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As we need several bras for each outfit, the same way we should have different types of teen panties. Panties are a part of our outfit and we should have them. 

Panties hold the maximum comfort of our bodies throughout the day. There are many varieties of panties for teens available on both offline as well as online stores. But there should be certain criteria to choose your right one.

Each panty has its own style and design to make us more comfortable. Your wardrobe is full of all kinds of panties though it goes invisible under your clothes. You might have seen many teens in panties or many girls in panties and you wished to have the same one like them!

Just like your strapless bra is essential, the same way your underwear is as important as your bra on a beach. There are many types of panties available and most of the girls still don’t have an idea of it.

Top 15 Different Types Of Teen Panties With Names

Different Types Of Teen Panties With Names

Now, you are here because you want to know about all types of panty. It will make your day amazing by giving you comfort throughout the day.

You must also wear the best bra brands with this panty to give yourself a gorgeous look. Therefore, here are the different types of panties with names that you must have knowledge of it.

1. Classic Briefs:

Classic Briefs

Classic brief panties or underwear are popularly known as “Granny Panties”. It provides maximum coverage to your bikini areas. 

These panties are one of the most comfortable panties that you can wear. This panty is highly recommended during the period month. We girls know how hard it is to undergo those heavy days.

2. Open Crotch Panty:

Open Crotch Panty

Open Crotch sexy teen panties can be your ideal choice especially if you love wearing funky outfits. This underwear is one of the stylish designs that you may not know.

After watching you in this appearance, your men will go mad with desire. Your partner will have no choice other than to adore you at night. Then why not pick this outfit to make your night amazing?

3. Bikini:


Yes, there is also a bikini piece of underwear that you may be unknown. There is a traditional brief that flows with your outfit on a regular basis. 

This bikini panty will provide you comfort throughout the day. It will give natural posterior coverage. If you are fond of physical workouts then this type of teen panties can be your superior choice.

4. Seamless Panties:

Seamless Panties

Many panties can be very uncomfortable because of their high visibility with your outfit. To solve this issue for most of the girls here is a new panty popularly known as seamless panties.

While wearing this you will be comfortable throughout your day. There is not a particular outfit that you can wear this underwear with. You can wear this panty with tight dresses such as leggings, jeans, sheer dress and with several others too. You can also try this panty for curves_4_daze.

5. Tap Pants:

Tap Pants

Image Credit: Etsy.com

Tap pants consist of lingerie wear like french shorts. This comfortable underwear can cover pelvic areas and back. 

This pant is more precise than the other pants. It is made up of lace silhouettes and silk. This underwear is best to wear on beaches.

6. Two Side Knot Brazilian Brief:

Two Side Knot Brazilian Brief

Image Credit: Amazon.in

This panty has threads on both sides to give you a comfortable look. The best thing about this thread underwear is that you can adjust its size.

This underwear is one of the most popular ones of all. Various sizes and colors are available, you can choose your preferred ones. You can also wear this as your swim costume.

7. One Side Knot Brazilian Brief:

One Side Knot Brazilian Brief

Image Credit: Topofstyle.com

One Side Knot Brazilian Brief has flexible separate closure. This makes your waist comfortable by adjusting the size of the thread.

It has a knot only on one side and gives you a pretty look. Want your men to adore you more? Then why not try this amazing panty!

8. Tanga:


Image Credit: Etsy.com

This underwear is smaller than the bikini. Tanga is a European panty silhouette that provides moderate coverage i.e., greater back coverage.

It has a superior design that will hold your attention for a while. You can wear this on your summer beach party night. If you are searching for an ideal panty then this can be your prime choice.

9. Control Briefs:

Control Briefs

Image Credit: Etsy.com

If you are searching for a panty that will cover up your navel part then control briefs can be your topmost choice. 

This panty has an elastic or tighter tummy line. While wearing this you will be very comfortable throughout the day. You can wear this panty after your post-pregnancy

10. C String:

C String

Image Credit: etsy.com

C String is one of the most sensuous and sexiest panties that you can have! For some period of time, this underwear or panty was regarded as the new age bikini.

But keep in mind that it has no strings available. You can wear this underwear as a swimsuit or sunbathe. But don’t wear this underwear on period days.

11. G String – Best Teen Panties:

G String

Image Credit: Etsy.com

G String is one of those panties that provide very little coverage. It is usually a small string. And the back, as well as the front fabric, combines with the waistband. Sexy black girls will look hotter in this underwear.

You can wear a g string at your beach parties and at night. It is made up of superior that can attract you for a while.

12. Thongs:


It is just 3 inches below the waistline and is made up of an erotic style. At the front part, thong underwear has a triangular patch.

On the hip bone, you will be able to find the sides of this panty. This panty can be your prime choice if you are planning for the honeymoon.

13. Hipsters:


This underwear is popularly known as hip huggers. This panty can be your prime choice for every lady because it provides maximum coverage.

This panty is one of the most comfortable ones that you can wear. For those girls who love only traditional outfits then these teen panties can be your prime choice. You can wear this with skirts and waist-low jeans.

14. French Cut Panties:

French Cut teen Panties

Image Credit: Etsy.com

French Cut Panties or underwear is one of the most stylish panties. It is a common type of teen panties that every lady has in their wardrobe.

It is consists of a lower cut leg and provides lesser coverage to the thighs. You can use this as a normal panty every day. This underwear is the most preferred one among other underwear.

15. High Waist Panty:

High Waist Panty

High waist panties are the best teen panties. If you are searching for a panty that provides maximum coverage then this can be your ideal choice.

Its style is also a very comfortable one. You can wear this during your period days. You can wear this underwear with high-low skirts and will make you comfortable throughout the wear. 

The Final Thoughts

What can be more amazing than wearing your favorite type of teen panties! It is common that every girl has a wish to try out something new that will make them feel good.

Every day is a new beginning to try something new! Therefore, you must try one of the sexy teen panties at least once in your lifetime. The above-mentioned teen panties are the best ones that you can buy from your nearest supermarkets.

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