Yorkie Hairstyles

Yorkies are known for their fluffy appearance and their soft fur coats. They look so cute that you can feel like snuggling with them all year round. There are plenty of yorkie hairstyles that can suit your puppy and we would like to help you out.

We know how tough it is to take care of your dog’s grooming and that’s why we have decided to create a long list of our best recommendations to help you in your quest.

Best Yorkie Hairstyles of All Time

Some of the Yorkie hairstyles on this list are suited for long hair and some are simply suited for short hair. Let’s start scrolling through this list and find some amazing recommendations for your Yorkies right here.

1: Show cut

Did you ever get jealous of Yorkie hairstyles? We did when we saw the classic show haircut on these cute dogs. The haircut is sleek, long, and flowy, which embroils all the criteria of a show dog’s look.

It is a staple haircut on Yorkshire terriers because of how cute these puppies look when they are decorated with this hairdo and a red bow ribbon tied on the top of their head. You can always feel like cuddling with a Yorkie with such a classy hairstyle.

2: Puppy cut

If you don’t want a show-cut hairstyle for your Yorkie, the puppy cut can appeal to you. This haircut keeps your puppy’s hair short and trimmed and that is more easily manageable than any other cuts on this list.

If you stay in warm regions, this is the best summertime Yorkie hairstyle that you can opt for. This hairdo is also perfect for keeping fleas, ticks, and excrement aside from your puppy’s body so that you can take care of its hygiene.

3: Teddy bear cut

The teddy bear haircut is sweet and cute giving your yorkie a teddy bear-like appearance. This one is also easily manageable and easier to maintain throughout the year. Since this haircut makes your Yorkie look so cute, people often flaunt it on their dogs all over social media.

Just imagine dressing your dog up in a cute tux and bow tie and the teddy bear yorkie hairstyle will be enough to make other pet owners jealous of your grooming skills.

4: Schnauzer cut

Schnauzer is another popular breed of dog and if you have always wanted one for yourself, you can give your Yorkie this hairdo and make him look like one.

This haircut resonates greatly with the miniature Schnauzer, which is why it looks so appealing and attractive on these little bundles of joy. All you have to do is take your yorkie for a weekly appointment at the dog grooming centre and the soft brushing strokes will do their job.

5: Westie cut

Next up on our list of Yorkie hairstyles, we have a Westie cut. This haircut is a combination of classy and cute, which is why it is so unique and can only be done by a few professionals.

If you choose this haircut for your yorkie, you must make sure it is done by an expert dog grooming professional else the hairdo might get messed up. This haircut also celebrates shorter hair, which can be easier to maintain.

6: Lion cut

As the name suggests, the lion cut is one of the most popular Yorkie hairstyles that people have opted for over the years. Once you see your Yorkie with this hairdo, you will feel like it has grown in age.

It might just become royal from cute with a lion-like mane all over its shoulder. The shaved fur may not need to be brushed but you can brush it once in a while to keep its soft structure and to keep it free from tangles.

7: Three-layered stack

Another popular Yorkie hairstyle on this list is the three-layered stack. Many show dogs prefer to have this look because of its flowy and messy appearance, which gives your dog a rugged look.

People often mistake Yorkies as sweet because of their structure but this layered hairstyle can elevate their personality to another level. People living in cold regions often like this hairdo on their Yorkies to give them a coat of warmth.

8: Designer cut

Not all Yorkie hairstyles are useful for day-to-day activities. Some hairstyles are just perfect for an idle evening or a gentle stroll through the park. The designer hairstyle is one of them and even though it has recently grown in popularity, it has been loved by pet owners all over the world.

This cut can look complicated but with the help of a skilled professional, it can be done within minutes. It is a fun and exciting hairstyle that can be enjoyed occasionally.

9: Kennel cut

The next recommendation on our list of the best Yorkie hairstyles is a kennel cut. When summer rolls in, you don’t want your puppy to stay exhausted because of its long fur.

You’d want it to roam around happily and freely without worrying too much about its hair, and that’s why kennel cuts are ideal. It gives your puppy a neat and clean appearance for the whole summer and the short hair won’t grow anytime soon.

10: Mohawk cut

Yorkies are spunky dogs and that’s why the last recommendation on our list would be a cool mohawk hairstyle. Yes, Yorkies can also pull off a mohawk hairdo, and that also with a great amount of enthusiasm and style.

It can give your dog a punk rock look and you might just want to give your Yorkie a stylish jacket and a guitar for a good photoshoot. It is also a low-maintenance hairstyle that can be done within a tight budget.


What do you think of our recommendations? Do they help accentuate your puppy’s personality? Do they add a vibrant filler to your Yorkie’s vibe? We think they do and that’s why so many pet owners have chosen these hairstyles over the years.

Some of these haircuts are suited for summer months while some are perfect for wintry days. So, you can choose one based on the region you live in.

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