Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Lipstick is one of the most important parts of face makeup. It’s something every person who loves makeup will have on their bags. Lipstick is a very bold-looking makeup that enhances your feet in just one application. There are multiple shades of lipstick that match your skin tone and there is more than enough variety for you to choose from.

But, being a product majorly used, there’s always a fear instilled within its application. The moment you take a Lipstick, stick or liquid, or even powder, your hands start shivering in worry about whether the Lipstick is going to last long or not.

5 Tricks to Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

It’s a huge task when it comes to long-lasting lipsticks. There are many who claim to make long-lasting lipsticks but at the cost of a few hours of talking or eating a meal, the Lipstick is either transferred onto the eating material or ends up in the stomach!

Thus, in order to avoid eating lipstick, there have to be ways that can help you keep your lipstick stuck to your lips for a long time without damaging them. How do we do it? We have got your back! We have a list of 5 ways that can make your lipstick last longer.

1. Exfoliate your Lips

Dry lips that are flaky offer little help to variety. For very dry lips, apply a lip emollient or coconut oil consistently prior to hitting the hay.

Prior to applying lipstick, shed your lips tenderly with delicate cotton to eliminate the flaky patches. Apply lip ointment or petrol jam and leave it on for some time prior to applying lipstick.

2. Apply some Concealer to prime the lips

When you apply concealer, it primes your lips. It goes about as a lip groundwork and will forestall spill outs and smirching at the edges. Less draining around the edges consequently makes your lipstick stay longer.

3. Pick a Matte lipstick

Matte lipsticks, particularly the fluid ones, remain longer all the rage than the delicate and rich slug lipsticks. In the event that you realize you will be out the entire day and probably won’t be able to clean up your lipstick, decide on a long-wearing matte lipstick.

4. Avoid oily food

Oil in food sources acts like an oil-based cosmetics remover. They separate your lipstick and make it move around. Sleek food sources, not just goal your lipstick to wear off, they can likewise smear your lipstick beyond your lip line, making you look chaotic.

Try not to eat oily food sources when you need your lipstick to keep going long. This benefits the long-lasting of the Lipstick.


5. Use a lip liner

Prior to applying a liner that matches your lip tone, utilize a naked lip liner to frame your lips. This is called turn around or reverse coating.

This permits you to follow your lip line better and abstain from smirching. Lip liners before applying lipstick also define your lips well and give them a more bulky and bold look in order to emphasize them.

Thus, this is how you can make your lipstick last longer! Try these techniques and let us know if they worked.

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