Alt Hairstyles for Women 

Pinterest has always been my go-to resource for learning about the newest hairdo trends because we are millennials who grew up getting the majority of my beauty inspiration online.

But the most recent hairdo craze on Pinterest is completely different from what we’re used to seeing. Alt hairstyles are distinctive, vibrant, and daring. Do you want to experiment with other looks? Or perhaps you’re curious about them if you’re new to the craze. For all the information you need, scroll down.

Top 11 Alt Hairstyles

The usual loose waves and French braids you’re used to seeing are nothing like alt hairstyles. Bold layers with texture, vivid colors, and distinctive patterns are the hallmarks of alternative hairstyles.

1: Short Mullet

Whether you like it or not, the mullet is still a hot topic in the world of hair. Fortunately, this updated version of mullet hair has more blended layers, which significantly improves wearability. By choosing to have shaved sides, you can make your mullet look edgier.

The key to alt hairstyles is volume. Before styling your hair, work a Jelly Serum through it if you have fine hair that is prone to falling flat. This gel serum offers your hair a silky, bouncy finish while instantly adding volume to your strands.

2: Half and half bubble ponytail

Start by creating a middle part in your hair. Take a segment of hair from your crown and leave the remaining hair loose, as if you were making a half-up ponytail, working with one side at a time.

To keep the hair at your crown in place, use a clear hair elastic. Next, secure another hair elastic one or two inches further down the ponytail’s length. To create the illusion of a bubble, gently tug the hair between the first and second elastics.

A few spritzes of strong-hold hairspray can help keep your alt hairstyles in place.

3: Space Buns

Speaking of unorthodox hairstyles, space buns are truly adorable. By using a fine-tooth comb to part your hair down the center of your head, you may divide it into two equal portions and place one on either side of your head.

On either side of your head, gather one portion into a high ponytail, and fasten it with an elastic. This will produce a pigtail appearance. Take the first pigtail and create a twist by wrapping the segment over itself. Use a hair elastic to hold the coiled alt hairstyles in place around the pigtail’s base. 

4: Shaggy hairstyle

Are you looking for different alt hairstyles? To give your locks the ultimate alt girl vibes, embrace your natural hair texture and add a striking hair color. A short shag is the best option if you enjoy the classics.

Choose color-blocked bangs to give your cut a unique touch. Want to try a shag cut but don’t feel comfortable wearing short hair? Ask your stylist for a lengthy, choppy cut to preserve your length while embracing the shaggy hairstyle.

5: Peridot crop

To keep alt hairstyles simple, this vivacious crop is tapered with a shorter back and sides. The vibrant, green-yellow peridot tint is a unique take on common lime green shades and looks especially good on skin tones with warm undertones.

With some gel, style the front upward and backward while creating edgy spikes all around by pinching little parts with your fingertips. Think of rockstar and grunge hairstyles from the 1990s or emo hairstyles from the early 2000s, but with a contemporary twist. 

6: Buzz cut bangs

This young person is evidence that imaginative play and a little inventiveness are all that are required to pull off alternative haircuts. With buzz-cut bangs and pigtails, all eyes will be on you. This appearance exudes self-assurance and contentment.

With this basic color combination, you may maintain your present cut while obtaining all the edge points. Shorter face-framing layers work well for highlighting the striking color bursts up front.

7: Bob haircut with asymmetrical bangs

The cobalt blue bob surely has a distinctive hue to attempt with an alternative hairdo is cobalt blue. This version’s two tones, a lighter UV blue and a deeper navy with grey-violet tones are fantastic.

Asymmetrical bangs lead the eye upward in an off-center line, while jagged, uneven layers give the style a stylish, chaotic appearance. Because of this, it complements face forms like the heart, square, and round.

8: Faux teased pompadour

With lots of teased volume and a fake undercut to concentrate all that volume on top, you can elevate a greaser pompadour to the next level. The effects of this shoulder-length look are worth the extra effort it takes to execute.

To add volume, heavily backcomb and tease the top hair with hairspray; smooth the outer layer and coil the top hair into a rolled pompadour look. Twist parts from the sides back, tease the back, and then brush downward to complete the appearance.

9: Dreadlocks and braids

Faux dreadlocks make it simple to experiment with an alternative hairdo without committing totally to the look. The look is slightly more imaginative and enjoyable when it is a vivid, electric blue.

This hairstyle has a lot of texture and variety with its large, unruly locks, smaller twists, and haphazardly placed braids. To add more volume to the alt hairstyles, part it deeply to the side.

10: Mohawk pixie cut

A timeless alternative-inspired look is a mohawk. On really short hair, like this long pixie cut, we adore mohawk hair. Start by wetting your strands with a spray bottle on second-day hair if you have damp hair after a shower.

To add volume, eliminate frizz, and establish a tight hold, work a dime-sized amount of hair gel through your hair. After that, smooth your hair upward with your hands to give it the appearance of a mohawk. Finish your look with a few spritzes of texturizing spray.

11: Bantu knot crowns

If you’re seeking edgy alternative hairstyles that work with coarse or oily hair textures, protective Bantu knots are a no-brainer. This look is the ideal accompaniment to a dramatic eyeliner look and keeps your mane out of your face.

Starting with one knot in the center and proceeding in even parts down the sides, tie the knots in the shape of a crown. Knot the back or let it hang loose for a multi-textured look.


You may finally get past preconceived notions of what’s acceptable, pretty, and feminine and focus on what you think looks good. Don’t forget, though, to add your own twist. 

You might opt to dye your hair your favorite color, many complementary colors, or a crazy combination of hues for your mane. You will be sporting alternative hairstyles that improve your confidence and draw attention when you enter a space as long as your imagination and ideas are in charge.

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