best unprofessional hairstyles

It’s a widely held belief that just the initial impression counts. It literally pays to know how to style your hair inappropriately for the office, whether it’s your first professional job or you’re just looking for styles to avoid.

Your hair has a significant role in situations where first impressions are crucial, such as job interviews and initial meetings with potential clients. Within the first few seconds of meeting someone, first impressions are formed, and that’s why we are here to talk about the best unprofessional hairstyles.

Best Unprofessional Hairstyles

The general impression you project, however, may assist your supervisors to respect and value you or underrate your effort as you begin a new job or go up the social ladder due to the variety of unprofessional haircuts that you sport.

Unfortunately, the number of those increases daily, so we’ll go into great depth on how to avoid the pitfalls and prevent embarrassing circumstances.

1: Pigtails

Pigtails are stylish and entertaining when you’re heading to a party, but wearing them to work will make your coworkers think you’re a kid. Save these unprofessional hairstyles for the weekend if you want to get quick promotions.

Currently, neon tints are everywhere, and some semi-formal workplaces are okay with them. Before joining on the bandwagon and arriving at the office with your locks dyed bright teal, you should, at least, find out from your employers that pigtails are okay at the office.

2: Side Ponytail

One can mention those with several hair clips and barrettes among the many unprofessional hairstyles for the workplace. Despite the fact that your accessories are the most stylish in the neighborhood, your supervisor will point out how inefficient they are.

Even though a side pony is a pleasant and lovely hairstyle, it is too informal for business attire. It invites clutter and shaving your face while working isn’t the best habit to commit an entire day to.

3: Messy Updo

Everything that is too bright or too chaotic has already been ruled out, which may lead you to believe that intricate do’s are the best course of action. The underlying presumption of a messy updo is false. To wear those all day at work would be too distracting and uncomfortable.

Only the beauty industry would accept this, and even then, it’s definitely a bit excessive. If you choose these unprofessional hairstyles, you can be compelled to resign.

4: Loose Ponytail

A loose pony can be rather dangerous, especially in some working situations because it has a good risk of unraveling just when you need it the most. A tight compatriot is a great alternative to add to your list as a result.

No unprofessional hairstyles have the ability to successfully combat a loose ponytail. And there isn’t enough dry shampoo in the world to make this style look professional enough to get a promotion. Let your hair fall as you, please.

Wearing large hair clips beside the ponytail might help you project a professional image.

5: Undercut

Who would have guessed that a perfectly chic and simply shaved undercut would qualify as a terrible haircut, but it does. Your supervisor might not like messiness, regardless of what it refers to, no matter how comfortable you feel wearing it.

The undercut with a design is one of the most undervalued yet incredibly unprofessional hairstyles women prefer today. It is undoubtedly highly customized and distinctive, but most businesses prefer teamwork and appearance to avant-garde and innovative approach.

6: Messy Waves

Messy waves are another element of unprofessional women’s hairstyles. The majority of strict dress regulations now prohibit loose hair. Second, regardless of how adorable anything appears in person, anything with a whiff of disarray is regarded as unprofessional.

No matter what style you choose, severely damaged hair makes your locks appear untidy. To update your professional appearance, get the ends cut. There is a technique to achieve beachy, carefree waves at work. This haircut, though, is more appropriate for, well, the beach.

7: Elaborated Updo

Although we don’t believe that wearing this style to work would put you in imminent danger, just refuse if the opportunity arises. One of the most unprofessional hairstyles out there is this one. Unless you’re a rock star, of course. Professional does not imply expensively.

If you want to style your hair up, stick to traditional looks like an elaborate updo. Your coworkers and supervisor are unlikely to appreciate your choice of attire in this case.

8: Double Knots

We included double top knots in our list of unprofessional hairstyles because they are best reserved for people who don’t need to impress their boss.

They are sweet. If you’re fortunate enough to have naturally curly hair, don’t dare desecrate it by gelling it into a pile of stiff as a board ringlets that look moist. One knot won’t cause any issues at work but two are pushing it. To establish a professional reputation at work, save this hairstyle for home.

9: Frizzy Curls

We are aware that the weather is to blame, not you. If you see that it’s getting humid or looks like it will rain today, just keep some elastics on hand to tie up that mane. Thick braids with a straight back won’t work in an office setting.

Numerous supervisors make the point that voluminous hairstyles are viewed as unprofessional during interviews. You don’t want the interviewers to solely base their opinion of you on how you look because they are time-consuming and distracting.

10: Cornrows

Chunky cornrows are another unprofessional women’s hairstyle. Therefore, it would be helpful if you could unbraid those before going to the interview or your boss’s office.

We advise staying away from this long dreadlock-looking haircut if your office doesn’t endorse cult celebrations. The long top can easily be styled to the side for a more formal appearance, so unless you figure that out, steer clear of this.


It makes sense that your hair would be scrutinized immediately away because it is one of the things about you that people notice the most. Unprofessional cuts and styles have also been proven to have a significant impact on your chances of being promoted, according to surveys.

They also influence how well-liked you are by your boss and coworkers. There is a compelling argument for maintaining polished hair while working. That entails avoiding the fashion trends that are most frequently regarded as informal.

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