Anne Twist

Anne Twist is a British celebrity mother because she is the mom of the One Direction fame, Harry Styles. Currently, she is 54 years old but is still living life king-size and doesn’t seem to stop doing so anytime soon.

Her zodiac sign is Libra, and as a true Libran, she is a fan of beauty and all things nice in life. With a stunning and captivating figure, dark-red hair, blue eyes, and 5 feet 7 inches in height, she looks no less than a celebrity herself. 

10 Secrets About Her Personal Life

Being the mother of Harry Styles isn’t the only identity Anne Twist has been associated with. She has a distinct personality of her own, which she never fears showing to the world. So, let’s explore some secrets of her personal life.

1: Her Interesting Career

As the mother of Harry Styles, Anne Twist gained notoriety. Along with other band members’ relatives, she had a cameo in the concert movie ‘This Is Us’ by the English-Irish pop boy band One Direction.

She is also a humanitarian and a social media influencer. Over 2.5 million people follow her Instagram account @annetwist. She advertises a variety of companies and goods via her Instagram account, including Rowan Charles UK, HighBorn London, Irene Forte Skincare, Queen Bee Home Products, and Hickies. She also promotes a number of charities and issues through her account.

2: Her Love Life

Des (Desmond) Styles, the biological father of Harry and Gemma, and Anne separated in 2001 when Harry was seven and Gemma was 10. She then had a brief marriage to John Cox.

While Anne changed her last name, Gemma and Harry preserved the surname of their biological father. In a low-key ceremony in Cheshire on June 1, 2013, Anne married Robin Twist. Harry served as the best man, while Gemma served as the maid of honor. After a fight with cancer, Robin died away in June 2017.

3: Her Social Circle

One Direction’s other parents, particularly Johannah Deakin, the mother of Louis Tomlinson, are good friends with Anne Twist. At Johannah and Daniel Deakin’s wedding in 2014, Anne, Des, and Harry attended. Johannah died in December 2016 as well, also from cancer.

The family is also friendly with music magnate Irving Azoff and his family; Anne communicates with them frequently on social media, and the entire family spent Christmas and New Year’s 2015 with them on vacation in the Caribbean.

4: She Is A Philanthropist

The charity Anne Twist supports—like Believe In Magic, with whom Louis and his mother are also strongly associated—is publically promoted by Anne. Children who require procedures but cannot afford them are the focus of the charity ‘Believe in Magic’s’ fundraising efforts.

In support of a charity, Anne and her companion Vicky walked Mount Kilimanjaro’s whole length on September 28, 2012. As a result of Harry’s prominent involvement in Dunkirk, she is presently taking part in the “Save The Skylark” campaign, which aims to restore a Little Ship from World War II. Twist presided as the jury for the campaigners’ international art competition.

5: Her Other Charities

Other causes, campaigns, and charities Anne Twist has supported include the Jeans for Gene, Hush No More campaign of Refuge Charity, Action Against Cancer, the Anti Bullying Pro’s Back to School campaign, Macmillan Cancer, and the Hush No More campaign of Anti Bullying Pro.

Action Against Cancer funds the development of new diagnostics and treatments at Imperial College and Hammersmith Hospital. It helps raise money and awareness for those suffering from the disease.

She performed a wing walk to collect money for the previous organization, which entails being tied to the aircraft and traveling along with it while it is in flight.

6: Her Biography

Anne Twist resides in Cheshire at the moment. Anne is 55 years old and was born on October 21st, 1967. Her son is one of the biggest performers in the world; therefore, it’s hardly surprising that she has 2.6 million followers under the account @annetwist.

She frequently posts pictures of her two kids with the remark “missing her babies” and refers to them as her “best accomplishment.” It’s really sweet that Anne never hesitates to post pictures from Harry’s performances on Instagram as her “proud mommy” moments.

7: Her Viral Moments

Throughout his ‘Love On Tour’ performances, which began in September, Harry Styles has been spreading only good vibes. On Monday night in San Diego, the mother of the “Watermelon Sugar” star, Anne Twist, watched his performance and was seen dancing nearby.

Anne was seen dancing to “What Makes You Beautiful” with Otis, Olivia Wilde’s oldest kid, who is seven years old. As if that weren’t sweet enough. Fans couldn’t get enough of the video showing Olivia’s son enjoying the time of his life with Anne.

8: Her Personality

Harry’s parents shared a love of music. His mother, Anne Twist, enjoyed Norah Jones, Savage Garden, and Shania Twain. During Coachella 2022, Harry even invited Shania Twain to perform with him on stage, saying he was “forever thankful” for the memories her music had given him and his mother.

Anne is a social media icon and states in her bio that her children are her entire universe. Harry previously told Rolling Stone that her mother is really powerful. She has a heart of gold, and he has always been quite protective of her.

9: She Thanked Her Fans For Their Condolences

Following the passing of her husband last week, music sensation Harry Styles’ mother thanked the public for their support.

Anne Twist has come out to thank everyone for their warm condolence comments after the singer of “Sign of the Times” lost her stepfather, Robin Twist, last week following a battle with cancer. She posted on Twitter that she appreciated all the kindness and support you have shown their family. 

10: Her Net Worth

Most of Anne Twist’s income comes from her journey as a social media influencer. Even though she started her social media journey by posting pictures of her gorgeous lifestyle, she soon made it a medium to spread awareness of Parkinson’s UK.

Of course, being the mother of a pop star helped her social media career, but her immense contribution to making it successful is also notable. Her current net worth is estimated at $1 million, but as her business endeavors are pretty active right now, it is anticipated that this number will soon increase.

Putting It All Together

Now that you know all about Anne Twist, doesn’t she seem much more than just the mom of a celebrity son? 

We know it does. 

So, you better pray that she is successful in all her endeavors. Since she is so famous as a philanthropist, we wish her all the best in such future attempts.

To know more about her, ping us in the comment box below. We will get back to you with an answer in no time.

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