Fashionpulis is one of the most popular blogs in the Philippines which is discovered by Michael Sy Lim. He writes about celebrities’ personal life affairs and shares their looks and appearance in his blog.

Michael Sy Lim is closely related to the glamor industry and sometimes, makes fun of many popular figures in his blog. His website Fashion Pulis is based on and millions of people from different countries visit and read his blogs.

Who is Michael Sy Lim?

Michael Sy Lim is popular for his ‘Signature Pose’ and spends huge dollars to maintain his personality. He uses designer bags, high-quality leather belts, the best jewelry brands, the best shoes, etc. 

Lim lives in the Philippines and many people already know him. He believes that popular women are disliked due to negative appeal after having good looks. He trolls those women in his blog by uncovering their personal affairs. 

Fashionpulis – What You Need To Know?

Fashionpulis com

Fashionpulis is a website on Blogger that is discovered by Michael Sy Lim

In the year 2015, Sy Lim was arrested on a libel charge filed by Deniece Cornejo. Later, an appeal made to the marketing department to suspend Sy Lim where he was working as a Lecturer. 

People then began to dislike Lim because he was spreading negative rumors about popular figures in his blog

However, some people enjoy reading his gossips and vice versa. His millions of visitors know very well that Lim never fails to spread negative gossips just for the sake of entertainment and earn money from the same. 

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The Final Thoughts  

Fashionpulis is a website just to entertain people and if you are interested in celebrities’ personal life affairs and their looks then you can follow The above listed are some of the interesting facts about Michael Sy Lim that you must know. 

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