Amethyst Crystal Necklaces

The Greeks weren’t the only people in Europe who thought that amethysts had medicinal powers. The allure of this captivating, magical diamond drew the attention of numerous cultures from throughout the globe.

The admixture of iron and manganese results in color variation. Purple in stones is produced by manganese, whereas iron influences how intense the hue is. So, let’s find out the best amethyst crystal necklaces in this post.

Top 10 Amethyst Crystal Necklaces

If you’re wondering where the majority of amethyst jewelry originates, the answer is perhaps closer than you think. Amethyst is a mineral that is mined in caves all over the world and is found deposited deep into rock crevices.

1: Gemstone Necklace

There is a myth and mythology around the amethyst that has to do with mental health. By wearing these lovely amethyst crystal necklaces, you can enhance your aura and feel the healing power of your favorite crystals.

These gemstones stand for protection, protection, tranquillity, insomnia, nightmares, and spirituality. They are renowned for controlling hormones, supporting digestive health, easing headaches, enhancing the immune system, and enhancing endocrine function.

2: Raw Pendant Necklace

Amethyst aids in the growth of spiritual awareness and intuition. This crystal’s reputation for fostering emotional equilibrium makes it highly sought-after. Count on amethyst to bring clarity whenever doubt enters your life’s journey.

See how your sentiments of rage, sadness, or loss transform into acceptance and patience while you meditate while wearing an amethyst crystal necklace. Additionally, this raw pendant has amazing medicinal properties that help to calm the mind, regulate the chakras, and balance emotions.

3: Bohemian Necklace

You can get a chic way to display your bohemian flair with this crystal necklace.

Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification that helps to insulate the body with a resonating shield of spiritual light while also clearing one’s energy field of unwanted influences and attachments.

As a barrier, it protects against negative energies, psychic assault, geopathic stress, and bothersome settings. 

4: Multiple Beaded Necklace

Crystals and gems are fantastic for collecting and creating gifts, grids, altars, pocket stones, terrariums, etc. Amethyst crystal necklaces are fantastic additions to chakra work, reiki, and meditation.

Healing gemstones cannot take the place of conventional medical care. Please expect a few minor differences in color, texture, and size since each stone is distinctive and gorgeous. We all thought the magnetic clasps were great, and the amethysts pretty much resonate with the pictures.

5: Gold Filled Necklace

Amethysts have maintained their place in history, religion, and mythology, whether it was because of their association with royalty, spirituality, or wine consumption.

This amethyst crystal necklace is made of sterling silver and stones, either real or 14k gold filled. Quality and expertise are combined in this simple necklace. Despite being reasonably priced, the durability is impressive. 

6: Wire Wrapped Necklace

These handcrafted amethyst crystal necklaces are wire wrapped by hand and fashioned with real crystals. Each delicate crystal pendant hangs from a chain that is 17 inches long, hypoallergenic, and available in both gold and silver.

Each stone is wrapped to order, so every handcrafted necklace is made with love and intention. There is a natural difference owing to the raw natural quality of each stone, and we are pleased to work with any customer to satisfy any special demands.

7: Dainty Heart Necklace

The amethyst in these dainty necklaces is exceptionally clear and has a rich purple color. Solid sterling silver is used to create the settings. This zircon stone is amethyst. Every length has a one-inch extension so you may adjust the length to your liking.

For instance, if you select a 14-inch necklace, you will be able to close it at any length between 14 and 15 inches. Amethyst in its natural state is reputed to promote serenity and mental clarity. 

8: Teardrop Cord Choker

The amethyst teardrop crystal choker necklace is elegant, ageless, and spiritual. It is a lovely accent to any style of clothing, whether it is bohemian, hippy, athletic, or yoga.

You can use it for any activity while wearing it because it is lightweight and comfortable. In a flash, you may adjust it to the length you want. Keep it on while you swim or shower and wear it for years. Natural stones and sturdy, high-quality thread were used in its construction.

9: Faceted Stone Necklace

These amethyst crystal necklaces are handcrafted with premium gemstones and created with the assistance of a team of trained and experienced artisans. Perfect mixture balance is taken care of by experts.

Each product is carefully designed with style in mind to make you feel appealing. This is the ideal gift for a February baby or for anyone who adores this gorgeously colored gemstone is a stunning amethyst necklace.

10: Halo Necklace

This beautiful piece of jewelry can be created in 10KT, 14KT, or 18KT Gold/Platinum. If not, 925 Sterling Silver can also be used to create it. Depending on your needs, the metal tone might be Yellow, Rose, or White. If the halo necklace isn’t your style, you may also get an engagement ring, as well as pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. According to the Mohs Hardness Scale, amethysts get a 7 compared to a diamond, which is a 10.


1: Which amethyst crystal is the best?

Strong reddish purple or purple with no discernible color zoning is the color of the best amethyst crystal. In contrast to dark purple, dealers like extremely saturated reddish purple, as long as the stone is not too dark to reduce brightness.

2: How much is an amethyst crystal necklace worth?

Even the best grades of amethyst are currently relatively inexpensive. The cost per carat is between $20 and $30. The price per carat for particularly pure gemstones is between $40 and $50, so an authentic amethyst crystal necklace is expensive.

3: Who should wear an amethyst crystal necklace?

People born in February have the birthstone amethyst, which has particular powers to pour happiness and success into their life. Anyone, however, can wear this gemstone and use it to attract good energy into their lives.


You’ll want your magnificent amethyst jewelry to endure a lifetime if you’ve already invested in it. But don’t worry, taking care of amethyst is a rather simple procedure.

The finest options are lukewarm water and soap, a tried-and-true duo. Another risk-free method of cleaning is with an ultrasonic solution. Amethysts should not be exposed to heat, acid, or high temperatures since they might harm them.

Cleaning is going to be simple whether you’re cleaning silver or gold. With time and good upkeep, an item will last a lifetime.

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