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Only true men understand the importance of a growing beard. However, choosing the right beard styles depend on several factors. It was a sign of wealth and status for ancient Egyptians. 

Facial hair can change the shape of a man’s face. The ultimate aim of your beard style is to add dimension and contrast to your face. Keeping a perfect beard is vital for every man because it highlights their personality.

Research has been shown and accepted by most men that a beard is an important part of their personality. There are many types of beard styles for men that you must know if you are just a beginner who wants to grow a perfect beard. 

However, you need to trim your hair from time to time to avoid dandruff and many types of problems. If you are conscious of your personality then you must know how to get fair skin for men.

Popular Beard Styles For Men

As already discussed above, a beard is very important for men as it highlights their manly nature. Therefore, now not making you wait for any further, here are the top 10 popular beard styles for men that will help you in the long run,

1. Full Beard:

There are many men who love to keep a full beard. Full beard suits mainly to mature men. But it is very difficult to maintain a full beard because of longer hair. And there would be a lot of chances to form tangles and dandruff.

You should use a conditioner on your beard regularly to keep it silky and smooth. Wear a black coat with a tie or just a jacket to look more handsome or attractive. You can also try yummy hair extensions if your hair is thin.

2. The Short Beard:

The short beard is an office-friendly alternative, understated, more versatile, and attractive. You must apply the best beard oil to keep your beard free from dandruff and other issues.

With the help of the beard trimmer, keep your hair neat and clean. Allow your beard to grow just 1 to 2 cm. This short beard is popular among teenagers i.e., among school and college students.

3. The Beardstache:

The beard stache is a hybrid where the mustache is kept fuller and longer than the surrounding hair, falling somewhere between a full beard and stubble.

These types of beard styles suit those who have a long face and big eyes. This beard style is popular among teenagers. You need to comb your beard regularly to get rid of any tangles that can affect your beard.

This facial hair is very good and it will help you to create a strong personality among others. 

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4. The Goatee:

Big on style, short on effort, the goatee has long been the facial hair choice for the rebellious streak, those with a wayward, intellectuals, rockstars, and many more.

The goatee is like pizza toppings that means there are endless varieties. You need to use a razor, oil, or gel to keep your skin neat and clean.

On the other hand, you can use a beard trimmer to keep your personality on your priority list. This is one of the most popular beard styles that can hold your attention for a while.

5. Stubble:

Stubble is another best beard style for men and it is as cool as it looks. This style of beard is a popular choice by women and want their men to do this beard.

Stubble is one of the oldest beard styles and it is still popular in today’s generation. If you are searching for the ideal beard style then stubble is your prime choice.

The Final Thoughts

Here you go! Now you know all the popular beard styles among men that will make you look handsome and attractive. All the above-mentioned beard styles can make your woman mad at you! Besides, if you love popular women or Asian women, then you can go on date with them.

Still, confused about the different types of beard styles and which one to choose? Then, feel free to ask your queries in the comment section below. 

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