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Most of the girls choose not to have holes pierced through their flesh because they can’t undergo the pain caused by piercing. But even if you want to wear your favorite beautiful earrings then clip on earrings are your option.

But there are some girls who are still confused about the clip on earrings. They even don’t know “what are clip on earrings?” Therefore, here I am going to answer all your questions regarding these types of earrings.

Clip on earrings is known as non-pierced earrings. How to wear clip on earrings? You can wear these types of earrings by applying pressure on both sides of your earlobe.

No need to worry because they are absolutely safe to use. But for some girls, it can be painful initially. But soon you will be habituated to it. 

Why Wear Non-Pierced Earrings?

For those girls who don’t have pierced ears then you can choose non-pierced earrings to wear at any events such as weddings, receptions, parties, Valentine’s day, and many more.

There are many non-pierced earrings available and you can buy the latest ones from any online as well as offline stores.

These types of earrings are trendy and fashionable. Non-pierced earrings is the best accessories that anyone can choose in 2022. These earrings are safe to use.

Types of Clip-On Earrings

types of clip on earrings

Non-pierced earrings are not of single types but consist of various kinds. Here is the list of non-pierced earrings that you must know in 2022.

  • Mini Clip Earrings:

Those girls who are in search of discreet earrings and have small lobes then you can buy these earrings. This earring is lightweight and easy to use. You can use this mini non-pierced earring for your daily activities.

It has a tension bar and a small wedge that hinges the earring to the ear. The design of this earring is going to hold your attention for a while. You can also wear red-gemstones with these earrings.

  • Screw Hinge Clip On Earrings:

Screw-hinge clip-on earrings consist of a crew-back design and have a screw-on hinge. The design of this earring is hinge-like.

You can wear these earrings for your professional events such as college events or office events. There are several options available in your hand.

  • Paddle Back Clip On Earrings:

Paddle back clip-on earrings have a spring bar on the hinge. If you want an earring that is cost-effective as well as cheap then you can choose these earrings. 

These earrings work through a paddle clip. On the other hand, these types of earrings are very easy to use.

  • Hinge Clip On Earrings:

Hinge non-pierced earrings are another type of popular earrings. These earrings are the oldest earrings that were introduced in the year 1930s.

It has a small hinge clip at the back and can be worn very easily. You don’t have to waste your huge time to maintain these earrings.

  • Screw Back Earrings:

These earrings are known as screw back earrings because it has a small screw at the back of the earring, pressing it to the lobe.

These earrings are the most used types of non-pierced earrings in the world. Screw back earrings are not complex like other earrings. They are very easy to use.

Advantages Of Clip-On Earrings:

These earrings are trendy for beginners in fashion. There are several advantages or pros of clip-on earrings that you must know before you proceed,

  • For those who don’t want to pierce their ears then you can choose these earrings.
  • This is designed for both kids and adults.
  • It can be easily found.
  • Easy to wear.
  • No pain
  • These earrings are very affordable
  • No infections after you remove it.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Convenient.

Disadvantages of Clip-On Earrings:

Here are the disadvantages or cons of clip on earrings that you must know,

  • It can be risky for highly-priced earrings.
  • You will not be able to find its varieties.
  • It is limited to the load they can bear.
  • non-pierced earrings can easily be stolen.
  • It can fall if the climate is harsh.
  • non-pierced earrings can be uncomfortable for the majority of the people.
  • It can be even painful for girls at the initial.

The Final Thoughts

Basically, there are two alternatives to non-pierced earrings, i.e., Sliding spring earrings and magnetic earrings. You can choose anyone according to your wish. Little girls can also wear these earrings.

Here you go! Now you know details about the non-pierced earrings. It is not as painful as in my experience. Though at initial it can be uncomfortable for some of the girls. But sooner or later you will get habituated to it.

Therefore, the above-mentioned is the information that I have collected from Google about non-pierced earrings. Feel free to ask any queries if you have in the comment section below.

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