Halloween Hairstyles

The month of November is a pretty exciting month for people all over the world because it’s our favorite occasion of the year. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about Halloween and when we talk about Halloween, we have to discuss costumes, makeup, hairstyles and so much more.

So, Halloween hairstyles are our forte this year and we have come to talk about them. You can always turn to a professional hair expert and find out what they have in store for you but we have some exclusive ideas too. So, without further ado let’s explore the best Halloween hairstyles.

Trendiest Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween hairstyles are not only suitable for your avatar this year. They are much more impactful when taken into account with the correct makeup and outfits.

1: Devil horns

Dressing spooky is our prerogative when it comes to choosing Halloween hairstyles. No matter how spooky you think your hairstyle is, nothing can beat the devil horns.

Yes, we suggest you dress like a real devil this year and show off those dirty horns. You don’t necessarily need to be Satan to pull off this hairdo. You can dress like a witch or a maleficent queen because the devil horns will look equally good with them too. So, choose wisely!

2: Messy buns with accessories

Messy buns with accessories can look pretty great as Halloween hairstyles. Now that you know that, do you think you need to make the bun messier? If that’s so, you are on the right track. Yes, Halloween is no time to dress elegant and classy.

It is time to let the wild child inside of you come out and roar, which is why messy buns with spooky accessories can make a genuine statement this year and we’ll be proud of you if you can pull this off.

3: Backcombed hair

Backcombing is a classic villain look. You must remember it from Joker’s classy hairstyle that used to look straight and sleek all the time. But, the real secret behind this piece of work is backcombing.

Yes. you simply need to back-brush your hair and set it with a gel, and that will be one of the best and simplest Halloween hairstyles of all time. Now that you know what kind of hairstyle you are opting for, do you think you will dress as Joker?

4: Harley Quinn hairstyle

Now that we have advised you to dress as Joker, do you think you can pull off a Harley Quinn hairstyle? Sounds confusing? Harley Quinn was a badass heroine of all time and she was the perfect mate for Joker so this Halloween if you want to dress up as her, you can.

One of the best parts about this hairstyle is you simply need to add some quirky color to your hair and tie two pigtails. It’s simple yet mysterious and that’s what Halloween is all about.

5: Space buns

Space buns are one of the best Halloween hairstyles of all time. In fact, they originated as Halloween hairstyles since Princess Leia showed them off in Star Wars.

However, space buns have become pretty common since then and that’s why you have to add some spider or bat hair clips all around them to make sure you are flaunting them as Halloween hairstyles. Do you think you can show it off perfectly?

6: Upside-down braids

Upside-down braided hairdos look pretty great but they look especially phenomenal if you use them as Halloween hairstyles. This hairstyle needs some gothic makeup and it will be better if you don’t add any particular accessory to them.

You want to look good but you don’t want to look over the top, right? Keeping in mind that decision, we think sporting an upside-down braided hairdo with some gothic makeup can make your horror day awesome.

7: Medusa hairstyle

Now, we have some great surprises in store for you this year. What do you think of a Medusa hairstyle? Yes, you got that right. Medusa hairstyle is nothing fancier except when you add the snakes to it.

So, that’s exactly what you have to do. Pick a simple braid or bun hairstyle and add some fake snakes to it. If you opt for this hairdo, you must also dress as Medusa because it won’t make much sense otherwise.

8: Skeleton braid

A skeleton braid is also one of the scariest Halloween hairstyles out there. You have to be extremely patient and have to possess lots of pins to create this hairdo perfectly.

Make sure your hair is greasy and tightly knitted because you cannot afford even a few locs to go out of place if you want to look as scary as a skeleton. Not only a skeleton but there are a few other avatar choices available that will go with this hairstyle. So, pick your favorite NOW.

9: Jumbo bow

Bows always look rather cute when you put them on your hair. But, this year, bows are not

Here to make you look cute. They are here to help you stand out and we know exactly what you are talking about. A massive bow can make a genuine statement as Halloween hairstyles but instead of using a real bow, you just tie your hair in the shape of a bow.

Additionally, the bow will appear on top of your head so that will surely make people notice you, right?

10: Beach waves 

Beach waves might sound simple but if you have natural wavy hair, you can use this cascading wavy look as a Halloween hairstyle.

In fact, many Disney princesses have the same hairstyle and people love dressing up as them during Halloween. So, when you can use your natural hair to look like a Halloween hairdo, why won’t you go for it, right?

To Spook or be Spooked!

Now you can rest easily since you know what kinds of Halloween hairstyles you’ll opt for this year. The ceremony is practically knocking on our doors and if we can’t make the most of it right now, we will be far behind our friends while we go trick-or-treating around the town.

So, don’t forget to share your Halloween avatar look with us in the comment section because we’d like to know how our creations look in real life.

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