Difference Between Crystal and Diamond

What is the difference between crystal and diamond? Diamond is one of the oldest materials found on earth while the crystal is a regular, geometric organization of atoms. 

Diamond is one of the crystals which have formed from carbon and has many similar features of a crystal. In more simple words, crystals consist of a material that is formed as a result of the arrangement of many ions, atoms, and molecules. 

You need to make your concept clear about crystals and diamonds, and this we are going to discuss below in detail.

What is Crystal?

What is Crystal?

A Crystal is a solid material (includes ions, atoms, and molecules) that are arranged in a highly organized microscopic, producing a crystal lattice that stretches in all directions. 

In other words, crystals are solidified material. Sugar is also formed by crystals and each has its own shape and color. Not all solids are crystal due to their periodic arrangement.

Crystals are recognized by their shape and color. Examples of crystals are diamonds, table salt, and snowflakes. These can be created by geological processes. 

Now, there are actually two types of crystal. One is a natural crystal and the other is artificial. Due to the expensive nature of natural diamonds, artificial crystals are used commonly to make different types of jewelry.

What is a Diamond? 

What is a Diamond? 

Diamond is the most popular gemstone and has immense hardness and thermal conductivity. This is the form of the element carbon with its atoms organized in a crystal formation.

Diamond is a kind of transparent crystal that is normally gray, brown, yellow, or colorless. As said above, it is the hardest material known on the earth and has great value. There are also different types of diamonds, such as the VVS diamonds, which are at the second highest tier in terms of diamond clarity.​​​​​​​

Diamond is used to cutting glass and formed at high temperature and pressure. It can also act as semiconductors and have exceptionally optimal characteristics. 

Above the triple point, the melting point of the diamond rises slowly with pressure and then it decreases. Besides, it has excellent biological compatibility. Now, let’s proceed to know Diamond Vs Crystal in detail.

Difference Between Crystal and Diamond

There are some basic differences between diamond and crystal that you should. This will help you to differentiate between real and fake jewelry.

  • Diamond is a crystal but crystal is not a diamond.
  • Natural diamonds are expensive than crystals.
  • The thermal conductivity of diamonds is higher for diamonds than for various crystals.
  • Diamonds are the hardest crystal as compared to other crystals.
  • Diamonds are irregular in shapes yet can be formed into very smooth stones. Crystals come in many sizes, shapes, and colors.
  • Crystals have low reflection and conductivity levels as compared to diamonds.

The Final Thoughts 

Now, you know the primary difference between crystal and diamond and have a basic idea about the same. You must know whether you are holding a high-quality diamond or not and the above details will help you to know the same. 

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