Proper footwear has always been an essential and integral part of Indian culture and has managed to span regions, cultures, and religions. Over the ages, the significance of footwear can be seen in many religious texts. From old Hindu texts to old Buddhist manuscripts, the foot and its adornments have been greatly important. Even today, chappals are an indispensable element of an Indian person’s wardrobe. Here are some ways you can flaunt your chappal very nicely.

Various Sandal Types

Before knowing more about the different ways you can flaunt your chappals, you should also know about the traditional sandal types available in India. They have been made for centuries and are an essential and tangible element of that particular region’s art and culture. As a cottage industry, Indian traditional footwear plays a huge role.

1. Kolhapuri Sandals:

These sandals get their name from a city in Maharashtra, where artisans first made them in the 12th century. They’re made of leather, and the style is that of an open-toed sandal with a T-ring. These footwears are very important to Maharashtra’s culture and have been granted a GI tag by the government.

2. Mojari or Nagrai:

Also known as Nagrai, the Mojari Khussa are a type of sandals that are very famous for their upward curling tips and rich design. They were usually worn by royals and noblemen, who had bejeweled shoes. These sandals are exceptional because they do not have any left-right distinction. Even today, they are crafted by hand.

3. Paduka Sandals:

Paduka sandals have been an essential element of Hindu mythology. It is effortless; it consists of a wooden sole and a knob for the toes to grip. Even in the Ramayana, King Bharata kept his brother Rama’s paduka chappal on the throne. It’s a design that can be flaunted by men and women.

The Emergence of this Footwear (Chappal) in Hippie Culture


These are the sandals and chappals, making a significant comeback to the fashion scene of the 21st century. In the 1960s and 1970s, Kolhapuris were very popular among the Hippie and counterculture movements in the US and Europe. With the wave of 1970-80s nostalgia worldwide, these sandals have made a comeback in a big way.

Other Outfit Choices for Indian Footwear: Apart from hippie and boho outfits like palazzos and tie-dye shirts, they go well with many other outfits. If you wear traditional men’s attire like a kurta and pajamas, you should pair them with a pair of authentic leather sandals. If you are going to be dressing for a festival or wedding, then you can flaunt your shiny new sherwani with a pair of mojaris.


Sandals can also be great for vacation wear or casual wear. If you have a beach vacation coming up, it would be wonderful to wear sandals while you are sightseeing. Overall, chappal is a versatile footwear choice that you can pair perfectly with all kinds of outfits. It truly is one of the best choices you’ll have.

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