best butterfly locs hairstyles

Butterfly locs hairstyles are trending in the fashion industry at the moment. If you judge it by the name, you may never get how badass this hairstyle actually is. There are plenty of options to choose from if you are into this trend but not all of them will look good on all of you people.

You have to be subtle in your choice and make it appear natural. Only then can you rock these hairstyles and be completely set to turn heads as you walk on the road. Find the best butterfly locs hairstyles right here in this article.

Best butterfly locs hairstyles of all time 

Butterfly locs hairstyles are a different variation of faux locs and as the name suggests, these locs look pretty in whichever length of hair you do them. So, let’s find out more about them here.

1: Soft crochet

The foremost butterfly locs hairstyles of this list cannot be initiated without the soft crochet locs. These locs are soft because they are not placed so tightly on the scalp itself.

It gives your scalp a little bit of comfort even when you are sporting this rocking hairstyle. However, not all of you can think of this hairstyle as perfect for you because according to us, it looks better on people who have short hair. So, you better choose wisely.

2: Distressed bohemian locs

The distressed bohemian butterfly locs hairstyles are also quite amazing. They give your hair a messy appearance so that you can appear like a careless beauty. Even if you don’t have that much volume in your hair, these hairstyles will make it appear more voluminous.

One thing is there in this hairstyle, which is evident and that is its rockstar vibe. Yes, we are not kidding. It gives you a distressed look like those punk rock musicians and you’ll crave this look.

3: Coloured locs

Coloured butterfly locs hairstyles are also pretty popular nowadays. When we say colour, we don’t mean you have to colour your entire hair to flaunt this hairdo. All you have to do is highlight some locs and that will create a bohemian and chic vibe on your head.

People may think you have just returned from Coachella and you are always high. Even though it exudes that vibe, people who are not into this stuff also find this hairstyle appealing.

4: Ring accessories

Next on our list of the best butterfly locs hairstyles is the one with ring accessories. Yes, we are specifying the accessory here because if you don’t put rings on those locs, it may look over the top.

Some of you may think of putting butterfly clips or floral crowns on the locs but it will not look as catchy as the rings. This is why when it comes to accessorising the butterfly locs hairstyles, always think of wearing rings.

5: Jumbo locs

Jumbo butterfly locs hairstyles are pretty much in trend because of how so many girls are becoming fans of long hair. Yes, as the name suggests, you must have long hair for this hairstyle to appear cool on that beautiful head of yours.

However, when we say jumbo, we mean it, and that’s the essence of this hairdo. You can have coloured hair or your natural hair colour to pull this off because we think you will look good in both of those.

6: Crochet

The crochet butterfly locs hairstyles look good on short and long hair strands. The only thing that doesn’t vibe so well with this hairdo is its tight appearance. Some people say that it hurts their hair after a while because it is knitted so tightly on the head.

However, sometimes we are ready to tolerate a little pain to appear stylish and this is one of those cases. So, try to pull off this crochet hairdo and you will be all set to enter the party.

7: Goddess braids

Goddess braids also look well as butterfly locs hairstyles. When we say goddess braids you must assess this hairdo accurately because it will make you look like a goddess and if you want to go to a rager or a nightclub, that goddess-like appearance may not be so suitable.

On the other hand, if you plan to go somewhere classy like an elegant dinner or a movie premiere, this hairstyle will be perfect for you. So, pick the right choice now.

8: Pre-looped locs

The pre-looped butterfly locs hairstyles are not that popular but we think they should be. It gives yours locs a wrapped appearance as if they are enveloped in something.

Thus, you can see how this hairstyle creates a mysterious vibe and adds a certain mystique to your overall persona. However, the pre-looped locs hairstyles are not that easy to do so if you plan to pick this hairdo, you better book a professional salon appointment right away.

9: Bob

What do you think of Bob Butterfly locs hairstyles? They look pretty awesome, right? We knew you would agree with us, which is why we have picked a sweet spot for this hairdo on our list.

The best part of this hairstyle is you get to keep your hair short and still pull off such a rocking style. That is often not possible for women with short hair, right? So, this time we have thought of those lost souls and prepared a new hairdo just for them.

10: Bun

The final addition to our list of locs hairstyles is a bun. Yes, it is simple and we know that but simplicity is the essence of true beauty. If you don’t know this quote, you are welcome to google it because we are sure it is in there somewhere.

Anyways, jokes apart! A bun with butterfly locs hanging from the sides can look fabulous if you match it with the right outfit. So, choose the right one and ask for our suggestions if you need them.


Now that you have come to the end of this article, we are sure you have found some distinct butterfly locs hairstyles that can appeal to you.

However, if you still haven’t found your match, you must let us know in the comment box below and we can get our stylists on board to help you personally. So, let us know what you are confused about and we will surely help you pick a choice.

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