Eclectic Style Fashion Ideas 

Women who love the unique dress and lead creative, eccentric, and independent lifestyles—or who want to do so—preferred eclectic style fashion. Women that have an eclectic style are typically bold, confident, and not afraid to display it to the world.

Fashion is a terrific way to express who you are, how you feel, and what you love. They can pull off an outfit because they have the self-assurance to do so and because they have a different perspective on fashion.

Since one style is insufficient to convey their tales and their selves to the world, they like to mix styles in their attire.

Best Eclectic Style Fashion Ideas

Women with varied tastes are able to pair items of clothing and jewelry that ordinarily wouldn’t go well together to produce a look that not only looks good but also stands out. Being able to make some kind of statement and appear wonderfully beautiful while doing it is a sign of preferring eclectic style clothing. So, let’s check some ideas here.

1: Basic Eclectic Style

Most women have basic black skirts, white blouses, black slacks, and jeans in their collection. After determining your essentials, all that’s left to do is consider inventive ways to wear them.

Using a traditional pencil skirt as an example, you might match it with a cable-knit sweater, a pair of stilettos, and a striking necklace. Alternatively, you may wear additional designs by pairing a classic pair of black slacks or blue jeans with a patterned blouse and a blazer or jacket in a solid hue. 

2: Multiple Colors At once

If you disregard the traditional color schemes, wearing multiple colors is a simple method to develop an eclectic fashion style. Try matching colors synonymous on the color wheel, such as yellow and green or red and orange, rather than neutrals or your usual color pairings.

The primary colors can also be combined with nuances or other hues of the same color. If you make sure the components of your costume match or are from the same style, colors like yellow and orange, red and pink, and violet and purple might look beautiful together. 

3: Match Colours Counterintuitively

Contrarily combining colors is another approach to get a unique, eclectic fashion sense. If worn correctly, black and brown may look good together. Put on a brown belt and pants with a black T-shirt.

Other choices include complementary hues like purple and yellow or hues that are next to each other on the color wheel, such as red and pink. Even mixing similar hues together, such as light and dark blue, might result in a striking appearance.

4: Choose The Right Accessories

Always have bright, funky purses, bold jewelry items, and colorful, patterned scarves on hand since they can quickly turn an ordinary ensemble into an eclectic clothing style. When choosing classic clothing items or classic hues, avoid attempting to match the accessories’ style to your outfit.

The easiest approach to modify the look of your eclectic style fashion is to choose bold, statement shoes or footwear that differs from what you typically wear with an outfit. A fringed purse or clutch looks terrific with a leather jacket if you think.

5: Match Different Styled Clothes

To create an eclectic dressing, you might combine sophisticated pieces with simple ones. For example, you may wear a pair of gold stilettos with a full lace skirt and a basic slogan tee.

If you wear the ensemble confidently, dressier elements blend well with casual things. Alternately, you may create an eclectic style of fashion by teaming up a flowy summer dress with a leather jacket, a pair of motorcycle boots, and a traditional hat. 

6: Mixing Prints On Prints

When prints are combined, there is a feeling of continuity that allows for the introduction of various patterns, colors, and themes.

These unexpected pairings are brought together by the slightest similarity, whether it be in color, form, or subject, and it is this that helps you stand out from the crowd with elegance and flair. Starting with warm color pairings or creating a complementary color scheme for your eclectic dress is a simple method to blend patterns.

7: Gray With Black & White

Well, when a design is grey with black and white, you may blend any patterns. As a result, this by itself wouldn’t push the combo into an eclectic style fashion. There are various decades to take inspiration from.

1950s fascinator, 1980s jacket with pronounced shoulder pads, 2010s style of leather-on-leather, and a fascinator from the 1950s look great as eclectic style fashion. The diverse creation’s varied hues are paired well with a tartan jacket. 

8: Sequin, Shearling & Tee

Imagine wearing camouflage, sequins, shearling, and a black jersey cotton T-shirt during the winter. The traditional, eclectic style fashion guideline of never combining black and brown is violated when wearing the two colors together.

Knit, shearling, and sequins all have completely unique textures. Additionally, there is a contrast between matte and shine. The varied tones of brown and black are repeated throughout the camouflage. Here, layering is accomplished using the aforementioned black T-shirt. 

9: Minimalist Heels With Any Outfit

Abstract patterns and mismatched patterns are frequently seen in eclectic style fashion. Due to the light hue, mid-length detail, and tangerine embellishments, we would most likely wear the eclectic dress to a daytime event with a minimalist heel.

It is safe to match any innovative outfit with a nude-colored stiletto heel if you want your OOTD to be the best. Additionally, we wear this heel every week because of how adaptable it is and how well it matches everything.

10: Pick Golden Jewelry

You may quickly upgrade an eclectic style of fashion and make your clothes appear more costly by layering delicate gold jewelry. The secret to blending periods is to choose golden jewelry that is classy and not overly contemporary.

We suggest the gold pendant, which combines a pearl design with a vintage vibe. In the same manner, you may wear it with a stackable ring. Modern feminism, culture, and art all benefited greatly from the 1970s, and the trend of gold jewelry is derived from that era.


Items from several eras and fashions often make up an eclectic style. Color, texture, shape, and accessories all work together to bring it together. Although the color scheme might change, a few neutrals frequently help to ground the design.

The aesthetic often includes a wide variety of textiles with varying patterns, textures, or both. So, you can always refer back to this post while experimenting with some eclectic style fashion ideas.

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