Universal Beauty Products

Models may be experts at striding confidently down the catwalk, reshaping their appearance with clothing, and just looking good in any situation. But if there’s one thing that surpasses their fashion knowledge, it’s their understanding of the best cosmetic products in the world.

They test a wide range of the newest mascaras, foundations, hairsprays, and more backstage at the shows each season and on set for shoots throughout the year, so it’s safe to say they’ve put in the work to identify the most transformational products available.

Let’s find the best universal beauty products right here.

Top 10 Universal Beauty Products

Here are 10 universal beauty products you can find in practically every model’s medicine cabinet. This fall, stock up on them for fashion week and for a healthy winter overall.

1: Mascara

If models wear any makeup at all, it’s usually mascara, and it’s nearly always the extending and thickening variety from iconic brands. It might make the eyelashes darker, thicker, longer, or more defined. Most people use mascara to make their lashes appear thicker and fuller.

Nevertheless, prolonged use of it may actually cause eyelashes to lose growth. Simply apply the jelly to your eyelashes and then gently wipe it off with a cotton ball or pad dipped in warm water. Baby oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, and coconut oil are very effective at removing even waterproof mascara.

2: Eyeliner

You can apply eyeliners to the water lines. Although drawing attention to the eye and enhancing or even changing the form of the eye are its secondary goals in addition to making the lashes appear luscious.

Although applying eyeliner too close to the eye could be harmful, it does not affect your eyes. Eyeliner can be extremely upsetting for people who wear contact lenses.

3: Lipstick

Lipstick can help define the lips and give them a fuller, plumper appearance. Lips are frequently the focus of attention because they are one of the most significant facial features. Women who retouch their lipstick more than 10 times each day and wear it every day should exercise extreme caution.

Even tiny amounts ingested over an extended period of time can be problematic. In the past, lipstick formulations may darken lips, but with time, the cosmetics business has advanced, and the good brands now don’t result in any blackness.

4: Face Wash

A face wash is typically preferable for excessively oily skin. You can make sure you look and feel your best by selecting the best skin care product for your needs and using it just once or twice a day.

More than twice a day, the face doesn’t need to be washed. In actuality, doing so might make your skin dry. When this occurs, the skin takes any necessary action to recover moisture. Making its sebum production go into overdrive, which results in greater oil production and acne than before, is one example of this.

5: Highlighter

A cosmetic item that reflects light is a highlighter. It is typically applied to areas of the face that you want to stand out more or that are higher on the face. You can use highlighters to draw attention to your cheekbones, temples, brow bone, cupid’s bow, and the bridge of your nose.

For highlighters, look for ones with peach or gold undertones. The finest colours for people with medium to wheatish complexion tones are golden and champagne. Iridescent hues can also be used, but choose ones with a warmer undertone.

6: Face Mask

A face mask creates a film that helps hydrate, moisturise, dry, or exfoliate the skin. Face masks, therefore, enable chemicals to quickly and more effectively permeate your skin.

To temporarily enhance your skin’s radiance and reduce any inflammation or irritation, use them before important events. Most face masks should be applied once a week at the most.

7: Toner

A step in the cleansing procedure is toner. It eliminates oil and grime traces. It can get rid of any debris that your cleanser could have left behind, including dust, filth, bacteria, and makeup.

Your skin can receive an extra-deep clean by using a toner. Toner should specifically be applied after double cleansing and exfoliating your skin. It is necessary to use toner on a regular basis, ideally daily.

The best practice is to use a toner twice a day, once after cleaning in the morning and once more after thoroughly removing makeup at night.

8: Perfume

A liquid concoction used to produce a pleasing odour is called perfume. It is created from flavorful essential oils or synthetic aromatic molecules. Perfume, cologne, and aftershave are examples of cosmetic perfumes that are applied to a person’s body to provide a pleasing odour. Using perfume can make you feel better.

Additionally, to better project your mood, you can wear a scent that does so. Whether you’re feeling jovial, cheeky, hesitant, or even restrained, perfumes come in a wide variety of scents.

9: Eyeshadows

Eyeshadows have a creamy, smooth composition that blends easily and seamlessly thanks to a combination of pigments, micas, binders, and preservatives. Your skin has a distinct yellow, ashen, or pink tinge or hue regardless of how light, medium, or dark your skin tone is.

An undertone is a name for this colour. Your undertone is “cool” if your skin looks blue or pink. On the other hand, your skin’s undertone is “warm” if it has yellow, peach, or golden undertones.

10: Makeup Remover

We are really grateful for cleansing products like cleansers, micellar water, and makeup removers because they can completely remove all traces of foundation and grease from your face.

Wipes can be a great first step in the makeup removal process; in fact, it’s ideal to use them before cleaning. With your fingertips, lightly massage the oil all over your face after running a small amount over your lips, brows, and eyelids. 


Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to determine whether a moisturiser is really improving your skin’s protective layer or whether a vitamin C serum actually works to lighten dark spots. However, this is why we do it.

We are more motivated than ever to achieve excellent achievements, not just for you but also for ourselves. So, take a look at these universal beauty products and stock them up in your bag.

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