Style Vs Fashion

Have you been using the words style and fashion, thinking both are similar or synonyms? Well, then you need to understand these terms in a broader sense. Both are completely different and should not be used interchangeably. 

Let us first understand the meaning of these terms separately and then we will examine how they differ from each other. You will also see a bunch of the latest fashion styles. You will also get to know about some of the aesthetic outfits to style. 

Understand What Fashion Is

Fashion is the dominant style in a certain culture at a given time. Fashions generally relate to new trends. It refers to the way of dressing that is popular at a certain time. The fashion industry tackles today’s prevailing styles. Fashion houses hold fashion shows to showcase garments that represent a vision of the future of fashion.

After that fashion bloggers, editors and influencers respond to that vision with their insight. These pieces of information are used by the retailers to sell the clothing to the masses. The catalyst for the fashion world or most important fashion element is how the latest trends are spread, whether through social media platforms or fashion magazines like vouge. 

Style – A Different Word 

Have u ever noticed the various ways through which you express yourself?? The way you write, the way you speak, the way you dress up, the way you walk, and each activity you do has a different style. It varies from person to person and across the national borders too.

In the fashion industry, “style” is generally an abbreviation for “personal style” and is the way one expresses themselves via aesthetic choices such as clothing, accessories, hairstyle, and outfit combination.  

Is Style Different From Fashion? 

You must know the basic difference between style and fashion. 

                                FASHION                                         STYLE
1.It is flexible.It is unique.
2.These are the latest creations of the designers.These are the latest creation of the people by applying their own choices.  
3.Fashion has to be accepted by the society or a group of peopleStyle is something that can be accepted by a particular group of people.
4.It is popularized by fashion houses, models, actors, actresses, Etc. People are enough to increase the popularity of a style.
5.It is editable.It does not change.
6.It is perfect with no limitsIt is not perfect due to some limitations.
7.People are strongly influenced and attracted by it. It has no appeal as a fashion thing.
8.It is not permanent.It is different or one of its kind only.
9.It is innumerable. It has limits.

The above distinction has surely made you understand the differences between style and fashion. Let us know about some fashion styles in brief. 

12 Different Types of Fashion Styles

Types of Fashion Styles

i). Casual fashion style

Being in a dress code always without considering the comfort level does not go well all the time. Sometimes we like to wear clothes that are relaxing to our body. A casual fashion style is a solution to your problem. Think of casual clothes as a specific set of clothing that you wear to relax while maintaining a level of elegance that you can comfortably use daily wear.

Since you have to choose a specific item and combine it with others, casual wear often combines the style you want with the comfort of your clothes, so get creative, and see what suits you the best.

ii). Exotic fashion style

Exotic means completely new and different, something which has never been seen before. Exotic fashion style is all about wearing something new which nobody has ever tried. Exotic fashion style has many elements such as mysterious patterns, and bright and vibrant colors, which stand out in all types of fashion styles and look appealing to the eyes. 

iii). Preppy fashion style

This style of fashion was inspired by preparatory schools in North America and is still influencing the modern world. However, this style is now not limited to schools. It is being appreciated by people outside schools too. Preppy fashion style includes straight-leg pants or chinos, button-down oxfords, polo shirts, Henley, turtlenecks, cropped skirts, and many more. 

iv). Elegant fashion style

Elegance is all about being classy. It is about looking flashy and high-end. Elegant fashion style is all about creating an entire wardrobe full of chic and glamorous pieces. This style includes gorgeous outfits and diamond-studded jewelry that dazzles onlookers. This style is a mixture of class and sophistication. 

v). Tomboy fashion style

There are many girls and women who prefer simple clothing over heavy girly stuff. They prefer to look cool and be in comfortable clothes that they like. Tomboy fashion style is basically about women who like to dress up as men.

You may pair yourself with a normal t-shirt and jeans.  These people do not like pink and bright colors. They try to give themselves a boyish look. They like to wear flat canvas shoes instead of sandals and heels. 

vi). Formal office fashion style

You need to dress in formal office wear at the workplace. Formal office fashion style is all about a particular set of dress codes. Many of us often face a dilemma about what to wear to an important meeting, an office event, or an important interview.

