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Fashion and beauty go hand in hand. Knowing the best trends and making a way to the highway is however not needed. You should flaunt for every single look that brings a smile to the face. However, to follow someone on social media and letting them become the whole new spectrum to follow could be devastating. The reason could be based on background, preferences, and more. Nonetheless, there are situations where you could relate to most of the things these influencers do.  It is because some of them are very realistic and know the basics of beauty trends

However, we know that Instagram is the second famous social media platform. Daily viewership and use of Instagram are based on 2 million profiles. Several categories and industries are developed and boosted on IG daily. Beauty is one of the most hyped niches with dozens of influencers from different parts of the world. That is why we have to check a lot of factors before starting to follow a beauty IG influencer. 

5 Best UK Based Beauty Influencers To Follow On Instagram

UK Based Beauty Influencers

Some factors that play an important role in making an Instagram influencer legit include the kind of following, comments, shares, and tags one has in a post. Other than engagement rate, it is extremely vital to check out their official websites or pages. 

Following is the list of some of the best UK beauty influencers on Instagram.

1. Caroline Hirons

Without her, the list of the best UK fashion IG influencers can’t possibly get completed. It is because Caroline Hirons is treated like a queen of beauty. She, other than a beauty and skincare blogger serves as an aesthetician and an excellent facialist. People call her beauty queen because of her recommendable knowledge of skincare. With an immense following (350,000 followers) and a popular woman, she goes with @carolinehirons. 

Not just that, Caroline gives skincare and beauty consultancy and owns a YouTube channel and a blog. In the blog and channel, she reviews products for all genders. It is so that we, the audience can relate and know the evening, morning, and night regimes. 

Soon her debut book on beauty is going to hit the market. The book will be the manifesto of the rituals and everything around skincare and beauty. Thus, it will be the best bible for beauty freaks. If you want to get to know more, follow her on @carolinehirons.

2. Amelia Liana 

Another UK beauty influencer, Amelia Liana has a humongous 500,000 fanbase. To be a part of her fanbase on Instagram you can follow Amelia Liana on @amelialiana. The question which we can sense emerging in your mind: why is she famous, is based on a couple of reasons. 

First of all, she is a well-known and globally appreciated YouTuber with a massive following. Like many other beauty celebrities and Instagram influencers, Amelia Liana also has a beauty blog. On both these channels, she loves to share and bring awareness to beauty-centric content. 

Amelia Liana shares a beauty range on events like Black Friday and shows off the flawlessness on the skin. Her products are mostly shared with the final result. That is what makes buyers and fans happy! Exhibiting and telling the world about her beauty regimes, favorite brands, and seasonal essentials are mostly talked about on the blog and the YouTube channel. That is why she is known among famous beauty brands.

3. Beth Sandland 

Beth Sandland uses @bethsandland, her name as an Instagram handle. She doesn’t have gigantic followers but yes, her work speaks volumes. With 66,000 followers and an amazing understanding of beauty products, health regimes, and skincare awareness, Beth Sandland has embarked on the journey of being a beauty influencer. She also had been known for her tremendous photographic skills. The skills are exhibited on her website as well as on Instagram and other social media platforms. 

Her main motto and aim of life are to share all the love regarding beauty (makeup, skincare, and products). In the blog that goes with her name, Beth Sandland, she aspires to tell the world about her favorite brands and writes product reviews. 

Another area of her personality is determined by beauty experimentation. It includes microdermabrasion and microblading. Beth Sandland is the epitome of an amazing projection of legit beautification.

4. Anna Edit

Among the list of 5 best UK-based beauty influencers to follow on Instagram, we have Anna Edit. She is highly acclaimed for beauty-related reviews, lifestyle recommendations, and a pro interior designer. All that she shared online on Instagram and other social media platforms have contributed to making 461,000 followers on IG. If you also wish to follow her, simply use the handle @theannaedit. 

Beauty was and still is the best domain on which she has invested most of the energy and time. The love for beauty resonated with her so much that she owns a YouTube channel and a blog. She is still in 2021 is the most coveted UK beauty blogger on Instagram. 

Anna Edit likes to share 5 minutes makeup regimes, how to treat skin for a trip abroad, and beauty investments. Anna is your go-to if and when you want to follow simple but lit classic beauty advice.

5. Jodie Melissa

Last but not least, we have Jodie Melissa who has an exceptional fanbase (14,800 followers on Instagram). In the start, she invested a lot of time in experimenting types and dynamics of beauty blogs. Later, when Jodie got a hang of the situations she might face, she decided to become a professional beauty blogger. People relate to her stories, posts, and almost everything she shares on Instagram. 

Today, she has a huge following. It is all because of the kind of beauty-related posts she shares on the blog as well as Instagram feed. The posts and blogs are also about the detailed product reviews, skincare treatments, and selection criteria of seasonal makeup products.

Since she is extremely authentic and real with no drama involvement, people find it easy to relate. Jodie Melissa also has an amazing professional life. This means she has worked with the biggest and most famous UK beauty brands. Jodie Melissa, another fine UK beauty influencer can be followed on @jodie.melissa. 

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