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The public voted for a North Carolina soul singer with a raspy voice to win the third season of American Idol in 2004. Fantasia Barrino was her name, and in addition to having a voice that could carry a room, she also enjoyed sporting fierce hairstyles.

In 2010, Fantasia Barrino sported a variety of hairstyles. Despite always having short hair, she did a lot of artistic things with it! The key Fantasia hairstyles are listed here.

Top 10 Fantasia Hairstyles

There are ample fantasia hairstyles that are trending to date. Today, we are going to look at them and find the style that suits your hair the best. 

1: Fringe

A diamond form will be elegantly framed by a full fringe like Fantasia’s. The layer of hair around the eyes that frames the face is referred to as fringe or bangs. Any cut may be changed up by adding fringes, and they are incredibly adaptable.

There are many acceptable hair types for fringe. You can flaunt it no matter if you have long or short, straight across, light, blunt and heavy, choppy, wispy, angled, or integrated into textured layers with the rest of your hair.

2: Spiked

It was clear from the beginning of her career that Fantasia did not hold back when it came to expressing herself through a wide range of hairstyles. She was sporting a spiky crop with golden streaks when she won an NAACP award.

Although the rock-hard points of the past are no longer in vogue, men’s spiked hair has remained a stylish alternative for a long time. Spikes are a great option to think about if you want a different style.

3: Side-swept bangs

Fantasia’s fire engine red cut and side-swept bang made a statement as she arrived at the 2008 American Idol Grand Finale. The side bangs that dominated in the early 2000s are returning, and they look better than ever.

Similar to side-swept bangs, swoop bangs typically consist of longer hair that “swoops” to the side. In contrast to the unpleasant short bangs that women used to press to the side of their foreheads, they are longer and wispier this time around, giving them a somewhat different appearance.

4: Bowl haircut

Fantasia was beaming while sporting a contemporary bowl cut that she modified with hefty layers and a lot of body at the 2010 Vh1 Upfront. For men who prefer a low-maintenance style, the high-and-tight haircut is perfect.

However, adding a bowl cut is a terrific choice if you’re growing out your hair or want to give the traditional style a modern touch. The bowl cut looks particularly beautiful if your hair is thick and has the same structural appearance as a high-and-tight.

5: Short curls

Fantasia added volume and dimension to her shortcut when stopping by BET’s 106 and Park, giving it sleek edges and big curls. Although cutting curly hair won’t make it more curly, it could assist in highlighting your natural curl pattern.

Even though it’s true that trimming your curls can give them a more bouncy and springy appearance, how your hair is trimmed and your particular curl type will still have the biggest impact on the final outcome.

6: Undercut

Fantasia’s stunning hairdo for the 2008 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy party was all about dramatic colour play. For ladies, undercuts have been a popular technique to change up your appearance.

It occurs when the nape of your neck, one or both sides, is severely buzzed or otherwise altered. Your cut can also be coloured or have graphics added to it. Yes, this fashion has existed longer than you have and the undercut hairstyle is still quite trendy now.

7: Bob

If done correctly, a bob is one of those hairstyles that may make some individuals look younger. A chin-length bob, like the one Fantasia has, is a terrific way to accentuate your jawline’s fullness.

Bobs look their best when they are glossy and stick straight, or when you give them a playful edge by adding waves with a flat iron. A traditional bob typically has a length of one to two inches below the chin, but work with your stylist to determine the length that best compliments your features.

8: Small layers

Layers like those in Fantasia will cover over a small forehead and jawline and elongate a face with a diamond shape. A hairstyle that blends textured layers on short hair can give a lady’s hair movement, life and volume.

A short hairstyle with chopped layers will give you voluminous hair even if you have straight or thin hair. Long textured layers are ideal for thick, wavy hair since they reduce volume while largely maintaining thickness and enhancing structure.

9: Beachy waves

The modern take on the short bob hairstyle is short hair with loose beach waves. The simplest way to create beachy waves in your hair is to use a one-inch curling iron on small pieces of hair, leaving the ends out to keep them more straight and undamaged.

Beach waves will have a seductive, face-framing detail with somewhat shorter fringe parts. Like Fantasia, you must start with a deep parting. After that, make a vertical section and determine the length using the Down and Out method.

10: Coloured hairdo

More than 25% of the women surveyed thought brunette hair to be the sexiest, making this the most popular choice. Blonde, which was selected as the sexiest hair colour by 19.6% of women, is women’s second choice.

Red received the third position, and fantasia flaunted all of these colours. You seem younger with lighter hair color, but the tone you choose is crucial. Avoid using ashy, chilly colours, and instead, use golden highlights to give your outfit some warmth. To give your cheeks a healthy, young glow, choose hues like honey!

To Conclude…

In addition to playing Celie in the Broadway production of “The Colour Purple,” Fantasia had cameos on TV shows including “The Simpsons” and “American Dreams.” Joseph and Diane Barrino are Fantasia’s parents, and she was born and reared in High Point, North Carolina.

African American author Fantasia also reveals in her autobiography, Life Is Not a Fairy Tale, that there are no references to support the family rumour that her father was of Cuban ancestry.

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