10 Best UK Based Beauty Influencers To Follow On Instagram

Today is the age of Instagram. Let it be finding new trends or promoting your product; you go to Instagram. Instagram influencer marketing is the trend of the era. Marketers look for beauty influencers who can promote their beauty products. This platform is full of influencers, so you cannot just pick any influencer that seems to be working for you. Influencer marketing’s success depends on how keenly you look at the influencer’s credentials, target audience, and niche.

10 Best UK Based Beauty Influencers To Follow On Instagram

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Here are the 10 best UK based beauty influencers to follow on Instagram.

  • @Cherwebbmakeup

She is one of the best UK based beauty influencers. She reaches the people excellently and engagingly with approximately three hundred thousand followers, which has enormous influence.  Besides that, she also has a YouTube page where she films makeup tutorials. She is one of the top beauty influencers who will help you to achieve fair skin

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  • Alix Coburn – I Covet Thee

She is one of the most professional beauty influencers based in London. She also owns a YouTube channel with the name of I Covet Thee. She has 189K followers on Instagram, but her YouTube channel is huge and has 425K followers. She has taken part in several endorsement campaigns before. So, she is an excellent choice to market your product. 

  • Jordan Lipscombe

If making a list of the most famous influencers from the UK, you can’t keep Jordan out. At a very young age of 19 years, she has achieved countless milestones. So far, she has worked with NYX cosmetics, BeautyBay, and many more. Having more than 350K followers on Instagram, she is already a huge success. 

Who knows what new accolades she is going to achieve next year? 

Not just Instagram, she has a huge fan following on other social media platforms as well. Her Instagram is the best place to know about new beauty trends.

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  • @ Holly Boon

She is yet another mega influencer based in the UK. Currently, she has 452 thousand followers on Instagram and still increasing. She is one of the successful ones on the social media platform. You will find makeup tutorials varied complex from reasonably simple to intricate. If you are looking for makeup product hauls, this is your place. You can find makeup tutorials of both affordable as well as high-end brands. 

  • @carolinehirons

Caroline is one of the top influencers based in the UK. She has a massive number of followers on Instagram, with the number standing at more than 368K. If you are looking for someone experienced in beauty and skincare, then pick her without any reservations. 

She has been called a queen of skincare. On her Instagram, you can regularly find reviews of beauty and skincare products. She started from being a facialist, brand consultant, and aesthetician, she has turned to social media. She is the best person if you want to cater to an audience of all ages.

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  • British Beauty Blogger 

If your requirement is a person who has exposure to both beauty and media industry, then here you have the British Beauty Blogger, who you can choose as your influencer for your beauty brand. Jane Cunningham started with writing for the print and digital media industry.  

On Instagram, Jane is followed by more than 38.5 thousand people who like and share her content. You will find creative displays of makeup tutorials, reviews, and recommended products that she is currently using on her Instagram. With her knowledge of both beauty and media, you can rely on her expertise as an influencer. 

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  • @hellooctober

Another influencer on our list of 10 best UK-based beauty influencers to follow on Instagram is Suzi Bonaldi, the person behind Hello October. If you are looking for beauty and everything related to it, you should immediately contact her. 

She is passionate about beauty and fashion. On Instagram, she has 224K followers. In the past, she has collaborated with numerous brands.

 Her followers enjoy her Q/As sessions, product reviews, and makeup demonstrations on her Instagram page. You can also get inspiration from her day and night routines and the best cosmetic products to use. No doubt her Instagram is fascinating to visit.

  • @bethsandland

Are you looking for an influencer who does not only talk about cosmetic products but skincare treatments as well? 

Skin treatments are creating hype these days, with people preferring quick and long-term results. Beth Sandland, the next Instagram influencer on this list, will give you a lot of information about skin treatments such as microblading and microdermabrasion. Not just that, she posts product reviews, recommended products. After going through her Instagram page, you can resist buying this and that for your beauty closet. Having 68K followers, by hiring her as an influencer, you are looking at many followers that will come with her. 

  • @amelialiana

One of the very well-known names in the world of beauty influencers is Amelia Liana with her Instagram page of @amelialiana. Currently, she has more than 500K followers on Instagram. So far, she has made colossal name credibility for herself by collaborating with beauty giants such as Givenchy Beauty, Clinique, Boots, and Neutrogena on Instagram. She often posts makeup tutorials, unboxing videos, and makeup product reviews for her followers. She is an excellent choice due to her vast following, unique and jolly talking style, and can be your next brand endorser. 

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  • @Emily Canham

Last but not least, on our list is Emily Canham. She is yet another powerful influencer, with more than seven hundred thousand followers. If you prefer to choose an influencer with a strong affiliation with a high-end brand, then she is your girl. She has been associated with L’Oréal Paris and other famous brands. She is one of those who garnered colossal support and engagement from her followers. She will be an excellent choice to work as an influencer for your brand.

Looking for the right brand beauty influencers is tedious due to the effort to identify the right one. Here your problem has been solved. Choose one or more of the above, and you are good to go.

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