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If you are getting married and want something a bit different for your wedding outfit, then taking inspiration from the roaring 20’s is an amazing thing to do! This is a unique twist on what you’d usually see to make sure you can show off your personality on your big day. If you’re looking for some inspiration, you’re in the right place!

How To Take Inspiration From The Roaring 20’s For Your Wedding Outfit

Let’s take a look at a few different things to put a unique Art Deco spin on your wedding outfit. 

Go For A V-Neck, Capped Sleeve Wedding Dress

The most obvious place to start here is with the dress. There are so many different 1920s wedding dress styles out there, with the most 20’s choice being a heavily beaded, v-neck, capped sleeved wedding gown. The daring neckline will reflect the anti-traditional elegance associated with the Art Deco era.

The soft, flowing sleeves will stay in line with the 20’s theme whilst also keeping you cool and comfortable. Straight beading will help to give the dress a clear structure, which is important as clear-cut shapes and geometry were staples in all elements of Art Deco society, from fashion to architecture. 

Choose a long, flowing veil and a dramatic headpiece to finish the look. If you want to completely commit to the Art Deco look, go with white or cream satin gloves. This is such an effortlessly timeless look, and in an era where modern dresses are getting more simple, this is your chance to really stand out from the crowd! 

Look For A Second Evening Dress

Whilst heavily beaded dresses look stunning, if you are wanting to party in the true 20s style until the early hours of the morning, you might want to look for a second dress for the evening. This is the perfect time to go for a short, white flapper-style dress with long tassels and some sparkle. You will feel so comfy so you can really enjoy the night, whilst also keeping with your theme and trying out a different look! 

You could also choose a much bolder headpiece for the evening if you didn’t feel comfortable doing so for the ceremony, such as a beaded headband that goes right across the forehead. If this evening flapper dress look doesn’t make a statement, nothing will! This is ideal for the anti-traditional bride. 

Consider Art Deco Wedding Jewellery

Next up, you should consider Art Deco wedding jewelry. Nothing makes an impact quite like Art Deco jewelry, with the bold shapes, breathtaking colored gemstones, and unparalleled craftsmanship all combined to create unbelievable vintage jewelry that is still exceptionally popular. 

There are so many beautiful pieces still circulating that are waiting for the perfect home, and what better way to add to their story than making these pieces a part of your wedding day. You could wear a classic string of pearls, keep it simple with stunning diamond earrings or if you have an Art Deco engagement ring, complement it with a beautiful Art Deco eternity band. 

The beauty of Art Deco wedding jewelry is that it will remain in your collection for years and can be passed down from generation to generation. The fact that Art Deco jewelry is still in immaculate condition over 100 years after being made is evidence of the expert craftsmanship that went into creating it. 

Simple Makeup and Sleek Waves for Hair

For your 1920s makeup, start with a light base that will help you to feel confident whilst also still being a very thin layer. The heavy foundation was not seen during this time, so if you’re taking inspiration from the 20s for your makeup, keep it light.

Eyebrows tended to be thin in shape and eyeshadow that matches the eye color was applied on the lash line and gently blended up. Keep your mascara and eyeliner exclusively on the top eyelid and create a blushed look with a Rosey red circle on the apple of the cheeks.

Finally, finish the look with slightly overdrawn lips and matte red color. This was the classic 20s look that would fit perfectly with a full 20s theme! 

Moving onto your hair, for the ultimate 20’s look, it’s got to be sleek waves. The finished look will differ based on the length of your hair, but going for a simple wave will look effortlessly beautiful and this is a look that is never going to go out of style. 

Final Thoughts

The 1920s represented a time of change and growth in an exceptionally positive way, which sounds like the perfect theme for any wedding day. So, one way to tie this into your big day is through your wedding outfit. Get that jazz music on and get ready to groove the night away in your 1920 style wedding outfit! 

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