Kate Spade Vs. Michael Kors

Kate Spade and Michael Kors are two famous American designer brands. There is often a dispute as to which is the better of the two.

While both brands have different styles and price points still, both of them rule the American consumers.

Kate Spade is more affordable and straightforward, whereas Michael Kors is an expensive brand with bold designs and colors. 

But is one better than the other? 

If you want a simple short answer, then it is no. Both companies have their forte and different target audiences, but because of their matching popularity, they are often compared. 

But which brands should you choose? Kate spade or Michael kors? 

Well, for this you need to look into the pros and cons of both the brands and then you can make a wise decision.

In this blog, we will compare Kate Spade and Michael Kors and give you specific points so that you can make a wise decision while shopping. 

Before jumping into the points of comparison, let’s look at the history of both brands. 

History of Kate Spade 

This 29-year-old fashion brand was founded in 1993 by Kate Brosnahan Spade and her husband, Andy Spade.

They started this brand because they saw hidden potential in the market of affordable luxury clothing; therefore, they established this Ultra-famine clothing brand. 

Rise of Kate Spade

The brand attracted a lot of fame in the 1990s when it launched a collection of stylish, quirky handbags under the name of the Rainbow Collection. 

In 2017, Kate Spade was sold to Tapestry Inc., which owns famous brands like Coach and Stuart Weitzman. 

Kate Spade also started a men’s line of clothing by the name of Jack Spade, but it was closed in 2015. 

History of Michael Kors

This 41-year-old brand was founded in 1981 by Michael Kors. 

Michael Kors used to work in a boutique called Lothar’s, located on 57th Street. He left his position there and pursued his dream of starting a luxury brand.   

The brand took a hit in its initial years of formation but soon got up on its feet in 1997 by introducing a lower price range of products. This strategy helped them a lot in strengthening their position. 

In 2017 Michael Kors bought Jimmy Choo and, over a year later, took Versace Ltd by crossing a company value of more than $2.1 billion. 

This was the history of both brands. 

Kate Spade vs. Michael Kors: which brand to use?  

Now let’s compare these two brands on different parameters and determine which one is the right choice for you. 


Michael Kors costs more than Kate Spade, but this is not true in all cases because most of the time, MK costs more than KS, and this is because MK is a high-end brand and KS is an affordable designer brand.

Michael Kros’ bags’ cost ranges from $300 to $500, and Kate Spade’s bags retail for $150 to $300 depending upon the size and style of the bag. 

But both of them provide value more than their prices. 


Kate Spade and Michael Kors use Saffiano leather, which is durable, leather, and scratch-resistant. 

Also, this leather is easy to clean and repels water, making it waterproof. 

But as we can see, both companies provide the same leather quality but at different price points.

Therefore, a quality Kate Spade is more value for money than Michael Kors.


Here is where both the brands part. Both brands have unique styles and have made a lot of advocates for them. 

Micheal Kors is a luxury brand all about quirky looks, bold designs, and big Michael Kors logos. 

But they provide a style that is unique and luxurious. 

Whereas Kate Spade’s bags are subtle and simple, they keep their style minimalist to suit the palates of the majority of the audience. 


Kate Spade’s bags are durable and spacious, making them perfect for everyday use.

Michael Kros’ bags are made for women who want something stylish for their workplace. 

The bags from MK could be more spacious. They are more on the slim and elegant side. Therefore, they are only suitable for some users. 

Let’s move on to the pros and cons of Kate Spade. 

Pros of Kate Spade

  • This company makes versatile bags that are suitable for all occasions. 
  • Their bags are very spacious, which makes them perfect for everyday use. 
  • They have designs for every taste and personality. 
  • They are durable and last very long. 
  • They are convenient bags and give functionality with style.

Cons of Kate Spade

  • Many counterfeits of Kate Spades are present in the market, making it hard for a buyer to buy absolute Kate Spades. 

Let’s move on to the pros and cons of Michael Kors. 

Pros of Michael Kors

  • The products are quirky and are available in bold colors.
  • More affordable than other luxury brands.
  • Long-lasting products. 

Cons of Michael Kors

  • So many counterfeit products are in the market. 

Kate Spade or Michael Kors, Which one to select? 

Both companies provide the same material quality, but their style and affordability are the real difference.

Micahel Kors’ handbags are not expensive because they provide something unique. Still, they are expensive because they are a line of luxury products and are always synonymous with expensive products. 

But this doesn’t mean Michael’s Kors is not a value-for-money brand, because if you compare Michael’s Kors to other luxury brands, you will see that Michael Kors is relatively affordable. 

But now, which one to choose? 

If you have a low budget but want a durable bag suitable for everyday use, go for Kate Spade.

But if you want luxurious bags for specific occasions, then Michael Kors should be your choice. 

Parting words

So this was all about Michael kors and kate spade. 

Both have a fan following and are good brands in their spectrum.

It is all a matter of choice that makes one better than the other. 

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