Money Plant

There are many varieties of plants in which one can grow inside the house in shady areas and money plants are one of them. The money plant is a nice looking plant for decoration purposes as it is a cheap thing for making a house appealing. And yes, it is true that a money plant can change your lifestyle completely. 

Many people buy this plant for good luck and prosperity. They also give these plants to their closed ones as gifts. One should give the presence of plants on special occasions and these can be sent even to the people who are living far away by doing online shopping for money plants.

It is also believed that it brings money to the house as its name suggests. The money plant is a climber because it can climb tall objects and trees. 

Varieties of Pathos

Vines of money plants should be upward and climbing which is considered good. These should not be a hanging downside as this can create bad vibes. It is also named as Pothos and Devil’s ivy. There are many varieties of Pothos which are mentioned below. 

Neon Pothos

The leaves of neon money plants are of light green color which looks vibrant and this plant is a favorite of people who like light colors. This money plant can grow very long and can make your house alluring with its lively color

Bigleaf pothos  

This pothos looks enchanting with its large green leaves and it can hide any unpleasant things in your house. This can reach a very long height but it depends on the size of the pot.

Silver or Satin Pothos

The satin money plant has leaves of dark green color with silver patches on them. These leaves are big in size and add greenery to your house. You can place this money plant indoors as the color will remain the same and this money plant is required to be kept in shady areas.  

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Marble Queen Pothos

The leaves of marble queen money plants are of white color when they are small. After some time, when they grow into the big sizes they have patches of green and white color but they look whiter which gives the illusion of marbles.

These photos should be placed in sunlight for having these colors otherwise it will be of green color. Marble queen money plants take more time to grow than other money plants.

Split leaf Pothos

The design of the leaves of the split-leaf money plant has given its name which is also of dark green. This unique pattern of the leaves is eye-catching and guests will ask you about the plant as they will be pleased to see the beautiful design of the plant.

Golden pothos

golden pathos

The most common one is the golden money plant which is generally seen in residences. It is loved by people because of its yellow and golden patches on leaves. It can also grow very fast.

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Jade pothos

This money plant with its big and dark green leaves can grab the attention of the guests when hung on the wall.

Swiss cheese pothos

Swiss cheese pothos with its cheese-like pattern on its leaves is best for decorating your house. The pattern of its leaves makes it different from other pothos.

All these kinds of pothos are available online and one can get the delivery of plants online

Some Important Facts About Money Plant

Money can be grown only in water as well in soil, however, it takes more time to grow in water. If you grow it in water, then you must change the water after four to five days. You should clean the container before filling it with water.

There can be fungus in your plant if you will not change the water. Water should be of good quality and without chlorine. You should cover only the roots of plants in the water. The plant should be watered only when the soil is not moist as in the case of any other plant.

This plant does not require any fertilizer but you can put small quantities of fertilizer in summer which should not be any chemical fertilizer. You should do the regular pruning of the plant for its better growth. Propagation of money plants is very easy as it can grow from cuttings. 

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