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Atlanta, Georgia hosts the Freaknik festival every year during spring break. Students from historically black colleges and universities are the majority of attendees. It was initially sponsored by the DC Metro Club and started as a small picnic in a public park close to the Atlanta University Centre in 1983. Find the best Freaknik hairstyles in this article. 

Top 10 Freaknik Hairstyles

The most fashionable elements of a decade come back into style every few years. This time around, freaknik hairstyles are popular, and it’s understandable why.

1: Space buns with scrunchie

Among all the freaknik hairstyles, side buns, commonly referred to as “space buns,” were one of the most popular ones. They are now widely accepted.

Use your favorite scrunchies, another adorable ’90s item, to give your side buns a softer and more casual feel instead of bright colors, glitter, and braids.

Your side buns will stand out the most if you choose scrunchies with an animal print or a chic velvet. It’s the ideal charming outfit for a casual date, a summer day out, or a weekend brunch.

2: Banded pigtails

Since pigtails are typically associated with children, they might be difficult to wear. But you may wear them stylishly if you draw inspiration from the freaknik hairstyles! Try banded pigtails, commonly referred to as bubble pigtails, as one option.

To produce the adorable “bubble” look, all you need are clear hair elastics, which you wrap around your pigtails before drawing the hair out. You can tousle the hair to give it a more undone, contemporary style or leave the bubbles looking smooth for a fun party look.

3: Messy braids

The 1990s were a terrific decade for braids, as a variety of styles and varieties gained popularity. One of these was the unkempt braid, which celebrities like Brandy made popular. Messy braids have that distinctively carefree yet stylish 1990s vibe.

Start with normal box braids to achieve the desired look, then twist and secure them in an unkempt half-up, half-down manner. For more intrigue and a personalized touch to these freaknik hairstyles, add colorful hairpins.

4: Side pigtails

Take a cue from the famous freaknik hairstyles and wear side pigtails with colorful hair clips! The style, which works best for fine, straight hair and flatters all face shapes, has a feisty edge that makes it stand out.

The styling is the secret to ensuring that your hair looks cool rather than infantile or costume-like. Contrast the frivolous, flowery vibe of your pigtails with edgy streetwear and easy makeup like a cat’s-eye wing or pastel eyeshadow. Don’t be timid since you’ll also need a lot of attitude to get this look off.

5: Box braids

Are you searching for some stunning freaknik hairstyles? Try butterfly clips and box braids. Even though long, silky, and sleek box braids are a striking look on their own, adding butterfly accents gives them an extra dose of ’90s cool and a lovely feminine touch.

Select butterflies that will complement your clothing by having colorful wings. Choose smaller butterflies for a more understated appearance or go all out with large butterflies. Make sure to select supple, lightweight clips that won’t catch and strain on the hair but will softly hold your braids in place.

6: Half and half

Hair beads on half-up, half-down fashions were popular in the 1990’s freaknik festivals. Instead of blow-drying your hair smooth and straight, add some wavy texture for a more contemporary variation on the look.

You’ll achieve a whimsical and feminine boho appearance that’s ideal for a romantic date, festival, or summer picnic. As a visitor to the freaknik festival, you may even wear the adaptable hairstyle to a wedding. Just make sure to use high-quality beads, such as silver or gold.

7: Fringed bun

A top bun, often referred to as a topknot or high bun, with fringe, was one of the most popular freaknik hairstyles. The hairdo is adorable and carefree, but it’s also fashionable enough to wear outside the house.

The top bun looks good on faces with an oval, round, or diamond shape because it lengthens the face. While the traditional ’90s bangs are wispy and blunt, you can also opt for face-framing ‘tendril’ bangs or a contemporary interpretation of the ‘curtains’ trend.

For a truly ’90s-inspired final touch, add a printed scrunchie; alternatively, opt for a ribbon or simple bun for a more modern appearance.

8: Mini side braids

Mini side braids can provide a subtle ’90s touch to your freaknik hairstyles. They provide some more flair to a lob or mid-length haircut in addition to looking fashionable and framing the face. Furthermore, you can style them yourself quickly and easily.

If your hair is exceptionally silky, though, you should use a texturizing spray before you begin braiding to guarantee the plait maintains its structure. Add a tiny ribbon of a different color from your hair through the plaits for even more ’90s vibes.

9: Middle parting

Colorful hair clips are one of the simplest ways to jazz up a basic middle-parted hairstyle, as females of the freaknik festivals understood well! The style is versatile and flattering on both straight and curly hair.

Place the clips at your temples after using a tail comb to divide your hair in half. You can choose one larger, multicolored clip or use two or three for a fun, mismatched effect. To ensure the look is balanced, repeat on the opposite side.

Change up plain barrettes for strong gemstone-encrusted or statement color clips for a nighttime twist.

10: High Ponytail

One of the iconic trends of the freaknik hairstyles was the high ponytail. Brush your hair back so that the front part is sleek and smooth for a seductive spin on the trend that you may wear during the day or at night.

The remainder of your hair should then be pulled up high behind the crown of your head. Use a clip-in ponytail extension to add length and volume, then cover the clip with a lovely scrunchie.

The ends can then be softly curled for a gentle and romantic finish or flicked out for added sass to get the iconic “bumped” look from the ’90s.

To Conclude…

Over time, the freaknik event’s scheduling changed from spring break, which is typically in early March, to the “reading week” before final examinations.

As word of Freaknik spread, it attracted both students and some non-students from far outside the AUC. The gathering moved back and forth between Westside parks for a number of years.

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