Slit Dress Ideas

Nothing says “elegant and sensual” like a high slit dress. It has just the proper amount of glitz to turn heads. 

We can’t talk about dresses with slits without mentioning how they were the talk of 2020’s major fashion trends this year, owing to our famous divas. 

We noticed a number of them in those side split dresses. 

That’s a little tricky since it exposes your upper thigh. 

Many of you may not be comfortable or confident enough to pull it off without a hitch. However, we are here to guide you through wearing a dress with slits in the right way.

How To Wear A Slit Dress The Right Way?

A slit dress is the perfect combination of comfort and glamour. Slit gowns are comfortable because they keep your thighs bare, helping them get the airy exposure they need. On the other hand, a front slit dress is also stylish because it reveals your thighs mysteriously.

Follow these steps to wear a slit dress the right way:

Step 1: Pick The Slit That Comforts You

It’s all about the high slit so that you may expose yourself to your liking. 

You are not required to wear a thigh-high slit. You can cut a mid-calf slit or a little slit and still show off your side-cut dress. 

Simply having a front or side slit can enhance your appeal, and you may choose the length according to your preference and comfort.

Step 2: Get The Right Footwear

A slit dress for women can’t have an accentuated look unless they are paired with the right heels.

You must pair your slit dresses with appropriate footwear, and high heels; especially stilettos would be ideal. 

Choose between pointed heels and wedges according to your comfort level, but make sure you wear heels. 

The heels complement the slit and make your legs appear longer. You may also mix your high-slit dresses with boots if you want to show off a bit but not too much. 

Knee-length dresses & boots are also available to complement a slit dress.

Step 3: Pair It With The Right Bottomwear

Try it with lacy or plain tights if you’re not sure about the slit maxi dress. This will enhance your appearance while also making you feel more comfortable.

While choosing stockings, or tights, you can go for the nude-colored ones because they will appear bare on your thighs, making you look as sexy as you intended.

If not, you can also choose the designer black stockings or fishnet stockings as they look freaking sexy with a slit dress.

Women also pair a casual slut dress with denim shorts if they want to wear it casually for a daytime hang out. 

Step 4: Wear Them With Spanx

You don’t want your problem areas to be seen while you’re wearing a dress with a slit. 

It is preferable to wear a Spanx shaper. With clothes like this, it works great for you. 

It helps you look thinner. It also eliminates the need to wear cycling shorts underneath your outfit.

Therefore, if you have Spanx shapewear, take them out of the closet if you plan to wear a slit dress tonight.

Step 5: Pick Long Dresses

A side split dress can either be long or short, but women tend to prefer the long slit dresses more because it oozes out a certain kind of sex appeal that is not found in short dresses.

This is why, while picking out your slit dress, make sure you choose the long ones.

Once you pair the dress with the proper footwear, it will look good on you.

Women with short heights can also go for these long dresses with slits because they will look good on them once they wear the suitable stilettos with them.

Step 6: Select The Dress For The Right Occasion

Are you self-assured enough to wear the high-slit dress anywhere? 

Even if it’s the slightest slit, make sure you wear it to places only after you’ve gotten used to it. 

Wear it if you think the style will work at your business, a party, or anywhere else because slit gowns are not meant for every occasion. 

If you want to wear your front slit dress to the office, pair it with a formal shirt or a plain top to create a stylish yet professional image.

Step 7: Waxing Is Must

You want to wear a side cut dress, but won’t look after the hair on your thighs!!!

This sounds plain stupid.

While planning to wear those high slit dresses, make sure you wax your arms, thighs, and all other areas where you have hair growth.

Trust me; you don’t want to be cautious of your hair while you flaunt the slit maxi dress.

Therefore, it’s better to wax your body before wearing a slit dress.

Step 8: Balance Your Look

If you fear you’re gone too far with your look, attempt to balance it out. 

A slit dress for women looks the best when they are balanced with the right kind of makeup. 

If you have a shimmering slit dress, pair it with a simple colored shirt; but, if you have a revealing slit dress, keep your makeup and accessories to a minimum. 

If you have a very little slit, you can go a bit wild with your makeup and accessories. Hence, it’s all about balancing your entire look so that the slit dress really suits you.

Step 9: A Toned Body Is The Best

We don’t want to promote any kind of body negativity message, but a slit dress looks best if the woman has a toned body.

Don’t mind us. We are just saying that your body should not have flaps bulging out of every side.

Even if you are a little chubby, you can wear a slit dress. Just ensure you are wearing shapewear so that those muscles stay tight and in place.

With the right body, you can flaunt your slit dress the way you want, and everyone will have their gazes fixated on you only.

Signing Off

We have given you all the ideas to wear a slit dress ideally for your next party. But, if you follow these steps, nothing can stop you from looking like a celebrity diva the next time you wear a dress like this.

Therefore, if you want to know more about it, ask us in the comment box below. We will get back to you with an answer ASAP. 

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