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Are you planning for the next dinner date? Are you searching for different types of short skirts? Do you want to gift your partner a perfect short skirt? If yes, then you are reading the correct blog!

Choosing the best skirts can be a difficult task because there are several types of short skirts available online as well as offline stores. Wearing traditional dresses such as the latest sarees is okay! But you need something spicy to change your look and i.e., short skirts.

There are various occasions and wearing the same type of dress on all occasions can be boring and make you look dull. You need different types of skirts to enhance your appearance and change your look.

Different Types of Short Skirts For Women

Choosing the best short skirt can be a difficult task, but this guide will help you to a great extent. A perfect short skirt can uplift your personality a bit more and you must know the various types of short skirts.

Therefore, now not making you wait for any further, here are the different types of short skirts for women for all occasions,

1. Circular Skirts: 

Circular skirts come under both short and long types. These skirts are generally breathable and flowy and there is some variance in fabric.

These types of short skirts are purely circular in shape. You might have seen Korean school skirts, yes these skirts are the same as Korean dresses.

2. Straight Short Skirts:

Straight Short Skirts

Straight short skirts are similar to a pencil or mini skirts. These skirts are best for every event such as official wear, lunch, casual parties, etc. You can also wear this short skirt in church. 

On the other hand, these short skirts are very narrow and tight and meant for every professional event. This skirt will give you a standard look.

3. Layered Skirts:

Layered skirts come in various shapes and sizes and it is completely dependent upon you to choose your favorite one. You can also wear different types of socks with these short skirts. 

These skirts are an experiment with utilizing the same type of color and cloth in several ways, with more than one layer of skirts to experiment with.

4. Pencil Skirts:

Pencil skirts are another type of short skirts that will hold your attention for a while. These skirts are also known as formal skirts.

This skirt remains fairly straight and fits tightly against your skin. If you want a professional look in your office then you can wear this short skirt and impress everyone.

5. High Waist Skirts:

high waist short skirts

High waist skirts are regarded as one of the best types of short skirts that you can have in your wardrobe. On the other hand, there are different types of high waist skirts available in the market.

Moreover, these skirts rest on your belly button and this skirt will give you a standard as well as a professional look.

6. A-Line Skirts:

A-Line Skirt is fairly formal and elegant. The waistline of this skirt is straight and simple. And the hemline steadily increases as it moves down the skirt. 

A-line skirts are very popular among girls. They use it for various events such as outings, dating, parties, discos, etc. You can also try to wear the latest bandana headband with this look. 

7. Fly Skirts:

Fly skirts are very popular among teenagers and children. Actually, it gives a youthful feel. You can wear these types of short skirts with any top taht you have in your wardrobe.

These skirts flare out and meant to have a cinch at the waist. This is a casual wear outfit that uplifts your appearance in front of others.

8. Pleated Short Skirts:

Pleated short skirts are very popular and beautiful in design. This is trendy in style and gives you a fashionable look throughout the wear. 

You can find pleated skirts in longer types. This pleated skirt is perfect for the next dinner date with your partner. Also, you can wear this skirt to your birthday party.

9. Denim Skirts:

denim skirt

Denim skirts are very popular nowadays. It is worn by every woman because this skirt looks very professional and standard. You can also try different types of easy hairstyles with this outfit so that you can look cool.

However, the lengths and styles of this skirt vary in different sizes. This skirt can be your prime choice if you are looking for a skirt for long term use.

10. Miniskirts:

mini short skirts

Miniskirts can be your best choice if you are looking for a casual skirt. This skirt can be worn on any occasion that you wish to. However, don’t forget to apply liquid eyeliner while wearing this short skirt. 

This skirt can be a perfect pickup for valentine’s day. You can even this skirt to your partner on special occasions. 

11. Skater Skirts:

Skater skirts are another type of short skirts. This skirt is fitted at the waist and gives you a unique look. This skirt has its own unique shape and size. With the perfect makeup and outfit, you are going to change your look.

On the other hand, this skirt is perfect for casual occasions as it is a fairly informal skirt type. This skirt is very similar to the circle type of skirts.


There were the top 11 popular types of short skirts that will hold your attention for a while. Don’t you think that your wardrobe is demanding new types of skirts? If yes, then you must have these skirts with you. 

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