baddie tattoos

In search of tattoo ideas? People are going crazy over the newest tattoo trends that we have. Beautiful, edgy, stylish, and obviously appropriate for a savage, these baddie tattoos are really badass. You’ll discover some incredible designs for nasty guy tattoos.

There will be tiny tattoos, sleeves, and even some concealed tattoos on this list. For terrible guys, there will be maximalist, minimal, and vibrant tattoo designs. Naturally, you’ll find some stunning butterflies on this list.

Top 10 Baddie Tattoos

These baddie tattoos have some amazing designs. Small tattoos, sleeves, and even concealed tattoos are all present. There will be minimalist or maximalist evil guy tattoo designs, and they will all be vibrant. So, let’s start looking at these tattoos right now.

1: Snake tattoos

Bad guys can look fine with small tattoos as well. The ideal tattoo for a naughty girl is this one! Snake and serpent tattoos are quite common for nasty guys. We have several examples of both little tattoos of snakes and elaborate body art.

The Medusa illustration with small snakes on the hair is adorable! But be careful not to look too intently or you might become stone!

2: Skull Tattoo

Be careful to conduct a thorough study before beginning this process. This sleeve tattoo’s conclusion looks extremely great. The skull has a lovely appearance, and a villain may use it to show off her sinister side. This will be a unique complement to tattoos on the sleeves, and this is one of the most popular baddie tattoos. 

3: Butterfly tattoos

Without ranking the bad guy butterfly tattoos first, this list wouldn’t get off to the right start. Butterfly tattoos for women were already popular before the baddie style. Simply put, butterflies are a good option since they are lovely, untamed, and unconstrained, and they look great as baddie tattoos too. 

4: Colours!

The notion of back baddie tattoos is brilliant. Take a look at how alluring the tattoo down her spine is. On this area of the body, floral and violent Asian tattoos have also been observed. For you, more evil butterflies. This electric blue and navy blue are our favorites. For more little tattoos for terrible guys, scroll down.

5: Quotes 

People who have tattoos may feel quite special because they are so personal. Finding the ideal baddie tattoos could take some time. More tattoos for women that can peek just over your trousers or under a crop top.

Take a look at these idioms and pictures. Because they are the mature take on classic imagery, they bring to mind the Indie aesthetic.

6: Succulents

Succulents are not just plants; they also have other benefits. They are lovely depictions of the natural world and living beings.

Similar to flowers, succulents have gained enormous popularity as tattoo designs, whether as stand-alone works of art or as embellishments for larger works. If you’re a lover, you may have thought about getting a luscious tattoo.

7: Aphrodite

The goddess of fertility, love, and beauty is known as Aphrodite. According to myth, Aphrodite was created from the foamy waters of Paphos on the island of Cyprus. According to legend, Aphrodite emerged from the froth after Cronus submerged Uranus’ genitalia.

Aphrodite, the daughter of Dione and Zeus, is revealed by Homer to have been the Iliad in his narrative. This is hardly shocking considering the numerous myths surrounding the creation of these Greek deities.

8: Cats

Cat tattoos are a fantastic option if you’re looking for unique body art. It has a lot of enticing qualities. Cats may serve as much more than simple pets. Since the beginning of time, it has represented beauty and grace.

There were cat goddesses among the ancient Egyptians, and they even mummified cats as people. Egyptians are passionate about cats, and even the smallest error might result in the death penalty. Cats have served as symbols throughout history.

9: Saturn 

Scientists and space lovers will undoubtedly be interested in Saturn. Anyone who simply wants to admire it will undoubtedly draw attention to it. However, individuals with a genuine curiosity will also be familiar with Saturn.

Combining it with other planets in our solar system is simple. Even better, use your imagination to create some odd life or shoot stars for impact. Whatever Saturn’s shape, it will undoubtedly pack a visual impact when seen by onlookers.

10: Vegvisir

The 16th-century Icelandic spellbook Galdrabok recommends carving a vegvisir into each person’s forehead to keep them from becoming lost. Even though tattoo machines are utilized nowadays rather than blades, this tradition is still in use.

The vegvisir is the most popular of the several Nordic emblems that have been handed down through the ages. In the event that your cell phone coverage or GPS disappears, a vegvisir is the best talisman to have on hand.


1: What does a Medusa tattoo mean?

Most Greek tattoos depict Medusa as an apotropaic symbol, which is made to protect the positives and save them from being affected by the negative forces in the world. According to the Met Museum, depicting a hazardous threat meant to prevent other dangerous threats, an image of evil to repel evil.

2: What does a snake tattoo symbolize?

It represents both the cyclical cycle of the universe and the varying seasons of existence. In the past and today, serpents have been used to symbolize fertility and creative life energy. They are suitable metaphors for metamorphosis, regeneration, mending, and eternity because they shed their skins.

3: Which body part is the best to get baddie tattoos?

Because it permits a large-scale tattoo to be obtained without consenting to have visible tattoos, the shoulder is the ideal location for a first tattoo. You should be able to easily conceal this tattoo from view unless you’re shirtless, dressed in a tank top, or a garment with an open back.

Closing Remarks

For the person who gets a tattoo, it is a highly special and intimate experience. It could take a lot of effort to choose the ideal tattoo for you. When going through this process, be sure to do your homework and take your time.

We’ve learned to use temporary tattoos to try out the tattoo concept. Test them out on various body areas and in various sizes and styles, and you’ll get the best baddie tattoos in no time. 

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