Boating Outfit Ideas

With summer around the corner, many girls plan to hitch around the dock and that’s why they scourge the internet to hunt for the perfect boating outfits for girls. We understand your concern. Whether it’s a yacht party or a casual summer sail with your date—having the right outfit can make your day.

On top of that, if you plan to click lots of pictures and post them on social media, you must look your best. This is why once you find your best attire, you can rock the boat party and your social media all at once. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these classic boating outfits for girls.

Top 10 Boating Outfit Ideas for Girls

Boating outfits for girls are tough to find and that’s why we have decided to make it a bit easier for you in this guide. Let’s have a look:

1: Denim crop and white shorts

Denim crop tops and white shorts look perfect as boating outfit ideas for girls. This look is elegant and casual at the same time, which is why Camilla Cabello was seen rocking this look a few months ago at a boat party.

However, a nice pair of shades is mandatory to complete this look; otherwise it will not look so good. On top of that, you must wear nice ballet flat shoes with this dress because if you wear heels, you might tumble.

2: Mini floral dress

A mini floral dress can also look gorgeous when you are out on the sea with your partner. When we say a floral dress, we don’t necessarily mean a flowy dress because it will be windy on the sea.

And you don’t want to be too conscious of your dress as you chit-chat with your loved ones. So, the fitting of this floral dress has to be body-hugging and you can keep your hair open or tied in a low ponytail to go with this.

3: Chinos & tank tops

Chinos and tank tops look ideal as boating outfit ideas for girls because they are casual and comfortable and are probably already there in your wardrobe. So, if you don’t want to spend money on boating outfits, this could be your choice.

The color of the top has to be contrasted with the color of the chinos because we don’t want you to wear a Co-Ord set; else we would have suggested that.

4: Sundress

A perfect sundress with your perfect pals can make your boat ride awesome. Choose the sundress in pastel hues with a sweetheart neckline and you are good to go.

These kinds of boating outfits for girls can make a statement even when you are dressing casually. It can make you look effortlessly beautiful, which is why so many women prefer this outfit. A gladiator belle flat can also match well with this dress, so order it right now.

5: Tie-dye maxi dress

A tie-dye maxi dress is our next pick for boating outfit ideas for girls and we are absolutely certain that you’ll fall in love with this dress. It is breezy, and casual yet enough to make a statement because it looks good on everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you have a slender body or a plus-sized figure, you will look good in this. It will also save your image on a windy day because no matter how flowy this dress is, it won’t fly up in the air.

6: Bodysuit

If you want to go a bit bold while looking for boating outfit ideas for girls, a bodysuit can also make a good addition to this list. It will look as if you are ready to dive deep into the water because you can do that with a stunning bodysuit.

You can choose a darker shade for this outfit and if the bodysuit alone doesn’t appeal to you so much, pair it up with shorts, skirt, palazzo, or a sarong. It will make your day.

7: Kaftan dress

Kaftan dresses should be higher on this list of best boating outfit ideas for girls but we thought of taking our chances. Yes, a kaftan dress indeed looks pretty as boating attire but it doesn’t suit everybody.

At the same time, you have to be picky while choosing the color and print because not all of them will match the breezy vibe. If you want to sail away with your partner, the color has to be light but if it’s a boat party, the color has to be a bit rustic.

8: Bralette & shorts

Next on our list of boating outfit ideas for girls, we have a hot suggestion for you. What do you think about a bralette and shorts? It sounds hot yet casual at the same time. You can also pair the whole attire with a sun hat and shades.

Tie your hair in a top knot bun and wear belle flats to complete the look. Don’t dive in the water wearing this because it is too good for that. Have a glass of wine and enjoy!

9: Striped tunic dress

Striped tunic dresses and sneakers can also look pretty awesome as boating outfit ideas for girls. If you don’t want to be too cautious about your boating attire, this dress is ideal for you.

On one hand, you will look like a teenage girl no matter what your age is, and on the other hand, you can roam around as you like with this dress. So, choose attire carefully before hitting that boat party.

10: White Co-Ord 

We are not fans of Co-Ords when it comes to choosing boating outfit ideas for girls but if you choose the right color, it can be a suggestion. We think only whites can make a statement in this context and that’s what you should choose too.

It can be a little difficult to pull off a white Co-Ord set for some people but once you wear it with confidence and stride, you will look no less than a diva.


Are you satisfied with our recommendations? Can you differentiate between our suggestions and others on the internet? We think you can and that’s why you have read till the end of this post.

So, take a look at these boating outfit ideas for girls and be all set for your next yacht party. Even though these outfits seem casual, they have a breezy vibe that can set you apart from the crowd. So, pick your favorite and choose carefully.

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