Euphoria Hairstyles

Zendaya plays the narrator in the smash drama “Euphoria,” which also stars Sydney Sweeney, Alexa Demie, and a host of other excellent actors.

In addition to shedding attention to a number of significant and frequently troubling topics that many shows seek to avoid, Euphoria also had a significant impact on the fashion world with its colorful and upbeat sense of style. The performance has a really surreal aesthetic with plenty of vibrant colors, glitter, and outrageous fashion that is unlike anything we have ever seen.

This is why we are here to discuss the best euphoria hairstyles for you to try at home.

Best Euphoria Hairstyles

Not only are euphoria hairstyles in hot demand, but so are euphoria-inspired clothes and makeup. You might have seen these patterns on your social media feed as well, which is why we are here to talk about some of them.

1: Maddie’s Zig Zag New Year’s Style

A zig-zag hair band secures Maddy’s waist-length hair while complimenting her strong winged eyeliner. We advise utilizing a halo hair extension or traditional clip-in extensions to achieve this one of the best euphoria hairstyles.

Straighten your hair and make sure your hair extensions match to get this look. To prevent pulling and tugging on your natural hair, we advise styling your extensions before putting them in. 

By teasing your root with a hair extension brush and adding hold-enhancing hairspray, you can add some volume to the top of your head. Add a zigzag hair band in the color that complements your hair the most to finish the look.

2: Kat’s Iconic Bob

We think Kat is the queen of edgy fashion and adore her messy bob. Here is how to accomplish it at home.

Use a volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner to wash your hair. For heat protection, spritz Guard throughout towel-dried hair. Blow-dry the hair roughly; this look doesn’t require it to be completely smooth.

Use a finishing spray sparingly on the roots to enhance volume, texture, and movement.

Add loose waves all over with the hair straightener of your choice. Finish by loosening and adding volume to the waves with your fingers.

3: Lexi’s New Year’s Heidi Braid

Lexi’s euphoria hairstyles may not be so talked about but we found a few of her looks lust-worthy. She is even more endearing because of her timeless innocence and desire to participate.

On New Year’s Eve, Lexi decided to switch up her normal hairstyles, which can range from a carefree wave to a professional bun. Instead, she chose a romantic Heidi braid.

Create four sections out of your hair, two for each side of your head. Beginning with the back two portions, braid them and fasten them with transparent elastic bands.

After styling the front two parts into the bun of your choice, secure the braids around your head’s crown with bobby pins and tuck the ends under one another. Curl portions that frame the front of your face, then spray them with hairspray to set them.

4: Cassie’s Bubble Braid Ponytail

Even though Cassie wasn’t entirely satisfied with her style in the second season, we loved seeing all of these variations on her hair.

One of the best Euphoria hairstyles is Cassie’s bubble braid ponytail. Begin by sweeping your hair back into a ponytail, leaving a few pieces out to frame your face in the front. Adding a ponytail extension is advised if your natural ponytail lacks the volume you’re after. 

Next, secure and puff each piece, or bubble, of the ponytail, separately using tiny clear elastics. Curl the front portions using a curling wand to finish the style.

5: Cassie’s Flower Scene Hairstyle

Possibly one of the most lovely and captivating scenes from Season 2 was when Cassie was sitting inside a mirror with all the flowers Nate gave her in private. Her hair in this scene was indeed one of the best euphoria hairstyles we’ve seen.

One pump of Nourishing Oil and a pea-sized dollop of Sculpting Lotion should be combined. Now, apply this to towel-dried hair’s midsection and ends. Blow-dry the hair straight; it need not be totally smooth for this appearance.

Curl the hair, excluding the front two strands, and gently comb it to create a messy appearance. Plait the final two sections and fasten them with a transparent elastic band.

6: Maddie’s Slick Bun

Thanks to celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, this was one of the most popular euphoria hairstyles in 2021, and thanks to Maddy, it appears to be a classic cool-girl look this year as well.

Start by using a bristle brush to get the ideal slicked-back bun since it will collect all the flyaways and significantly aid in smoothing the hair down. Use your preferred gels after that, being careful to leave two face-framing strands exposed.

If you have trouble putting your hair up in a bun, try pulling it back into a high ponytail first, then twisting it and fastening it with another hairband. 

7: Maddy’s Rhinestoned Hairstyle

Maddy stands out as the coolest girl in school thanks to her rhinestone makeup and hairstyle. As one of the most replicated looks of the event, this is a bold choice for individuals who like to stand out from the crowd and dazzle.

Start by creating a half-inch part in your hair over your forehead and clipping it in place. Take each section of hair, twist it until it reaches the crown of your head, then tie it off. Using a hair treatment or pomade to hold the hair in place could be helpful.

Remember to increase the volume to highlight the bedazzled twists. If your hair is on the thin side, hair extensions can give it more fullness and give it the same glam as other euphoria hairstyles.

Stay Euphoric!

Styles with euphoria-inspired elements are popular right now. This article will provide you with beautiful ideas for Euphoria Hairstyles that you can wear this spring.

Even if you haven’t watched the show, you should be aware of the Euphoria trend because of social media. So, try these hairstyles out and let us know how they have worked out in the comment box below.

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