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Soft locs hairstyles are kind of like dreadlocks but they have a softer vibe to them as the name suggests. You may not be as intimidated by soft locs hairstyles as you are by the name of dreadlocks.

These locks look like crocheted knots and look beautiful on women of any skin color. Generally, soft locs look more natural on African American women but if you have white skin, you can also rock this hairstyle trend.

No matter what type of personality you have or what kind of outfits you prefer to wear, soft locs hairstyles can accentuate that. So, without further ado, let’s explore the best soft locs trends of 2022. 

Top 10 Soft Locs Hairstyles

Do you think soft locs hairstyles only look good when you keep your hair loose and long? Well, you are wrong. Find the best of them right here.

1: Buns

Soft locs buns look pretty bold and stylish. They add a chic bohemian vibe to your stature and you can wear this hairstyle perfectly in the summer months.

You must remember those warm days and those sunny beaches when your hair becomes all sweaty if you keep them loose, right? Well, we do, and that’s why we have brought these amazing soft locs hairstyles for you to be yourself this summer. So, try it right now.

2: Braids

Soft locs braids are another one of the popular soft locs hairstyles that people have been going crazy for. You may not know how these hairstyles will look with an elegant evening gown but we are here to clarify that confusion.

They look simply AWESOME. You can never go wrong with a braided hairdo and if you have soft locs braids, they just look phenomenal. All you have to do is carry the style with confidence and you are golden.

3: Half Up Half Down

Half up half down is a popular hairstyle and since it is so popular we thought of trying half up half down soft locs hairstyles too. Thank God we did because they looked fabulous.

They looked so good that we even recommend you wear them to the most glamorous parties and the moment you walk in through the door, there will be lots of heads turning toward you. We know you won’t be intimidated by it so give this a shot right now.

4: Ponytail

This time we thought of keeping it simple and sassy. What do you think of a soft locs ponytail? They look good, right? We know and that’s why we especially recommend this hairstyle to women who love playing sports.

Just imagine those pretty ladies running around in shorts and skirts flaunting these beautiful soft locs hairstyles. They look pretty stylish and that’s why we think it’s a trend worth trying.

5: Criss Cross Parting

A criss-cross parting on your soft locs hairstyles may look a little intimidating but if you can flaunt them with confidence, there’s nothing more badass than this. However, you may not be able to complete this look if you work on it yourself.

You’ll require some professional help and that’s why we recommend you visit a salon before trying it out. Because, if you try it yourself and screw it up, you may not like it as much as we are saying.

6: Side Parting

Here, comes the simplest yet most stylish soft locs hairstyles of all. A side-parting hairstyle looks great with party-wear outfits. We have seen lots of celebrities endorsing this hairstyle for the past few years and we have taken a great deal of inspiration from them.

If you think that we are talking about something complicated you are wrong. Just comb your soft locs to one side and tie them with a rubber band, and you are all set.

7: Freestyle Parting

A freestyle parting on your soft locs can look pretty amazing too. Now, you may be confused about what we mean by the freestyle part, and we get that. Actually, it’s about doing any kind of parting design you want and that’ll speak a lot about your personality.

So, don’t restrict yourself when it comes to being creative because we are sure that you have some great ideas about yourself and it’s time to execute them on your hair.

8: Space Buns

Space buns looked great on Princess Lea and since then they have been a worthy fantasy of men and women alike. However, have you ever thought of trying space buns on your soft locs hairstyles? We bet you haven’t.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to unleash that creative soul inside you and tie the space buns on those soft locs. Trust us on this because we have tried and tested it on many women and they have indeed looked great.

9: Bangs

Bangs will also look beautiful on soft locs hairstyles. No matter how long or short your hair length is, you can rock this hairstyle anytime you want.

The best part is you don’t even have to spend much time behind this all you have to do is cut the bangs on your front hair locs and you are ready to roll. If you have colored soft locs hairstyles, then also the bangs will look cool and make you look like the sporty and sassy babe that everyone desires.

10: Side Shaved

This hairstyle is not one of my personal favorites but people who love shaving their heads on one side can try this one on soft locs hairstyles too. In fact, your soft locs will look far edgier if you shave them on one side.

Don’t try to make any design on the shaved part because that can look a little over the top. But, if you are a fan of those designs, go on with them. We are nobody to judge you and neither is the rest of the world.

Closing Remarks

  • So how did you like our recommendations on soft locs hairstyles? 
  • Were they up to the mark? 
  • Did some of them blow your mind? 

We are sure they did and even if they didn’t, they will once you actually try them on your hair. For the first time in a long time, you will see a new side to your personality once you try these hairstyles and that much we can guarantee you.

So, go on and live a little with these bold hairstyles. We wish you all the best!

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