin or thick chain, a curb chain is one of the best types of chain links that is ideal for both men and women.

7: Singapore Twist chain

One of the nicest chains is, in our view, the Singapore twist. a chain made up of flattened, interconnected double links that are twisted throughout their length. The result is the most stunning, sparkling look.

Although these chains are frequently worn with pendants, they also look great on their own. A Singapore twist chain in gold or silver that is worn as a choker or just around the clavicle has a truly stunning appearance.

The Singapore chain, which shimmers as you walk, creates a stunning anklet.

8: Snake chain

Most of us are familiar with the wonderful snake chain, which is made up of links that are placed next to one another and have a tiny bend in the middle of the link. This results in a continuous, silky-smooth tube. These types of chain links, which have a shiny appearance, go well with pendants.

They aren’t as flexible and bendable as a curb chain, so if twisted too much, they will kink and even break.

9: Mesh chain

A pin connects the patterns of three and four links offset against one another in the panther link chain, which has a brick-like shape. Bracelets made of these types of chain links feel as good as they look.

However, mesh chain links are also called panther links, and it’s probably because the golden color of this chain link reminds us of the shiny body of a panther. 

10: Figaro chain

The Figaro chain, which is preferred by both men and women, is made up of a repeating pattern. If you take a closer look at the design, you’ll see one long and 2-3 short curbs. This chain is well-liked and is offered in a variety of thicknesses.

This is one of those types of chain links that can go with any possible outfit. You can wear them as necklaces and as bracelets depending upon your mood.

Signing off

Inquiries about all different kinds of chain links come up regularly in the store, so we wanted to address them all and show you the fantastic selection of different types of chain links that are offered in this comprehensive guide to the various necklace chain links.

Many of the chain link designs are familiar to you, and you could even see others that you weren’t aware existed. The next time you want to buy types of gold chain links refers back to this post.

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