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Simple Mehndi designs are an integral part of our Indian culture. For the time being, mehndi is a symbol of positive energies and has been associated with fortitude. 

Mehendi designs are the latest fashion trends for every girl. In Indian culture, it is regarded as a sign of happiness, and from young girls to mature women, it is applied by all on several occasions. 

Mehendi rituals occur the day before the wedding and it is considered as a symbol of prosperity and health for both the groom and bride because they are about to start the new beginning of their life with each other.

Simple mehndi designs enhance the appearance of the bride more. Mehndi holds a special place in all cultures of India. The elegant designs of Mehendi will hold your attention for a while in this article. 

Latest Simple Mehndi Designs For Hands

Mehendi holds a very special place in Indian wedding culture. The whole day is dedicated to applying mehndi in the Indian wedding ceremony. This day occurs before the wedding. The sign of love is also shown with mehndi. It has a significant place in Hindu traditions. 

Therefore, let’s not make you wait any further, here are the latest simple Mehendi designs for hands,

1. Modern Back Hand Mehendi Designs:

If you want a simple mehndi design just back of your hand then you can choose these modern backhand designs. There are simple lines drawn on the fingers that will make your fingers look extremely beautiful.

2. Netted Glove Pattern:

Netted Glove Pattern is simple as well as a classic that will hold your attention for a while. These types of simple mehndi designs you can apply on all occasions of your choice. This mehndi looks like a lacy glove.

3. Unusual Ring Designs:

Unusual Ring Designs is quite chic and pretty contemporary in style. This mehndi design looks extremely girly and gorgeous. This type of mehndi design is not for special occasions but it is only for style wear or just like a tattoo.

4. Mesh Work:

Mesh Work mehndi designs are very easy to apply. In the middle of your palm, it comprises a mandala. The rest of your hand design is mainly done with net design and nesh pattern. Besides, you can 

5. Simple Vine Design:

Simple Vine Design is another powerful mehndi design that is very attractive and beautiful too. This mehndi design is considered simple and standard. The designs involve rings and curves to make your hand look more beautiful.

6. Ring Pattern Style:

If you want an elegant and simple mehndi design then this style is your prime choice. It is made by using leaves and tiny dots. This style of mehndi you can wear at all special events.

7. Mandala on the Back Hand:

Mandala is extremely beautiful and is considered very important in Indian culture. Just like in the palm, you can apply mandala at the back of your hand too. On the other hand, you can apply this style to your legs too if you wish to.

8. A Simple Paisley:

A Simple Paisley mehndi design is just for beginner’s fashion. This design is very easy to make. You can make this design at any time you want to. If you are in a hurry and don’t want to waste your time in putting mehndi then these types of mehndi designs are the prime choice for you

9. A Fairy Tale Design:

A Fairy Tale Design is a wedding Mehendi design and it is like a dream come true. The mehndi consists of a fairy tale and the princess and a prince are right at the center of the palm. In addition, the name of the partner is also written in this mehndi. This design will not only suit fair skin color but dark skin tone too.  You can put this mehndi with the latest saree on the wedding day. 

10. Traditional Mehndi Pattern:

These simple mehndi designs are loved by teenagers mostly. It is like a traditional pattern that you must know before applying this mehndi to your hands. Also, the special factor about this mehndi is that it has all the special elements such as love and charm that other designs lack.

11. Neat Mehndi Designs:

Those girls who don’t love complex mehndi styles then they can try this one i.e., neat mehndi designs. However, the name of this mehndi design itself signifies that it is very neat. This design is loved by everyone especially those who are mehndi lovers. 

Wrapping it Up

Therefore, now you know all the best and latest mehndi designs for your hands. On the other hand, try at least some of the above-mentioned Mehandi designs for the special events that you wish to apply and you can choose your best makeup for the wedding. 

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