Best Outfits For Tomboys

Are you bored of the same regular look? Do you want to try something funky and boyish? Or do you like to be dressed like a tomboy? A lot of girls and women out there like to be dressed like tomboys or have a male version of the look. It is a person’s personal choice. So, here are some of the funky, cool, and best outfits for tomboys. Do try these out.

Want to Look like a Tomboy – Try These Outfits

  • Try Graphic tees 

Wearing graphic tees with the different combinations is a good idea to get a tomboy look. You can pair graphic tees with mom jeans which are high waist. You can also put on a monochrome suit with graphic tees to give a cool look. You can pick up the long-lost denim jeans and pair them with loose graphic tees along with a pair of sneakers. This will surely enhance your tomboy look.       

  • Put on ripped jeans

Sometimes we like being messy and stylish at the same time. So, try out ripped jeans or famously known as torn jeans. Torn jeans can be matched with t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, and formal shirts too. It has the special advantage of being compatible with all styles. For example, it is now perfect for menswear patterns. Its constant charm illuminates your choice for each season. 

  • Skirt and beanie

Ever thought of wearing a skirt that will also give you a tomboy look? If not, then you must try it. All you need to do is to wear it in a way that makes you look stronger and more powerful. A pleated skirt with a clean look and a light color top is perfect for a tomboy look. You can also put on a classy high heel boot

It is very important that you do not choose to wear brighter colors as it will reflect more of feminism than a tomboy look.  It is also important to look at the skirt and dress prints as abstractions, lines, or solid colors. Avoid floral print. Because it will not give a tomboy look. 

It is very important to wisely choose the print and colors of the clothes so that they can give you a wild look. To add on you also try stockings and hats and finally put on boots to complete your tomboy look.  

  • Celebrity style

This style involves wearing mother jeans paired with a white and black full-sleeved top. It will give you a funky tomboy look. A clean boy haircut with black sunglasses is perfect for this style.

Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun but also add an edgy touch to your overall tomboy aesthetic. For a touch of luxury and impeccable style, consider exploring and visit the link for luxury designer sunglasses available. These high-end brands offer a selection of frames that exude sophistication and elevate your tomboy look to new heights. Give it a try and enhance your tomboy personality. 

  • Button-down shirts

Want to have a clean look along with being cool? Try button-down shirts to get into a perfect tomboy look. You need to grab a button-down shirt and pair it with some boots, torn jeans, and a cap. Go through the men’s garments section in the shopping mall to get button-down short 

  • Stripped button-downs

Well, this one is a nice option to enhance your tomboy look. You must have striped button-down shirts in your collection. You can easily team them up with shorts, jeans or pants, or whatever bottom wear u deem fit for yourself. Go through Instagram and get some latest tomboy styles for striped button-downs. 

  • Boyfriend jeans

The new trend in the market making noise is boyfriend jeans. Get your regular jeans removed from the cupboards and try out extremely comfortable boyfriend jeans. Their main feature is that it is slightly loose like men’s jeans. It gives a cool look. Try this out with some regular tees and a bun on the head to get a tomboy look. 

  • Jackets for tomboy

Want to have a tomboy look in winters too? Pull out some solid color jackets, and put on a skirt with a sweatshirt along with high-heeled boots. This will give you a complete tomboy look this season. 

  • Rugged shorts

Go for a pair of rugged shorts, style your hair in a messy style with a bun, and put on white sneakers. Try this out to show a new tomboy look. 


Being a tomboy does not mean putting on clothes from the men’s wear only. You can try out different styles and dress yourself according to the place and weather. The new trends in fashion such as mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, graphic tees, high-heeled boots, etc have given a different outlook to tomboys. 

You can look cool and classy at the same time in a tomboy look. You can also put on hats and funky handbags to get a new tomboy look. So what are you waiting for, fill your wardrobe with cool, funky ripped jeans, loose t-shirts, and some accessories that suit your tomboy look?  

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