This style is the answer to your problem. This style involves wearing something like a black suit or dark-colored suit with a tie for men and the same attire for women. Women can also wear formal shirts and pants, formal kurtas with leggings, or shirts with formal skirts. 

vii). Girly fashion style

While stereotyping women’s fashion is something we don’t really do, however, this style is characterized by the use of punk clothing and accessories. The dressing room includes skirts, blouses, and outfits with pretty bows and laces. This style is all about giving an innocent, cute, and girlish style. 

viii). Hip hop fashion style

Hip-hop is a musical genre and a dance style too. It has become so popular over the past some years that fans are copying their favorite singers, dancers, and musician like crazy.

ix). Military fashion style

Want to look unique in the crowd or your group? Then, this style is a must-try. This style includes wearing t-shirts or pants in a khaki pattern. It looks like you are going on a mission or part of a military operation. This style has a comfort factor as it is meant to be comfortable with wide waistband and patch pockets. 

x). Vacation fashion style

This is the style all of you know very well and love it too. Vacation fashion style is also known as beachwear or summer wear because these are the types of clothes that you usually put on while you are on vacation.

A holiday means time to relax and chill away from all the work pressures and tensions. This style includes wearing track pants, shorts, loose light-colored t-shirts, summer hats, etc. Full-length evening gowns, and semi-formal wear is preferred by women and men on vacation respectively. 

xi). Chic fashion style

This is something that is not known to many people. In chic fashion style, a single piece of cloth is tailored which is slim and clean in look. It signifies that the person wearing it has an inner power and a distinctive fashion style.

As a chic fashion style lover, you will often opt for white and black as well as a combination of both, so that you can bring the color you want to accessories like a tiger leather bag or a dark maroon lipstick.

xii). Artsy fashion style

The idea is to create something unconventional away from traditional styling. Artsy is a style that relies heavily on creativity. Or you can just bring the idea from the art designer. Under this style, clothes are usually stitched at home and traditional methods are used for designing the cloth. Generally, thread work or paintwork is done on such clothes. 

Different Types of Aesthetic Outfits To Style 

Aesthetic fashion style is a broad category and in it, we can find different sub-categories. The aesthetic style was born out of the Tumblr movement, where users began using grunge, gothic, and sporty styles a fit with the 80s and 90s aesthetics. here are some of the aesthetic outfits that you can try out.   

i). Indie aesthetic

The term “indie” has changed over the years, even if the core meaning remains the same. Indie aesthetics are about an alternative way of clothing and celebrating independence and individualism.

This trend is a modern twist, incorporating the trends of the early 2000s. this style includes flared high-waist jeans, cropped graphic t-shirts, sneakers, and bucket hats. It is basically a blend of key elements of 90s skateboarding culture with the bright styling of the early 2000s. 

ii). Vintage aesthetic

This style is inspired by various elements from the last decade such as 60s t-shirts, 70s bell-bottom jeans, 80s color palettes, and 90s look. There is no definite set of rules for this style. All you need to do is to go through styles of different decades, select a combination of your favorite styles, and put on the style in a unique way. 

iii). Y2K aesthetic

Y2K is the trend you can commonly see on Instagram, TikTok, and many such interactive platforms. This is a broader style and is a combination of styles from the late 90s and mid-2000s. this style is incredible and includes pieces like pastel camisole tops, pants, high waist flared jeans, colorful sunglasses, and small ornaments. 

iv). Dark academia aesthetic 

Easily recognizable and perfectly integrated with the current trend, this aesthetic focuses primarily on classic literature. This style focuses on shades like dark chocolate brown, charcoal, and dark green. Typically, you can show off this aesthetic with a black turtleneck, plaid pants, flats, and different shades of brown. Layer up with felt coats, mix and match monochromes and step into the world of Byronic heroes and 

v). Femboy aesthetic

The Femboy aesthetic is a style that has recently entered the market. And it is pretty cute also as the name suggests this style features boys- whether they belong to the gay community or not – wearing traditional feminine clothing, such as dresses and tunics.  The trend led by generation Z stars like Jaden smith and TikTok influencers is removing gender boundaries from womenswear and redefining masculinity in the 21st century. 


Fashion and style are two different things. One needs to have a clear understanding of both the term to come up with an outfit. Fashion and style change over time. Something which was popular during the 80s can be brought back in the 2000s by making some modifications.

Also, style changes depending upon the place, weather conditions, cultures, and choice of people. Today there are countless fashion and styles you can put on. So, get through these styles, select your favorite, and put it on. 

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