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Red gemstones have been enhanced by people for centuries. Red is also a strong color that attracts people and has strong symbolic associations with blood, fire, passion, and love.

Do you know? That red color is also known as a dominant color. Red gemstones are used to make jewelry, necklace, rings, earrings, pendants, and many more for ages.

Red gemstones are widely used in making jewelry all over the world because red is known as the passion for love and denotes strong emotions for couples.

Top 10 Types Of Red Gemstones in Jewelry 

Types Of Red Gemstones in Jewelry

There are many types of red gemstones such as Ruby, Red Coral, Red Beryl, Red Jasper, Red Topaz, Red Spinel, Red Agate, Red Diamond, Red Zircon, Garnet, and many more. You can distinguish the quality red gemstones by its color and clarity.

Below all the above red gemstones are described in detail.

1. Ruby:

A Ruby is one of the traditional cardinal gemstone and a pink to a red-colored gemstone. It comes under the category of oxide mineral variety. The most valuable ruby in the world is Sunrise ruby.

You can easily determine the quality of the ruby by its clarity, cut, color, weight, etc. Chromium is the element present in the ruby that determines the color of the ruby.

Ruby is very hard and usually heat treated. The price of the ruby determines by the color. However, the richer color it posses, the more expensive it will be.

2. Red Coral:

The red coral is also known as precious coral. This red gemstone is very soft and opaque. This is one of the most beautiful red gemstones which is obtained from the organic gemstones.

It comes in several different colors that can hold your attention for a while. The most benefit of purchasing this gemstone is that it comes at a very affordable price.

These red gemstones have a glossy like appearance and are perfect for statement jewelry.

3. Red Beryl:

Red Beryl is sometimes known as ‘bixbite’ and is very rare. This red gemstone is very expensive but quite valuable.

Red Beryl is natural colorless like diamonds. Do you know that these gemstones are regarded as the rarest gemstones in the world? Yes, it is. It is very beautiful in color.

These types of red gemstones are widely used as statement jewelry all over the world. The shine that it posses can grab attention for a while.

4. Red Jasper:

The red gemstone is an opaque gemstone and found widely all over the world. It’d durability is of medium quality. These types of red gemstones are also available in several colors.

The most benefit of purchasing this gemstone is that it is very affordable and can be found easily. You don’t have to get panic to search this gemstone.

But you have to maintain it very properly because it can be easily broken under tough pressure.

5. Red Topaz:

Red Topaz is extremely rare and quite expensive as well. On the other hand, it lasts for a long period of time.

The presence of this pink and red color increases the value of the red topaz. For necklaces and pendants, this red gemstone is a perfect choice.

If you are searching for an ideal necklace or pendants, then the red topaz gemstone is the perfect choice for you and your family as well. These red gemstones will give you a gorgeous look throughout the wear.

6. Red Spinel:

Red spinel has a high refractive index and is not too expensive. Thi red spinel has a high level of clarity and brilliance.

If you are searching for ideal gemstones then this red spinel can be your perfect choice. It has all attractions that a gemstone should have.

This gemstone can hold your attention for a while. It is one of the best alternatives for the ruby gemstone. It has reasonable durability.

7. Red Agate:

Red Agate comes in several colored bands. This gemstone is also regarded as the birthstone of the zodiac sign Gemini.

It is a type of waxy luster and also regarded as the banded gemstone. In addition, these types of gemstones consist of medium hardness.

The nature of this red agate is smooth and this is the reason why it is cut and can be used in several types of jewelry.

8. Red Diamond:

Red Diamond is one of the most expensive red gemstones that you will find in 2021. Also, it is very hard to find and regarded as the most valuable diamond in the world.

When light passes through this diamond, it makes the stone appears red in color. On the other hand, red diamonds are made up of carbon atoms.

It most benefits of buying these types of red gemstones is that it is very durable and also very attractive. The shine that it posses can hold your breath for a moment.

9. Red Zircon:

Red Zircon is very brittle and harder to find. It has very good brilliance. These are like diamond-like stones that are available in several colors.

Red Zircon is very affordable in price and anyone can buy easily. It consists of medium hardness properties. These gem stones are found in huge amounts under the earth’s crust.

While wearing these red gemstones with any jewelry will enhance your beauty. Therefore, now you don’t have to wait any further to buy this gemstone.

10. Garnet:

Except in blue, Garnet comes in several colors. On the other hand, these red gemstones are excellent transparency.

With brownish undertones, it had more blood-colored hue gemstones. However, these undertones are one of the best alternatives to rubies. The most amazing thing is that it comes at a very affordable price.

It has medium hardness and is ideal for you to buy. This red gemstone is also one of the best gemstones that you can buy for yourself.

Wrapping it Up

Therefore, now you know the top 10 different types of red gemstones in jewelry. Make sure that you are able to identify each of its color and clarity beforehand.

It’s because many gemstones are somewhat the same in appearance. However, you also require some specific experience in order to identify the complex gemstones.

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