Workout Hairstyles

We know what you are thinking. Do you really need to look after your hairstyle when you go to the gym for a workout? Sadly, the answer to this popular question is yes.

You must have noticed so many celebrities are spotted when they come out of their gyms and not once in our lifetime have we seen them looking exhausted. Don’t get us wrong.

We are sure they work out with dedication, but their workout hairstyles are never out of place. So, let’s read this article and find the best workout hairstyles of all time.

Best Workout Hairstyles Of All Time

Workout hairstyles are essential because if hair locs fall on your face when you try to pull weights, it will be distracting. So, we have jotted down a bunch of good options for you right here.

1: Headbands

The first one on our list is rather easy. It doesn’t matter if you tie your hair in a bun or in a braid, or keep it tied in a simple ponytail, all you have to do is find the right hair accessory.

A headband or a head scarf can come in handy in these situations. If you match the headband or the scarf with your gym outfit, that will appear even trendier. But this is the simplest hairdo on our list of workout hairstyles so give it a shot.

2: High ponytails

Nothing can scream workout hairstyles as loudly as high ponytails do. Just like the first option, this one is also pretty simple. You have to keep one thing in mind when you go to the gym, you won’t be booking a salon appointment to tie your hair.

So, the hairstyles on this list have to be easy so that you can do them alone. In that context, the high ponytail is the ideal hairstyle.

3: Pigtails

Pigtails also look awesome as workout hairstyles. The best part of pigtails is women of any age group can look good in them. On top of that, we think the best part of pigtails is that they look good on short and long hair alike.

So, you cannot draw a distinction in that part. Pigtails look equally good on straight and curly hair, but women with wavy hair may not find this hairdo as appealing as we claim it is.

4: Topknot bun

A top knot bun is one of the most used workout hairstyles on this list. People look good in it and there’s no chance that the locs will come loose on your face when you do those push-ups or crunches.

Blondes, brunettes, redheads and women with black hair can look equally awesome in this simple hairdo. You can also add braided details around your bun if time permits you. But, we think the bun alone is enough to make a strong statement. 

5: Double braids

Double braids look awesome as workout hairstyles. They may appear a little PG13 but in reality, we think they look quite badass. Just imagine yourself in black leggings, a grey tank top and a double braid on your head.

Can’t you just get the vibe of a true martial artist? Well, that may be a bit over the top but we are a fan of this hairstyle. So, if you are confused anytime to choose a good hairdo for your workout time, go for double braids.

6: Fishtail braid

Talking about braids, we think there is another particular style of braid that will look amazing as a workout hairstyle. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about the famous fishtail braid.

Even though the intricacy of this hairdo seems complicated, it’s not. You can check any fishtail braid video tutorial and the hairstyle will appear as easy as we claim it to be. So, pick your favourite braid design and go for a few more push-ups than usual.

7: Cornrows

Cornrows are one of our favourite workout hairstyles. Do you remember the famous music video of Ed Sheeran named ‘shape of you?’ If you do, you’ll know what we are talking about.

The girl in the video with whom Ed Sheeran fell in love while working out had beautiful cornrows and since then we have become a fan. You may think this hairstyle is difficult to pull off but it’s actually not. So, pick your favourite and let us know about it.

8: Space Buns

We have already discussed a bun, right? This time we are taking our workout hairstyles a step further and thinking of doing space buns. Yes, they are dual buns and since princess Lea rocked them in Star Wars, people have become a fan of them.

Even Jennifer Aniston tried to pull off these buns in FRIENDS so you can guess how popular this is. Go for this hairdo and we promise you won’t regret it.

9: Pineapple

People with curly hair often find it hard to find the ideal workout hairstyles. This is why we have made an exclusive decision for them with this pineapple hairdo. It is off your face and it is off your neck, which makes it a perfect hairstyle for when you are pulling weights in a gym.

On top of that, there are many women with afro hairstyles who can pull off this excellent hairdo without spending too much time behind it.

10: Long braided ponytail

Last but not least we think a long braid ponytail can also look good as a workout hairstyle. You can find plenty of accessories to decorate your braided ponytail if it seems too simple to you.

However, we don’t think accessorising your hair while working out is a good idea because it may distract you from time to time. So, go for a simple hairdo like this one and let us know how everyone in your gym has praised you.


Not all of these workout hairstyles will suit everyone. Some women have short hair and some have long. Some have natural curls and some have sleek and straight hair.

If you browse our list carefully, you will find options for all in this post and just like that you will get a compliment from your gym mates every time you enter the abode. Show us your favourite workout hairstyles in the comment section below.

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