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One of our most significant collections of jewelry is sleeper earrings. Not only are these earrings the go-to choice for daily use, but they are also the first earring to be worn for a first-time piercing and a perfect alternative for a second, third, or fourth piercing as well. 

Wearing sleeper earrings has a lot of advantages, and we have gold sleeper hoops, silver sleeper hoops, and even white gold sleepers in our selection.

What are Sleeper Earrings?

Sleeper or starter earrings are intended for those who are getting their ears pierced for the first time. Because it is worn mostly while sleeping, it is known as sleeping jewelry.

You may wear these kinds of earrings all day long since they are very comfy. Once you’ve conquered your agony, you may remove it or adjust it. It provides respite from the searing pain.

Sleeper earrings come in a variety of materials, including sterling silver, gold, and surgical steel. It is comfortable to wear all the time and won’t even slightly irritate newly pierced ears.

Additionally, there are other variations of these earrings available, including white gold sleeper earrings, titanium sleeper earrings, hinged sleeper earrings, silver sleeper earrings, 9ct gold sleeper earrings, self-piercing sleeper earrings, and many more.

However, today, we will only talk about a few prominent types of sleeper earrings here.

Types of Sleeper Earrings

As earrings can be harmed when they come into touch with fluids, you must first take them off and keep them dry and protected. So, let’s find out about the different types of sleeper earrings. 

1: 9ct Yellow Gold 14mm D/C Hinged Sleeper Earrings

These little, exquisite yellow gold hinged sleeper earrings are 14 mm in diameter, are made of 9 ct gold, and have a hinge in the center that makes them simple to wear and remove. These sleepers are an excellent daily little hoop suited for second or third piercings and are lightweight and soft, making them the perfect first earring for a piercing.

Your sleeper earrings are acceptable. Yes, you read it correctly—the only set of earrings that are safe, secure, and comfortable enough to wear while you sleep.

No matter if it’s your first or fourteenth piercing, you must wear a sleeper earring. This is very true, however, the ideal jewelry for new piercings is a sleeper stud or earring. Always verify with a reputable piercing store or specialist.

Some dimensions are perfect for adolescents, young adults, and youngsters. For first-time piercings, as well as for younger people and children, sleeper hoop earrings are the ideal size, weight, and style. Before choosing any earrings for kids or teenagers, please consult a respected piercing specialist.


  • High-quality stainless steel construction.
  • Suitable for delicate ears.
  • It offers a comfortable fit.
  • Lightweight.
  • It is easy to use.

2: Silver 12mm Diamond Cut Hinged Hoop Sleepers

These diamond-shaped silver sleeper earrings are sparkling, lightweight, and comfy. The diamond cut adds extra attention to detail and reflects light, giving them a glittering appearance. These sterling silver sleepers make the ideal debut hoop earring or the ideal daily hoop earring.

They are wonderful gift choices. Smaller earrings, especially little hoop earrings, are a terrific gift choice since they are fashionable, adaptable, and simple to wear. Small gold hoops, small silver hoops, and sleeper earrings are classic styles that everyone may wear.

They are gender-neutral, allowing both men and women to wear them. As was already noted, sleeper hoops are timeless, elegant, and versatile; they go with both gender-specific and non-binary looks.


  • Unique design.
  • Elegant in appearance.
  • Looks delicate and simple.
  • Handmade.
  • It is made using premium components.

3: Yellow gold sleeper earrings

These somewhat thicker yellow gold sleepers have an additional depth and radiance. Large gold sleeper hoops are ideal for daytime casual outfits and for wearing for the first time.

They are hypersensitive Ours are corrosion-resistant and constructed of sterling silver and gold. Both our 9ct gold and sterling silver sleeper earring designs are hypoallergenic. Both materials are also resistant to corrosion.

They can range in size from reasonably priced to ultra-luxurious. Our selection of sleeper hoops comes in a variety of designs, including thin, minimalist sleeper hoops, larger sleeper hoops, and tiny, hefty hoop earrings.

Even if you don’t have freshly pierced ears, you can wear sleeper earrings. Sleeper hoops are a timeless piece of jewelry that looks fantastic on everyone and are perfect for wearing every day, for working, out at night, and at special events.


  • Long-lasting.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Goes with all kinds of outfits.
  • Made with quality components.
  • Includes different designs and shapes.

4: Plain-Hinged Sleeper Earrings in Silver

These sleeper earrings are a little bit bigger, but they are still lightweight, strong, and simple to wear. These little sleepers would also become the standard silver hoop alternative for daily use.

Sleeper studs come in more than one size.  The majority of sleepers are composed of 1mm wire. Absolutely, 1mm is the ideal thickness; it is neither too thick to shatter nor too thin to barely show through an ear that has just been pierced.

The second, third, or fourth piercings all look fantastic with our sleeper earrings. Our sleeper hoops are an excellent alternative for other piercings you may have, whether it is your third, second, or tragus piercing. Why not combine some of our studs, sleeper earrings, and bigger hoop earrings to create a tailored ear aesthetic?


  • It will not discolor.
  • Trendy design.
  • It is easy to use for everyday wear.
  • It is not heavy on your ears.
  • Looks good with multiple piercings.

5: Yellow gold capped sleeper earrings

These gold sleeper earrings are fantastic for a terrific everyday hoop and would also be a nice choice for a delicate evening outfit because of their somewhat wider width. These little, hefty gold hoop sleepers are a little bigger, but they still feature a narrow portion of the hoop that goes in the ears. 

These strange, thicker gold sleepers are both really original and adorable. Even though the size of these gold sleeper hoops is significantly larger at 17mm, they are nonetheless strong and lightweight.

With a diameter of 34mm, our bigger gold sleeper hoop earrings are a stylish everyday accessory.

Numerous of our clients still use hoop sleeper earrings. Even when they are able to remove the sleeper hoop earrings, many of our clients do so because they find them to be so comfortable.


  • They are washable.
  • They offer a comfortable fit.
  • Classic design.
  • Look good on any skin color.
  • Affordable.


1: Can you sleep with sleeper earrings?

Sleeper or starter earrings are intended for those who are getting their ears pierced for the first time. Because it is worn by people while sleeping, it proves that it offers a comfortable fit. You may wear these kinds of earrings all day long since they are very comfy. Once you’ve conquered your agony, you may remove it or adjust it. 

2: How to choose the best sleeper earrings?

A sleeper earring’s price ought to be affordable so that you may get the greatest pairs for yourself. The sterling silver earrings you select must complement your facial features. Given that the majority of people care about this, you must take into account the material that sleeping earrings are constructed of. When purchasing these earrings, you should also take the reviews into account.

3: Are sleeper earrings lightweight?

Sleeper earrings are lightweight and entirely rotating through the piercing, which means they are very comfortable to wear and care for. These earrings are really simple to clean and quite comfy to wear. Additionally, the earring’s quality is excellent, and the color won’t fade over time. 

The Bottom Line

We take great pleasure in understanding everything there is to know about gold hoop earrings, including the differences between 9 ct gold and 18 ct gold hoops as well as the gold effect and gold plated hoops. Because of our broad knowledge, experience, and competence, we have access to every form of gold hoop available and can provide them with the all-in-one location.

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