Justin Bieber hairstyles

Justin Bieber was a teen pop sensation and he rose to fame with his famous song ‘Baby.’ However, the teen superstar is now a man and since day one we have been falling for his looks, his styles, and his impeccable hairstyles.

We understand why girls go crazy over this hotty and it’s not because of his stunning physique or magical voice; rather it’s because of his stylish hairstyles. If you want to increase your fanbase, you can also apply these famous Justin Bieber hairstyles.

Let’s check them out right here and book a professional salon appointment.

Best Justin Bieber Hairstyles 

The Justin Bieber hairstyles that have ruled our hearts since day one are all listed below. Let’s find them out one by one.

1: Backbrush

One of the best aspects of Justin Bieber’s hairstyle is it looks good on teenage boys and aged men. This is why on top of our list we have a back-brushed hairdo.

This hairstyle is simple because all you have to do is buckbrush your whole hair and if possible, set it with good-quality hair gel. You can do it alone in your home and you don’t need professional help to pull it off.

2: Shaved side & brushed up

We have seen Bieber rocking this look many times so it’s time for you to do the same. Yes, you got us right because we are talking about his shaved short sides and brushed-up hairstyle.

This is one of the most classic Justin Bieber hairstyles because it looks premium and exclusive. Indeed, it makes you look like a spoiled brat sometimes but it also instills confidence in you. You can also wear a stud with this look and you’ll look like James Bond.

3: Long locs on one side

Who said men can’t pull off long hair? Bieber proved us wrong many times when he came on stage with long locs on one side and kept the rest of his hair short. When we say short, we don’t mean shaved so you must differentiate between the two.

On the other hand, when we say long locs, we don’t promote those hippie hairstyles. So, tread carefully and pick your favorite Justin Bieber hairstyles right now.

4: Faux hawk & fringes

A faux hawk hairdo with brushed-up fringe in the front can make you look like a teenage boy so we don’t necessarily recommend these Justin Bieber hairstyles to the men out there.

It can take you back to those old days when faux hawks were in trend but opting for this hairstyle in recent days can also make a statement. A leather jacket can vibe the best with this kind of hairstyle so you must pick your outfits carefully.

5: Textured quiff

A textured quiff is one of the best Justin Bieber hairstyles. Your hair has to be a little longer than most men out there because the quiff won’t be visible otherwise.

If the quiff hairdo is not up to the mark, you won’t look as good as Bieber so make sure you get it done from a renowned salon. If you trust our choice, you should opt for this hairstyle because we can guarantee that anyone will look good in it.

6: Shaggy top & swept fringe

Another one of the greatest Justin Bieber hairstyles is the shaggy top with swept-up fringe. This was his hairstyle when he first came into the limelight and screamed baby to his female audience.

Yes, you got us right. This was his hairstyle in the Baby music video and you obviously remember how sweet he looked back then. So, if you want to exude that childish and cute persona, you must go for this hairstyle. We are not going to judge you.

7: Long flowed slicked back hair

There are many men who love to grow their hair. While we don’t recommend you grow them to your waist and tie a ponytail, we think they should be allowed to grow a little longer than average.

This is because only then you can pull off the classy Justin Bieber hairstyles like the long flowing back hair. Wear a suit, blazer, or tuxedo with this look, and you will look no less than a super-rich businessman. Mark our words and go for this hairdo.

8: Bald

You don’t need to tie your hair blonde but Bieber’s blonde and bald hairstyle stormed the internet a few years back when he married Hailey. He indeed looked like a real man and we fell head over heels in love with this popstar back then.

Brunettes can also go for this bald hairdo because it is one of the sexiest Justin Bieber hairstyles on our list and we would really like to see you pull this off. That will only be possible if you share your pictures in the comment box so decide wisely.

9: Dreadlocks

2016 was indeed a troubling year for Bieber because that was the year when he thought of trying out dreadlocks and the internet questioned his choices severely. Since dreadlocks are rooted in black culture, celebrities are often stigmatized when they try out these hairdos.

But, all controversies aside, Bieber looked great in this hairstyle, and if you are looking for a unique Justin Bieber hairstyle, this is the one to go for. Even if you are white, you can go for this hairdo.

10: Skaterboy

There was a time when Bieber was a teenager and he tried all kinds of crazy hairstyles to always stay relevant in the fashion game. One of those crazy Justin Bieber hairstyles was the skater boy haircut.

As the name suggests you can probably guess that the hair needs to be a little long and messy so if you are a fan of those elements, you can always go for this look. We think it will bring out a different side to your personality.


If you have come to the end of this post, we’re certain that there are at least a few Justin Bieber hairstyles that have appealed to you. Only the hairstyles won’t help you much if you don’t plan your entire look to go with the hairdo.

Not all hairstyles suit all attires so you must plan your whole look to look classy and elegant no matter where you go. Find these hairstyles and book a salon appointment to look your best version.

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